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Greenpoint have been providing IT Support to businesses across the UK since 1999. Founded on customer focused relationships, our customers trust us implicitly to take care of their technology and data, working from home, the office or a hybrid. We take traditional Managed IT Services to create unique and customer focused ways to support your technology.

This is in turn allows you to operate more effectively and efficiently.

read more › When it comes to IT, you could say we're relentless. We won't stop until it's right. We take the stress and confusion that IT tends to create, and we manage it in a highly efficient and agile way for our customers. Basically - we worry about it, so you don't have to. Whilst the landscape of IT has evolved considerably since 1999, there's one thing that has always stayed the same for us here at Greenpoint: our customer service. When our customers have an issue, we will stop at nothing to provide an effective solution.

read more › Through a 2-hour on-site review, you will receive clear advice and recommendations to reduce IT spend and improve your company's performance. Outcome: You will get a clear written proposal and advice detailing fully managed IT services for you to consider implementing to help you achieve your objectives. Our Guarantee: If you feel we are unable to offer any ideas or advice that will help with the provision of your IT Services, we provide a no quibble, money-back guarantee. Leverage Greenpoint's experience to streamline your IT services, increase productivity and profitability through the creative application technology.

read more › In choosing an Internet service for your business, you may be faced with a choice between broadband Internet and a leased line. As a consumer shopper for home use, likely the only option would be for regular cable Internet, i.e., broadband. You might make the same choice for your business, not knowing of any other options and not being aware of potential limitations when simply choosing cable broadband. However, this choice may prove important or even critical in the business setting, and you should be aware of the distinctions between the two.

read more › VoIP, SIP, hosted phone, which is the right path for you? All have pro's and con's but the benefits of these systems over traditional PSTN are numerous. We are on hand to explain and help you work out the best route for your business. In this day and age, all active businesses will find it necessary to adopt a telephone system of some kind. This choice, of course, will be subject to the telephony technology offered by local and long-distance telephone carriers. Though VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) has come to command the telephone world, past telephony is often now referred to as POTS, i.e., plain old telephone service.

read more › Where do you start? Endpoint, firewall, MFA.this list is endless and that why we look at multifaceted solutions to this key area of your IT. We are Microsoft Silver and Watchguard gold partners, so we know a thing or 2 about cyber security. Cyber security in today's environment has become the No. 1 priority of business and government organisations alike. Cyber attacks have increased dramatically in depth and complexity the past several years. Cyber criminals continue to make attempts to exploit vulnerabilities within networks either for personal gain or to advance a political cause.

read more › Looking for a trusted consultant in regards to your network's security? Greenpoint serves as a leading cyber security consultant in helping your IT staff develop a security strategy to ensure that your enterprise remains secure and protected. We will examine your internal policies and documentation as well as your hardware and software equipment. Common recommendations that we give include updating your antivirus protection and firewall software, reviewing internal policies in regards to use of enterprise resources and so on.

read more › Microsoft 365, also known as MS Office 365, is a popular software suite featuring many desktop publishing programs. It comes with everything that may come into use in a classic office setting, hence the name. Computer users have the option of several different Microsoft Office suites intended for students, home users, small businesses, and corporations. What you choose depends on your own circumstances. Unlike some other kinds of software, Microsoft Office is the industry standard when it comes to desktop publishing.

read more › The average enterprise, corporation, or government organisation may have thousands of mobile devices connected to its network which in turn poses a serious cybersecurity challenge for the IT department. What is needed is a cybersecurity software solution to accurately track, authenticate, and protect the firm's networks while maintaining the mobility of the workforce. This cybersecurity solution is Microsoft EMS or Enterprise Mobile Security + Security Documentation. Specifically, the Microsoft EMS consists of a cybersecurity software suite of four separate components.

read more › Microsoft is more than operating systems and Office products. It also gives developers a platform to build and distribute apps as well as analyse their output. The way it is done is through the Power Platform. The all-in-one package gives programmers a place to not only create applications but store the data they produce via a Common Data Service. For a better idea on everything involved, here are five things to know about the Microsoft Power Platform. The most well-known of these is Power BI. Once the apps are completed and distributed, Power BI provides interactive business analysis on them.

read more › In the 21st century, it's important for businesses to have access to technology that provides speed, storage capabilities and flexibility. Almost every aspect of daily business transactions relies on the internet for data accessibility, communications and complex functions. The use of cloud storage has redefined how we work, create and share ideas. If your company isn't using a cloud service for disaster recovery and for data backup, then you need to talk to our experts at Greenpoint to modernise your current information technology structure.

read more › Change is inevitable in every type of industry. The need for a transformation comes from the need for your business to remain relevant and competitive. The change is usually expansive and affects every department along with the entire staff. So, it's important that you learn more about the importance of using this business management practice and the reasons for its use. A business transformation involves making the necessary changes within your business to adapt to changes that are occurring on the outside.

read more › Many business and office related workspaces have become digital. Just about every place in the UK and around the world utilises digital technology to perform routine business tasks. Digital technology makes workplaces more efficient, productive, easier to manage and customer friendly. Keep reading to learn how the different aspects of a digital workplace can benefit your business environment. A digital workplace is a work environment that is being operated and managed with the use of digital technology.

read more › Digital transformation is a fundamental change in how organisations deliver customer service, manage business processes and develop company-wide culture. Some of the most often used digital tools are those that turn away from manual processes in favour of automated processes. One example you may have experienced is the rise of chatbots in response to customer service queries. Instead of employees manually entering answers to commonly asked questions, chatbots leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to form auto-responses to common queries.

read more › The IT consultancy types are private or public. The IT consultancy organisations focus on helping their clients in software management, enterprise architecture, data analytics, system integration and cloud projects. IT consultants needs have increased with the rise of technology. Businesses are trying to catch up with the fast pace of technology by using IT consultants to help them achieve their goals and keep up with the competition. IT consultants have the knowledge of the main technology applications which includes cloud computing, analytics software, and security practices.

read more › In the past, business owners had a difficult time integrating collaboration software for their Microsoft Office suite. To do so would take a certified, technically inclined person. There was a long process to integrate the necessary software for collaboration. Today, with Microsoft Office 365 migration, the process is much less complicated. It has never been easier to assign and activate the licensing for Office 365. Depending on the plan your office is using, the P plan or the E plan will determine how you allocate and activate licenses in 365.

read more › This is where systems like SIP and VoIP come in to save the day by creating a universal platform of communication for your business or operation to run off of; think of it as a way to eliminate confusion. Instead of using the traditional PSTN network for using phone calls, unified communication uses IP to send packets; you are using the internet to make phone calls, video calls and conference calls in a more direct format. Your company can benefit from using a unified communication network as a means of communication.

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