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Woodstock IT Services Since 2011 we've been Making IT Simple for a broad range of businesses, organisations and residential clients across Surrey and Sussex and we'd love to help you. From the crunching frustration of a slow running network through to the potential catastrophe of a cyber attack, we've got your back. Our team of IT professionals are on hand to build and maintain a network you can trust with rock solid tech, rocket fuelled connectivity and fort knox security.

When it comes to IT Support one size definitely doesn't fit all, but to help us to help you please choose the option that most closely matches your current situation. You can book a repair right here. We use advanced diagnostic methods to detect the issue and aim to turn around your repair as quickly as possible. Where a repair is likely to take longer or require a part we'll even lend you a replacement to keep you up and running.

Data processing and online usage is at unprecedented levels and the demands and reliance on IT infrastructure is greater than ever before.

read more › We believe it's far better to proactively maintain your network than to have to respond to a threat to your system because it wasn't protected enough. We've seen time and time again businesses leaving IT as a secondary thought, but data can be lost or hacked extremely quickly. Using a fully managed service for your organisation will save you money (and stress!) in the long term. It pays to have a plan B from the start. Not only do we help our clients get set up, organised and adjusted to their new system, we also provide ongoing support, maintenance and protection.

read more › Utilise cloud computing in business for cost effective online backups, outsourced servers and full scalability, no matter the size of your company. The cloud has become essential to modern businesses, small, medium and large, and allows you to house your phone system off-site 'in the cloud', rather than your office. Storing and accessing data takes place over the internet rather than in a hard-drive, meaning you can have unlimited data usage. To benefit from the cloud and hosted solutions for your communications, you need a secure and reliable business broadband solution.

read more › So many businesses are now offering more flexibility to their staff, whether it's to retain talent, curb bills and the business's carbon footprint, or to allow staff more freedom and a better work life balance. As a result, it's becoming vital that businesses have a system where staff can work from home. With so many workers meeting with clients outside the office or needing to work from public transport or a hotel, workers need to be able to access everything they would from the office but often from a public place.

read more › Data cabling is essential for businesses and residential properties to benefit from a structured and reliable data performance. We future proof your data cables to ensure you have maximum speeds at all times, so you can concentrate on work and leisure. At Woodstock IT we assess your current data cabling and can terminate and install new structured data cabling to ensure everything is working to top speeds and is properly maintained for your security and safety. State of the art data cables for businesses and residential properties are essential to allow reliable access to more data and resources.

read more › A full report of urgent issues followed by recommendations (we'll put them in order from most critical). The phrase 'prevention is better than cure' is entirely accurate when it comes to IT. With one of Woodstock IT's network health checks, we'll spot any issues before they become a problem for your business and productivity. A health check can be proactive and part of ongoing maintenance, rather than a response to an issue arising. However, perhaps you've noticed a few cracks in your network, maybe it's running slower than usual, the printer doesn't respond, or you're missing back ups.

read more › Invest in a fully managed cloud solution to access emails on any connected devices in real time. No missed emails and total control. Imagine life where every email you send or receive is synchronised on every device you own, in real time, all the time. That would mean no more missed emails, forwarding to other email accounts or managing communications on multiple devices. Wouldn't that be brilliant? Hosted Exchange 2013 from Woodstock IT is a professional grade email messaging service allowing you unprecedented levels of control over your business communication.

read more › Protect important files and all business reports with reliable backup and data recovery services. Remote monitoring, cloud and onsite solutions tailored to you. Sorry to burden you with these scenarios but one of the greatest challenges regarding back ups, is that unless you have a Plan B you're business could be seriously at risk. Here at Woodstock one of our key responsibilities is to make sure your data is securely backed up at all times. Back up should be a priority for any business storing data of any kind and should be planned, tested and checked to ensure total peace of mind.

read more › At Woodstock IT we offer virus and malware protection across Sussex and Surrey to businesses and residential homes. We're here to deliver tailored anti-virus installation, upgrades and maintenance to keep your devices safe. In the modern work environment it's essential for companies to have the most up to date virus protection available that can protect a large number of machines at once. Depending on staff usage, we can advise on the best and most cost effective solutions. Our work in antivirus protection will prevent disruption to productivity and downtime due to performance issues during and after an attack.

read more › Have our expert team on call for your IT Support, minimising computer downtime so you can enjoy peace of mind. Packages bespoke to your business requirements. At Woodstock IT, we can be your very own IT department ready to respond to your business's every tech need, without the usual costs associated with hiring your own employees. Our clients range from businesses which either can't afford an in-house team, don't want the business risk of employing IT experts on a permanent contract or simply don't have the workload to employ someone full time.

read more › At Woodstock IT, we offer a very competitive IT support service. We can provide your business or home with one-off fixes right through to a fully supported and managed IT support contract. This can include phone calls, on-site visits and remote fixes depending on what is required. For instant IT Support, call our hotline on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321 on a no fix, no fee basis. Our IT support services can benefit your business with rapid response, expert fixes and no obligation quotes. We're able to quickly diagnose IT issues and offer quality repair services at minimal disruption.

read more › Love it or loathe it, computer technology is a vital part of your business and as such needs to be working for you, not against you. In the course of our working week we see many businesses struggling with issues that not only slow down their workflow but are having a direct impact on their bottom line. Our role is to ensure your computer network is unseen, in other words you use it without thinking (or worrying) about it - it just works. Consider for one moment the peace of mind associated with having a network that is secure, fast and fully backed up, where everything "talks" to each other in a way that truly serves your business.

read more › At Woodstock IT we offer tailored, scalable IT support for startups across the UK, allowing small businesses to focus on being productive and growing successfully. Our fully managed IT services get you setup in the best way possible right from the start, and our team of expert engineers are on hand to help should any issues arise. From fast business broadband to antivirus protection and data recovery, we can work as your IT support team or with any existing staff - whatever works best for you. As a startup ourselves in 2011, and still an independent business to this day, we know what it takes and are ready to help.

read more › Benefit from business grade broadband for the smooth running of web services, V0IP, video conferencing and demanding online tasks. When you run a business, having a slow internet connection is not an option. If a connection is slow it can be detrimental to your company's smooth operation and put both your staff - and customers - in a negative state of mind when deadlines can't be met. With such an exponential growth in web usage businesses simply cannot rely on the usual commercial broadband avenues to deliver the speeds needed to keep up with demand online within the workplace.

read more › WiFi in the home needs to be fast, secure and reliable at all times for you and your family to make the most of the Internet, whether for work or leisure. Our team assess your setup and create tailored solutions to improve your connection. Having strong residential WiFi enables couples and families to stream 4K HD videos, work, study and enjoy leisure time from multiple devices at the same time. If you download content and use several apps throughout the day, our services allow you to do all this quickly and confidently.

read more › Mac desktops and laptops are premium computers from Apple, frequently used for both business and leisure. At Woodstock IT our team are highly skilled in the service and repair of all makes and models of Apple desktops and laptops. For your convenience, we can carry out on site fixes at your work or home, or run through tests and diagnoses at our Horsham drop in clinic. We aim to deliver quality results in a timely fashion as we understand how integral Macs can be to everyday life. If your Mac is running slow, has hardware damage or you're experiencing other system issues, call us on 01403 290 321 or 01293 912 321 for advice and fixes.

read more › We can quickly fix software and hardware issues on your work or home laptops, and provide laptop replacements should downtime occur. Laptops offer the same performance as desktop machines with the added benefit of portability, allowing you to work and stay social on the go. As these advanced systems are smaller and often leave our offices and homes, they can be at extra risk of damage. Our fully trained team of professionals are qualified to diagnose your laptop repairs and carry out fixes on a range of models, either with an on site visit or through our drop in clinic at our Horsham office.

read more › Our team will fix your business or home PCs as quickly as possible with advanced diagnostic methods. If downtime occurs, we'll provide a replacement so you're not inconvenienced. We offer a comprehensive computer repair service for businesses and residential PCs to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We use advanced methods to diagnose your computer repairs, whether focusing on one machine or several devices. At Woodstock IT our fully trained team of professionals carry out fixes on a range of models.

read more › At Woodstock IT we source and stock a wide range of refurbished IT equipment so our customers can benefit from huge cost savings when compared to buying new computers, laptops and tablets, whilst experiencing the same great performance. Refurbished IT is ideal for businesses and homes looking to get the most out of their IT budget, even gaining access to better specs for your money than buying new. Our refurbished equipment is fully repaired and tested and comes with a one year warranty for peace of mind, and we can also offer training and ongoing IT support and maintenance.

read more › Between 2005 and 2018 Apple had reached an income of nearly $60billion. Apple products are known to be some of the sleekest, most popular and efficient pieces of technology on the market, and wherever you go you'll probably see at least one person with an iPhone in their hand. There are now 100million Macs being used in the world. While Apple products may be the most popular, they're also very expensive and a new MacBook Pro will currently set you back with a massive price tag of 2,799 in the UK without AppleCare, Apple's insurance package.

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