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AbbeyTech IT With over 25 years experience in the IT industry we have the knowledge and experience to provide a huge range of PC and Laptop Support Services. We are Laptop Repair Specialists. We cover all major brands and can provide everything from Laptop Servicing and Upgrades to Replacement Screens, Hinges and Hard Drives. We can provide Repairs, Upgrades and Servicing to all makes, models and types or Desktop PC's.

We stock a range of parts specifically for Desktop PC's so can often provide fast turnaround. Laptops and PC's can significantly slow down over time. At AbbeyTech IT we are experts at getting them running back to their best with a Professional Computer Service and Clean Up. We are highly experienced in removing Virus, Spyware, Adware and Malware from Laptop and Desktop Computers.

We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff. With over 25 years experience we are confident we can diagnose and fix your Computer fast. Most repairs are completed between 24 to 48 hours (subject to workloads).

read more › At AbbeyTech IT we offer a huge range of Laptop Repair Services. All our laptop repairs are carried out in house in our purpose built, workshop. Our ex-IBM engineer has over 25 years experience in the IT industry and is trained to a very high level which is why all our laptop repair work is guaranteed. We offer a very quick service and depending on the nature of the problem with your Laptop, we can often fix it on the same or next day.

read more › A cracked laptop screen can seem like a very costly problem and often it is assumed that it would be too expensive to repair. This is almost never the case with our very completive rates on laptop screen repairs. We can replace your laptop screen with a high quality replacement screen for as little as 60 including parts and labour. We keep our prices extremely competitive as we don't have the costs of high street stores and we source our screens at the best rates from reputable suppliers whom we have built a good reputation with.

read more › Virus, Spyware and Malware infections are unfortunately all too common on PC's and Laptops these days. No matter how vigilant you think you are being some virus can still infect your computer if they are determined enough. At AbbeyTech IT we have years of experience in removal of virus from PC's and Laptops. You can rely on us to professionally clear your PC of any nasties! It's not enough to run a virus scan and hope it clears it, as modern PC virus can sometimes be missed by your anti virus software or leave your PC in an unstable condition.

read more › Over time your Laptop can get clogged down with unnecessary software, adware and often virus. This can have a significant effect on the performance of your Laptop. There are other factors such as hardware and operating system configuration and this is where our skilled engineers at AbbeyTech IT can help. Regular deleting of your temporary internet files and deleting old digital photographs, music and other files from your computer can help keep your PC running smoothly but if it has significantly slowed down this is where one of our comprehensive cleanups can improve performance.

read more › If you are unlucky enough to drop or damage your laptop hinges or parts of the case, it is often assumed it's going to be an expensive repair. This is almost always never the case. We are experts at fixing broken laptop hinges, case parts and screen lids. Repairing damaged parts on a reasonably new laptop is almost always significantly cheaper than buying a new one. At AbbeyTech IT, we offer a free initial assessment of your laptop. Simply call into our shop with your laptop and one of our skilled engineers will take a look.

read more › We can provide a massive range of new laptops suitable for all requirements. We recognise customers have different requirements from their laptop from basic web browsing and email requirements to ultra powerful gaming laptops. At AbbeyTech IT we have access to a huge range of laptops from all the best manufacturers so we can offer impartial advice based around your requirements. When buying a new laptop from us we provide a personal approach and a complete service all included in the price. We remove unnecessary bloatware from your new laptop.

read more › If you are looking for a High Quality Gaming PC's Liverpool, you have come to the right place. At AbbeyTech IT, we have been building Gaming PC's since the early days of PC Gaming. As keen gamers ourselves, we know the value of a well built PC. All our custom gaming systems are built from scratch and to your requirements. We only use the best quality components in our gaming PC's which is why most components come with a minimum 2 year manufacturer warranty. Not all Gaming PC's are built the same and we pride ourselves in offering the best PC's at competitive prices.

read more › Refurbished Laptops and PC's can offer a significant saving over the new equivalent with prices on average 50% cheaper then new. Whilst there are circumstances when buying a new computer is more practical, refurbished computers have some significant advantages. Apart from the obvious price there are some other key reasons for buying refurbished, such as the environmental impact. Refurbished doesn't mean slow and old. Some of our refurbished laptops and PC's are less than 2 years old. They often come from businesses at end of lease agreements and have been regularly serviced.

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