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Our Technical Support Team is local, innovation and professional, always on hand when you need assistance. Our experts have over 20 years combined experience in technology, coming together to form an unstoppable technical support team, creating unique ideas, providing immaculate service and resolving even the toughest of problems.

No matter which of our services you're choosing to utilise, you'll have access to our friendly Technical Support Team, here to guide you with expert advice, answer any questions and address problems of any kind, quickly and efficiently.

read more › If you are concerned about your business growth, itglu can build you a bespoke ERP & CRM development to meet your needs and automate your business processes. We've worked with a huge variety of companies and put together seamless, bespoke ERP & CRM Developments for both SMEs and Large Companies alike, always creating a solution that works for your business, your people and your budget. A Bespoke CRM Development (or Customer Relationship Management system) is the ideal software for managing your clients from the original sale to future support.

read more › We are able to provide bespoke solutions from all business mobile phone network providers. We buy at a wholesale level which gives us the flexibility to offer a bespoke solution to fit you and your business. While we do have standard contracts we are not afraid to go outside the box with a service that moves with your business. We take pride in making sure your business mobile phone plan is right for you and building long-standing customer relationships. We have extensive product knowledge, this means we can give you up-to-date and impartial expert advice.

read more › Having reliable Business Telephone Systems that can cope under the pressure of your fast-paced business is essential to workflow and customer service. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke Business Telephone Systems, tailored by our experts with your business in mind. Our supported Business Telecoms include outstanding customer service and a price that fits your budget. From full Business Telephone Systems Installation in your office to Mobile Connectivity that allows you to work from just about anywhere!

read more › Cloud-based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from our cloud servers. The large majority of businesses save their valuable business data on a server, PC or other networked devices, so backing this data up is essential in the unfortunate event of data loss or damage. Without doing so there is no guarantee that a successful recovery can be performed if needed. It's far better to be safe than sorry when it comes to making sure your business is always running smoothly.

read more › We've worked hard to put together an all-round peace of mind Managed IT Security service, providing elite level security against cyber attacks, that fit every budget. Utilising advanced detection & protection managed security services allows advanced systems to flag up a detected breach to your IT security before any consequences arrive. Managed security promises that boost of extra protection, that works even more efficiently than early intervention. Aside from the outlined benefits of having our remote off-site backup, our highly skilled and friendly staff are here to lend a helping hand whenever it may be needed.

read more › At itglu, we work closely with you to determine your specific business needs and ensure that you get optimal business broadband tailored around your business. Our aim is to help you run your business' day to day effectively and buffer free. If you're a growing business that requires a reliable internet server hen business broadband may be efficient compared with your everyday home router, which cant cope under typical device expansion. Having business broadband allows you to support the effective use of far more devices.

read more › Our standard response time is 15 minutes, depending on the issue. So you can rest assured that we'll always get your show back on the road, with as little trouble as possible. Prices on our services do vary from business to business, due to our bespoke plans. The key benefit of this, however, is that you know that we can put together a package that suits both your company and your budget. Our bespoke services give us the flexibility to be able to accommodate all devices and business types. If you run into problems, you can easily contact us by can also contact the help desk by sending an email to support@itglu.co.uk or calling +44 (0)1925 563843.

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