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Streym The Streym methodology encompasses the full life cycle of IT support and consultancy: Assess, Advise, Design, Deploy, and Manage. Streym IT services are based around three main pillars; IT Consultancy, IT Support and Managed IT Services. We offer managed solutions for Microsoft Windows, Cisco (Firewalls, Switches & Routers), Juniper, Check Point Firewalls, SonicWall, Fortinet and all aspects of IP network design.

We have over a decade of experience in complex network & server infrastructure design, implementation, support and management. As part of our service, we also provide network assessment/audits, optimisation and application visibility to ensure you don't miss any opportunities to improve your business IT and security. Firewall and network audits can help you face your auditors with confidence, as well as ensuring that your sensitive data is protected.

We are also able to quickly identify any problems and deploy solutions to them with haste and ease. Past projects have included design and installation of entire network and server environments, remote access solutions, backup and storage, cloud migration, identifying and rectifying network vulnerabilities, securing loopholes, making cost and business efficiencies and enabling businesses to achieve compliance.

read more › Streym applies a practical approach to resolving our customers' information technology challenges. We aim to maintain performance, productivity, confidentiality of data, integrity of business and availability of systems and applications. We are trusted by a broad range of customers, both in the UK and internationally. Established since 2006, Streym has grown into a profitable, forward thinking IT consultancy business with a 'can do' attitude. Streym makes IT services work. By asking the right questions, our IT consultants resolve complex network, security, communications and application issues.

read more › Streym works closely with you to build a network infrastructure design to suit your business and is specific to your evolving needs. There are a variety of reasons why you may seek to design or redesign your business network infrastructure. Your systems may be out-dated or the size of your business may have changed following a reorganisation, expansion, or as a result of recent M&A activity. Or perhaps you wish to take advantage of new technologies to consolidate or reduce operating costs? We provide the network infrastructure design and deliver with the skills required to partner with you from the initial briefing, to sourcing the kit, all the way through to the final handover.

read more › It's becoming more vital that more businesses begin to integrate cloud computing as a part of their IT environment. Whether it's just a single application or multiple elements, cloud computing has its benefits; it provides a predictable cost model, is easy to scale, makes remote working a lot easier and provides increased resilience. Organisations that require the continued use of on-premise infrastructure can still utilise cloud services such as backup, storage and DR (disaster recovery). We can help bridge the gap so both your on-premise and cloud solutions work in harmony.

read more › Remote access solutions are key to today's working infrastructure, especially in 2020. Your office is where you are: at home, at the airport or at a caf, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The modern workforce needs remote access solutions to have secure access to more resources from more remote devices, locations and platforms than ever before. Bad weather, travel restrictions and illness can often mean that businesses lose many days of productivity every year without remote working solutions.

read more › Statistics from the UK show that over 80% of businesses never recover from a major disaster and don't have a business continuity plan. When people think of a disaster happening in relation to their business, they often think about their office burning down or some similar catastrophic event and plan only for such a scenario. Others of course take the view that a business continuity plan is too expensive or take the 'it won't happen to me' approach. In most cases the 'disaster' that ruins a company is often less obvious but the consequences can be very costly.

read more › Server virtualisation is a proven technology that enables multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical server. Server virtualisation will result in improved resource utilisation as well as reductions in real estate, power and cooling requirements. In addition to energy-saving and lower capital expenses, virtualisation provides high availability of resources, increased security, and improved disaster recovery processes. Each virtual machine is completely isolated from other virtual machines and is decoupled from the underlying host by a thin layer of software known as a hypervisor.

read more › Our penetration testing service covers the full range of applications, databases and operating systems used for your business. Our penetration testing services are carried out by our London based, highly experienced penetration testing experts. Our penetration testing team have a wealth of knowledge in diverse IT disciplines including policy, design, implementation and development. The benefits of penetration testing are that you can approach, identifying and quantifying any potential risk in a business.

read more › Our IT Support services are designed for organisations who either don't have dedicated in-house IT resource, or simply wish to complement their existing team. We provide a flexible service to suit your needs. In some cases we support our client's entire environment, in other cases we only support certain components where additional support is required. We will keep your systems secure, and ensure your network and users are secure from cyber threats. We will also help you comply with regulatory compliance standards such as FCA, GDPR, PCI and Cyber Essentials.

read more › At Streym, we provide custom-designed Cisco support contracts to meet the requirements of your business. Our ongoing Cisco support services give you the peace of mind that if network issues arise, our team of experienced Cisco engineers are standing by to get you back on your feet. If you are not sure of the services you need, our team can help understand your requirements and advise accordingly. We also provide Cisco consultancy services for auditing your existing network and implementing planned changes to update and improve your functionality.

read more › At Streym, we provide a custom-designed Cisco security options to meet the requirements of your business. Our ongoing Cisco security services give you the peace of mind that if network issues arise, our team of experienced Cisco engineers are standing by to get you back on your feet. Quick resolution time - Our extensive industry experience keeps your systems running efficiently. Our Cisco security contracts can be customised to include a number of different services: Cisco Hardware & Software Maintenance, Hardware Recommendations, Network Configuration, 3rd Line Support, Troubleshooting, Change Management, and Consultation.

read more › We offer Fortinet Services which are customised to each businesses requirements. We are offer each client our skills to design, configure, deploy, support and managed their Fortinet services. So that our client can focus on their business whilst feeling safe under out management. Fortinet has award winning next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) which provide high performance, multi-layered security and granular visibility for end-to-end protection across the entire network. We use these Fortinet services to create solutions which support your business requirements.

read more › Fortinet support helps level the threat from cyber criminals. Cyber criminals continue to launch automated and sophisticated cyber attacks against London and beyond businesses. They threaten the foundation of cloud and on-premise solutions critical used to create efficient business operations. A Fortinet support solution will only be effective if it is regularly monitored and maintained. This is where our Fortinet managed services come into their own. We offer Fortinet support in which we will monitor and make sure the solution is performing as it should be.

read more › Our Microsoft IT solutions and Microsoft support services can add significant value to your business. We have designed and deployed many Microsoft solutions, both on-premise server-based solutions, fully cloud-based solutions, and a hybrid of the two. In addition, we are able to integrate other vendor software solutions, so you only see a complete working solution and not a fragmented environment where different technologies mesh cohesively. We have migrated organisations from on-site server-based solutions to Microsoft O365, allowing them to work with greater flexibility and has also reduced costs.

read more › We provide Sonicwall support for businesses. Sonicwall are a very effective cyber security solution that don't just detect potential breaches in your system, Sonicwall prevents them with firewalls, remote access and email security. These solutions are particularly suitable for the SME market but their products scale up to enterprise level. Our Sonicwall support consultants always make sure to understand your business needs before implementing any security policies. Our Sonicwall support team will always make sure that your business no longer feels vulnerable from breaches to your data.

read more › We offer Sophos support and Sophos security to our customers who are interested in taking control of their business. We can design and deploy Sophos security systems which can enhance your business. Sophos has many options to choose from such as a fantastic cloud solution so you can stay connected to your systems remotely. Streym can migrate organisations from on-site server-based solutions to cloud based Sophos security systems. This will allow you and your company to work freely, securely and at reduced costs.

read more › We offer tailored IT solutions to our customers, we apply a practical approach to resolve our customers problems. We have provided tailored IT solutions to a broad range of customers, both in the UK and internationally. Streym was established since 2006 and has become a profitable, forward thinking IT consultancy business with a positive attitude towards tackling IT solutions. Our consultants resolve complex network, security, communications and application issues. Streym provide practical and flexible tailored IT solutions, based on a strong foundation of technology.

read more › An alarming number of businesses have suffered a cyber attack in some form and do not even realize it. Your network and it's security will only be as effective as it's configuration. If it isn't being managed effectively, it could be your weakest link and you will be at risk of losing valuable data. Networks and IT security are key elements of businesses and they need to be monitored and managed to ensure your company is operating efficiently and not under attack from the many cyber threats. Streym's Managed Services provide a fully or co-managed service for Organisations who may not have the skill set to manage their network or security infrastructure.

read more › Streym is an established provider of IT support, network infrastructure and cloud solutions, working with SME businesses located throughout London. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee and then benefit from unlimited support and consulting. Streym's Managed IT Support services are moulded around your needs. We take time to understand how your operational flow, your challenges and future plans. Once we have this information, we put together a plan that is designed to make your business more productive, efficient and secure.

read more › Streym Managed Security Service protects your network with fully managed, network security, monitoring and support. Our services work as a complete solution or as a compliment to your existing security infrastructure. We help businesses of all sizes safeguard their network and information assets with a unified, integrated approach that reduces network complexity, gives you visibility and control of your network, and provides for easy and secure access to an increasingly mobile workforce. With the rapid growth of social networks, the threat landscape has evolved and is now more complex than ever, it is vital that all businesses control the usage of applications, both business and social.

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