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PC Systems This allows convenience as we can service your computer without having to physically go to your home or office. Our mission is to provide Cumbria based businesses with a complete solution to cover all aspects of their IT infrastructure. When you need computer help and can't figure out the technical problem on your own, give us a call and we will assist you with your Windows PC problem remotely (No matter your Geographic Location).

We do not send a computer technician to your home or business because with Remote Access Software and Broadband Internet Connections now widely available it is usually not necessary. Although we can also cater for this if required (On-site Support is only available in the Carlisle Area).

Most common computer problems can be diagnosed over the phone and then fixed with our Remote Computer Support & Repair Services using Connect & Fix Client, free software which allows you to setup a quick and easy remote connection with us.Viruses, Trojans & Adware or damaged Windows almost always cause the laptop to run slow with frequent crashes.

read more › Whether you are a resident in Carlisle or visiting, we have a quick and efficient service. Contact us today to arrange a suitable time to fix your computer. You are notified every step of the way; from collection, to repair completion and delivery. If you prefer to deliver and collect yourself, we have a drop-off point in Carlisle (by appointment only). You might think that if your computer turns on and runs OK, then there are no problems. However the truth is - with computers, there are often problems present that you're not aware of.

read more › Not only are viruses an annoying nuisance to have to deal with on a regular basis but they also are a direct cause of reduced worker's productivity in a business. In addition some virus virus lock your files, or lock your computer and ransom you to pay. So whether you need your laptop or computer repaired for your business or whether its for your own personal usage, PC Systems are here to help with your Virus Removal needs. If you're suffering from excessive pop ups, websites insisting on taking payment of you, suspicious activities or just want to ensure you have a clean system, then we are here to help.

read more › Let's be honest - nobody wants their computer to break down. Since so many people rely on their computer for making a living nowadays, it can be a huge source of stress when it doesn't perform properly. Given this fact, it's surprising how few people take the time to do maintenance on their computer to ensure there are no problems and that it's running optimally. Computer maintenance is something that's fairly simple to do but can save you a hell of a lot time and stress in the long run. We offer a comprehensive computer maintenance service at PC Systems, that will ensure your computer is at its best and isn't prone to problems such as hardware failure and viruses.

read more › Often when people are considering buying a new computer it's because their current system is too slow or doesn't have enough memory. Another common reason is that a computer doesn't have wireless capability. The truth is that these problems can easily be amended by upgrading your computer rather than buying a new one altogether. Upgrading your computer will give it a new lease of life and is usually much cheaper than buying a whole new machine. At PC Systems we offer all types of computer upgrades, including adding memory, adding DVD & Blu Ray drives, adding bigger hard drives and adding wireless capability to your machine.

read more › Wireless technology has been around for eternity it seems. Everyone utilizes it for business and for personal matters but many business owners feel that wireless networks are expensive and difficult to secure. With recent advances in technology, wireless networks can be an affordable and convenient solution. PC Systems can install and configure your wireless network so it's secure and efficient, using the most up-to-date technology and best practices. We offer wireless networks for companies. Design, install and configure your new wireless network or optimize your existing wireless network.

read more › Broken laptop screen? Whether you bumped it over the edge of a desk or threw it at your boyfriend, it's broken, and we'll be happy to fix it. Keep in mind that every screen is different. Many differ based on if it's an LCD or LED screen, hi-def or not, or how many bulbs they have. One thing to note is that a laptop with a broken screen should still be tested for other bad parts. When you have your laptop screen fixed, you should also ask to make sure the hard drive is intact and running okay. The reason is a dropped laptop could result in a failed hard drive as well.

read more › Sure, there are a lot of programs that are easy to install out-of-box. You probably installed many of them yourself. Too many times, people experience slowness, even on newer computers, due to incorrect installations. That's frustrating and expensive. PC Systems provides professional hardware software installation and removal for all your applications. While most applications can be installed remotely, we provide onsite services for companies in the Carlisle area. Before you purchase any software or hardware, we encourage you ask us for a recommendation that best suits the needs of your organization and wallet.

read more › Using a program called Connect & Fix will allow us to 'Login' to your computer remotely from our office computer and co-pilot your keyboard and mouse using the internet. This allows convenience as we can service your computer without having to physically go to your home or office and you don't have to worry about unplugging wires or moving your computer to have it repaired. Below is an easy to follow three-step guide to enabling and setting up your computer to use the Connect & Fix program. Please read it before ordering our service.

read more › Andrew knows his way around all aspects of computing, when it comes to helping out using remote access. He's helped with my laptops over the years, always polite and great first class service. Andrew is an absolute wizard when it comes to computers and home/site visits are a godsend - takes the stress out of getting computers repaired. Always so pleasant, helpful and patient (even with a total technophobe like me). Absolutely fantastic service at very reasonable cost. I'd give 10 stars if. Andrew has looked after us for around 10 years now.

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