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Nurved We talk to you so we can fully understand your business, then tailor a cost-effective IT solution that enables you to reach your potential. Our cloud systems are a proven and reliable way of offering accessible data storage whilst saving you money. We offer a range of business IT solutions including system virtualisation, cloud storage, disaster recovery and more.

read more › We are dedicated IT networking consultants and IT solutions providers. We provide IT solutions for a range of clients across the UK. Our clients work in various business sectors including government departments, financial services, education, construction and motor industries, and online retail. Our engineers are highly trained and offer our clients the highest level of service. We are focused on investing in our staff to make sure that we are knowledgeable in all fields of IT, in order to provide the level of service you expect.

read more › At nurved, we provide different levels of IT support to suit your business needs. Our experienced IT support engineers have a wealth of knowledge and can offer your business IT support both on-site or remotely. For those IT issues that demand a physical presence, we offer on-site IT support anywhere in the UK. Our engineers can be at your business premesis fast to resolve your issue and keep your business running. Much of the common day-to-day IT issues can be resolved remotely, removing the need for an engineer to be phyically at you place of buiness.

read more › Nurved engineers are highly skilled and experienced in creating, developing and supporting complex IT networks. We can design whole system infrastructures capable of delivering stable and secure environements which are tailored to your business requirements. As well as developing new networks, we can also take over the management of existing environements. We can do a full assessment of your current system before structuring the required improvements. We'll cut the cost of your network and IT management from the start by careful analysis of infrastructure & network performance, design and structure.

read more › At Nurved, we specialise in system migration. If your organisation is looking to move from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or looking to migrate your servers to a later version of Windows or Linux, then we can help. We are experienced in upgrading IT systems for businesses right accross the country. We are proficient in migrating computer networks including desktop machines, laptop and servers. We'll tailor your migration requirements to your business needs, ensuring a cost-effective solution that gives you the best return on investment.

read more › At Nurved, we offer hosted Microsoft Exchange email. This is a highly respected, professional email system leads the way when it comes to business-class email. By having your email system hosted with us, it saves you the costs of having expensive in-house email servers and costly licencing. Our data centres in London and Cheltenham give you a secure and resilient email service that you can rely on. Set up is fast, we take care of everything seamlessly, there is no downtime or loss of service. Speak to one of our consultants today about our hosted email.

read more › Nurved can source all of your hardware needs. We can also recommend suitable hardware and software products suitable for purpose. We are able to offer really great rates on anything from printers to servers. Our relationships with partner organisations enable us to provide fantastic rates on all office hardware and software.

read more › Businesses of today are more and more reliant on their IT software, playing a vital role in productivity and streamlining. Nurved are able to supply any software requirement, from Microsoft enterprise products to simple desktop tools. We can offer advice of software purchases and licencing based on years of experience. We also offer highly competitive pricing on all software and software licences. Nurved can also take over the management of software licencing for your business, which can often be a real headache and a complicated task, so you need not worry about your licencing any longer.

read more › We have been specialists in building virtual environments for many years. The growing trend of hardware virtualisation has seen many of our clients follow suit due to the ease of use and cost-saving benefits. We work together with our clients to provide the best possible virtual environement which is reliable and cost effective.

read more › Offer remote access via the following methods - client VPN, Citrix (at extra cost!),2x (thin client). Route SMTP through our relay servers, and we can manage where the email gets forwarded to - so in the event of a disaster we can flick your email to your DR network immediately, never losing an email.

read more › There are a lot of factors to consider when a business relocates to new offices. Nurved can take control of your office move when it comes to it's IT. Whether you are a small business with just a few workstations or a large organisation with hundreds of computers, server rooms and phone systems we can relocate your business smoothly. We plan, manage and perform your IT relocation for you seamlessly, so your workforce can simply arrive at their new desk and carry on where they left off.

read more › Having a stable and reliable backup solution in place can be critical for your business. Many businesses of today don't have a reliable backup solution ready to invoke should the worst happen. We are able to provide a fully resillient and cost effective backup solution tailored specifically to your network. We provide a full assesment and planning for the recovery and backup of your network. Our systems can be fully automated to provide data backup for severs and file systems.

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