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After a while your beloved PC will no doubt start to show its age and start to slow down, or even worse - just give up and not start at all!

A slow "sluggish" PC can be caused by numerous things such as not removing old software properly, out of date software or drivers, registry corruption, faulty components starting to let you know they are about to fail (so it's a good idea to replace them before this happens) or simply your system does not have enough memory (RAM) in your PC to cope with todays memory hungry programs.

Ementh Design's PC Repair service is unlike the high street shops where you have to spend your valuable time trying to find a parking space near the shop to take your PC to be repaired or serviced as WE COME TO YOU!We offer a "fixed service fee" with the only additional costs being any parts a repair may need (new hard drive, replacement memory etc and even then those parts are charged at cost price so the lowest prices we can find!).

As part of all our repairs we will also service your pc to ensure it is running at the best speed possible FREE OF CHARGE!

Virus Infection, Operating System Faults, Blue Screen Errors, Annual Service etc. We will collect the pc system from your location and return it to our workshop where we will then assess and attempt to fix any issues which are found. We will contact you with a price for any parts the system may need to fix the issues before we proceed any further. If

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