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Cache4 IT Solutions Cache4 IT is a family business with strong roots in Carlisle. As a local business, we care and look out for our fellow business community by providing a quality, jargon-free and cost-effective service for all things technology. Our company has been built on listening to our clients, supporting them with their unique obstacles by sharing the pain; and with tenacity, find the right solution or fix.

Today, I am proud to say that Cache4 are a team of caring techies that hold the ability, skills, resources and that same tenacity to successfully help your business and your team grow. Our extensive experience with businesses of all shapes and sizes is available to our local Carlisle and Cumbrian domestic customers too. We're at the end of the phone when you need us.

And we know a lot of you like to recognise a voice so our services are all about getting to know you, your computer needs and anticipating what you might need next. Whether you're a home user, business start-up or you need the IT systems in your established business to run more efficiently and securely, we have the advice and solutions you need.

Technology is a fundamental component to the efficient and profitable operation of your business in the modern age. And, with technology playing such an important role, having the right proactive, forward-thinking and commercially aware IT Support partner is critical in helping you achieve the most from your technology. From our home in Carlisle, Cache4

Small businesses, often lacking the practices and technical precautions that are taken within much larger enterprises, are at risk the most of being hit by a cyber-attack. It is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to take steps in defence against the ever-growing threat posed by cybercriminals. Your valuable data, regulatory compliance obligations and

We've been designing and setting up computer networks and network devices for clients in Carlisle, north Cumbria and the Borders for several years. We can help you create a network for an organisation spread over a large geographical area. The Cache4 IT solutions team is equally happy setting up a resilient, secure virtual private network which connects

Move to VoIP phone systems for great features as well as cost savings in Carlisle and Cumbria. You'll have heard of Skype and you may have had sales calls about shifting your traditional line-based phone system on to the cloud. Whether you're up on the latest VoIP phone systems or have no clue what's involved, we can help. VoIP has slipped into common

We asked a certified hacker to break into a computer - Watch what happens next You get to see the hack from both sides. As the ethical hacker and how it unfolds on the victims computer. In todays digital age the biggest risk to you. The pandemic made hundreds of businesses round here question the quality of the IT support they were receiving. We've

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