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Optimising IT Whether you're looking for a full range of fully-managed IT services or one-off support packages, Optimising IT are the service providers for you. As an industry-leading managed IT support company, we're proud to offer a diverse range of services. Our commitment to excellence is built into all aspects of our IT managed support options.

From providing desktop support, managing your networks and optimising infrastructure to purchasing software licenses and upgrading services, our fully managed IT solutions do all the heavy lifting for you.Optimise your workplace with best-in-class productivity and work management applications from the Microsoft 365 suite. Our licensing and management packages promise all the Microsoft tools you'll ever need.

Your IT systems are key to the smooth running of your business. We're here to guide you through change, upgrades or consolidation so that you can maximise your returns, save time and future-proof your workplace. Harness the power and flexibility of the cloud.

read more › Do you need expert-level IT support for small or medium-sized businesses delivered by friendly and forward-thinking professionals? Our services are designed to make your life easier. We take the headache out of IT support, bringing total clarity to your business leadership and ensuring you're always moving forward to bigger and better things. Struggling to decipher the difference between IT service providers? Optimising IT promises to make a real impact and change the way you see IT support solutions forever.

read more › Interested in working with Optimising IT to empower your IT services, solve technical challenges and grow your business? Then, why not learn more about the people who have made our support company the industry-leading, award-winning service that it is today? While our team is built from people across a diverse range of backgrounds and professional experiences, we're all heavily invested in one simple joint goal - to deliver managed IT support and consultancy that stands head and shoulders above our competition.

read more › First, we get to know you, then - together - we think about what's best for your business and what we can do to help you. We don't just sell you packaged services straight out of the photocopier designed for any business that comes our way. Instead, we offer a tailor-made approach to IT that revolves around strategy, future-proofing and growth. Think of us as your IT department, sharing those same goals for development and success that any internal piece of your company structure would. At Optimising IT, we are committed to offering your business a very different kind of IT service.

read more › Not getting what you need from your IT systems? Worried about cyber threats, technology inefficiencies, wasted opportunities and recurring faults? Discover flexible and scalable IT solutions that promise cost-effective answers to your IT problems. Optimising IT handles your IT for you. Optimising IT offers the best value managed IT services on the market. From fully outsourced IT services to single-service packages like helpdesk support or software procurement, our experts have what you need. Our fully managed IT services put powerful technical support solutions at your fingertips.

read more › All too often, calling your IT desktop support means being given a reference number and then waiting to hear back before the problem is looked at and hopefully fixed. When incidents are handled in this way, it can leave staff feeling frustrated and in the dark as to when issues will be resolved. Optimising IT has a different approach. Your staff can contact us by email or telephone, safe in the knowledge that our experienced second and third level team will manage any incidents through to resolution, all the while keeping them informed of progress - resulting in minimal staff downtime and frustration.

read more › I'm exploring my options for IT and support at the moment, and might make some changes in the next year or so. OK - just so we can get you the right information and prep the review - just a few more questions. If you have a budget to improve your IT and security, what would this be as a one off investment?. If you wanted an award winning IT services partner to manage all of your IT for you, what would your monthly budget be?. Our free IT review from our IT Consultants is VERY popular. Each review takes a minimum of four hours including preparation, review time and roadmap creation with you.

read more › Keeping your network and infrastructure in great shape is key to ensuring they continue to work for your business. Declining performance, disks reaching capacity and security vulnerabilities can lead to frustratingly slow performance, downtime or even loss of data and services. Your network and infrastructure are the integral cogs in your company. A successful business needs the most suitable hardware, software, cabling, network equipment and sufficient power to stay ahead of the competition and operate to the best of its ability.

read more › Managing IT projects can be time-consuming and challenging. Often there are many dependencies and third parties to coordinate and finding an available internal project manager who has the specialist skills needed for IT projects can be difficult. We offer a complete package of on-demand, highly skilled resources, including engineers, procurement and a project manager to keep your projects on track. Your business benefits from our team's wealth of experience and expertise gleaned from working on multiple IT projects across a wide range of sectors - including automotive, hospitality, legal services, recruitment, retail, and financial services to name but a few.

read more › We believe that effective, managed IT services can only be delivered with transparent, meaningful IT reporting that measures a range of key performance indicators. This is vital from both a service governance perspective and in helping identify and measure continuous service improvement. Coupled with Microsoft's Power BI to collate accurate and up-to-date Service Management data and present it in a simple and visual way. Having effective Business Intelligence around all IT Service Management elements - including having third-party and key business application providers in one place - can, when used effectively, provide a genuine competitive edge.

read more › Finding your way through the vast array of options for hardware and software to choose the right products for your business can be daunting - and once you've decided what to purchase, managing multiple suppliers for quotes and negotiating prices is time-consuming. Optimising IT has solid partnerships with several suppliers so that we can access the most appropriate products for your business. We can deliver them quickly and at competitive prices due to our established buying power and supplier relationships.

read more › Depending on the size and shape of your business, you could benefit from additional skilled resource through our IT Co-source or Out-source services. When your business has specific IT requirements or projects to manage that your IT department can't support, Optimising IT can augment your existing IT provision and fill in the gaps. Co-sourcing can allow you to retain a core IT team, without the overhead of recruiting and managing additional staff with specific expertise or for variable demand. It can be a powerful solution when you already have an established in-house team or application expertise and require additional skills or resources.

read more › Ready to experience the true benefits of Microsoft 365 workplace productivity tools? Our managed 365 services promise to extract the very best opportunities from Microsoft's industry-leading cloud platform. Introduce, optimise, customise, maintain, migrate or integrate Microsoft 365 business solutions with fully managed services from Optimising IT. At Optimising IT, we believe that a consultative approach to your business is always the best approach. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our managed IT specialists know that to help your business grow and overcome IT challenges, we need to understand your enterprise inside and out.

read more › The basic Microsoft 365 Business license is designed for businesses that need simple remote working solutions. It comes with all your standard Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access. What's more, you get the incredible cloud-based collaboration software Teams, which enables your employees to work seamlessly from anywhere in the world and from any device. Real-time collaboration and instant video calls and chat are all possible. If your business needs smart, secure and remote working solutions, Premium is the license for you.

read more › Growing and ambitious organisations need the right digital tools to enhance communication and collaboration between team members. Optimising IT helps businesses take full advantage of Microsoft Teams, providing you with a digital workspace to chat, share files, host meetings and brainstorm with teams. No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, Optimising IT can help you speed up and simplify the process of migrating your corporate communications infrastructure to Microsoft Teams. Whether you're using a PBX telephony system or use Skype for Business, we can provide the tools and resources to efficiently adopt Teams as your unified communications platform of choice at scale.

read more › Don't waste another minute on systems that aren't enabling your business with the best productivity and cybersecurity tools. Microsoft Modern Workplace provides you with full access to Microsoft services. Operate Microsoft Windows 10 on all your devices while using cloud-based Microsoft 365 solutions to take advantage of everything, from collaboration on projects to working remotely. The Optimising IT Microsoft Modern Workplace service takes your ecosystem a step further by also integrating Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Intune for secure device management.

read more › We are Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S), InTune and Microsoft Azure Information Protection Security Specialists. Our team of Microsoft 365 Security specialists have extensive experience and expertise in securing your IT systems and data, including enhancing Office 365 security. We have developed the best practices that will ensure your environment is tightly secured. We can provide your business with an Office 365 Health Check to assess the current level of your Microsoft 365 Security. Once checked, we will lay out all your available baseline settings and make recommendations for additional products that are suitable for your business, such as InTune and Conditional Access to secure your platform, Defender for endpoint and Office 365 backup.

read more › Upgrade your IT systems with cloud services for small businesses. Give your business a competitive edge, turbo-charge productivity, lockdown security, and unlock your potential. Work with Optimising IT today to streamline your business operations and step into the future with best-in-class cloud solutions. Our consultative approach to business cloud services is focused on modernising your IT environment to make use of new, cloud-native technology. This will help you stay connected to the latest software upgrades, improvements and developments in the business tech space.

read more › Discover secure, safe and reliable cloud backup services that protect your data should disaster strike! US-tech giant Verizon reported that just 100 lost records could cost a business over 12,000. The award-winning Optimising IT team consists of only highly qualified and certified experts with years of industry experience. Our cloud backup services promise comprehensive and thorough data storage solutions that leave no stones unturned. If you're looking for accredited specialists who always provide both high standards of data security and excellent customer care services, then we're ready to help you.

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