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We are a North West based provider of quality Information Communications Technology and services for small to medium sized businesses who love what we do, going the extra mile for our customers. The catalyst for our formation was the thought "Why shouldn't smaller organisations have the same kind of service and suppport that larger users expect"? and it's served our customers well ever since.

Typically for smaller businesses that don't justify the recruitment of in house support by virtue of their size and requirements. In addition, we benefit our customers by having no holidays, sick days or down days of any type-we're on call every day! Because we love to do it genuinely! Directors John, Marc & Nathan are believers in 'treating their customers as they like to be treated' and by being good at what they enjoy, with unrivalled expertise and customer service, they will not lose customers!

So far, it's proved a winning formula but they are always looking for other likeminded businesses to join their valued customer ranks, and having one less problem to worry about in their day to day business.

read more › Hi and thanks for your interest in Coactive ICT. We are a growing I.T. support and business telecommunications company with a real desire to provide outstanding customer service through the provision of professional, affordable, Information, communication and technology support and services for you and your company. If you are looking for a friendly, dependable and committed business partner, then let's have a chat! Puretel Ltd, Registration number - 06985618, Registered address - Egerton House, 55 Hoole Road, Chester.

read more › Unlimited remote support available six days a week - wherever in the world your PC happens to be! Just pick up the phone and we can use our software to quickly remote onto your PC and fix problems there and then. Minimum disruption for you and back up and running asap. The days of having to lose downtime until an engineer can turn up are long gone-we can fix over 95% of common issues remotely, from our experience, meaning less downtime for our customers. Sometimes problems do require getting someone on site although typically we find, as detailed above, that this is less than 5% of occasions from our experience.

read more › Everybody's got an Anti-Virus solution installed - haven't they? As a Coactive ICT contract customer, you can get a fully managed and monitored Anti-Virus solution installed on all your devices. We offer an anti-virus solution which will not only ensure you always have the latest virus definitions applied to your system automatically but when exceptions occur, these are flagged and tracked by our automated support system. With the ever increasing threat of more and more sophisticated viruses attacking your systems, you need all the help you can get.

read more › Whether your connectivity needs are as simple as utilising the Wi-Fi on your new router or more complex requiring a structured cabling system for your office or viable broadband solutions for your location, Coactive ICT can help. We can discuss your needs with you, recommend a workable networking configuration, source the components from a trusted list of suppliers and configure and implement as required. All you need to do is ask!

read more › This is often an area where small businesses in particular find they don't have a robust solution in place to ensure their data can be recovered when it is needed. The sadness is that often this doesn't come to light until after a disaster has occurred. We can provide affordable, rigorous solutions for anything from single PC systems right through to multi PC, multi site, multi Server environments utilising a variety of localised solutions through to full off premise cloud solutions. All tracked and monitored to ensure backups have run when they should and, critically, that they have worked successfully.

read more › Why invent it yourself? Our combined experience across all I.T. disciplines added to our exposure to all kinds of operational and project based management and activities in small and large companies means we can make that experience available to you. That learning can be used to help you confirm your actual needs, identify solutions for the problem you are addressing and subsequently, if required, configure, implement and support solutions across hardware / software / networking and systems. Whichever way, we're sure we can help.

read more › The importance of a suitable broadband connection is absolutely critical to keep your business running smoothly, and due to the ever increasing availability of better, faster connections, in recent years it has become easier and more cost effective to look at options that give you more than standard broadband can offer. With more and more services moving to "The Cloud" and the resilience that the right connection can offer you, what you choose could be one of the most important decisions you make.

read more › Coactive ICT can offer bespoke branded public wifi, ideal for the service industry such as pubs, restaurants and hotels. This can also be used in conjunction with Trip advisor and Facebook, thus increasing your on line presence and allowing you to build up a better understanding of your customer base. Our branded wifi makes your business not only look professional but also helps greatly with your future marketing campaigns.

read more › Why is that? It can be for a number of reasons not least of which is cost. Using VOIP technology can prove to be considerably cheaper than using standard telephone systems while offering major benefits around things like flexibility. If you aren't aware, VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which means that the phones actually consider voice traffic as data so you attach VOIP phones to your computer network and voice traffic is treated just like data. It's great where you are a small business but still need the ability to be able to configure how incoming calls are handled.

read more › SMS can be a very effective way of interacting with your customers. We have access to the most powerful bulk SMS platform on the market and offer a range of solutions. Manage your own campaigns and just pay a low cost per text, or let us supply your data that works best with your selected demographic and manage the campaigns for you. We have created Intelligent Tracking to enable businesses to include unique links within messages, which in turn allows for customer interactions to be tracked through the on line portal.

read more › On hold marketing gives you the opportunity to advertise your business and services to potential customers, in what could be dead airtime, when you place a caller on hold. Choose from a one off recording or an ongoing package that can be regularly updated. All scripts are professionally written and recorded by voice over artists with a range of background music and effects. Research shows that more than 50% of customers placed on hold will remain connected for over a minute if provided with company information and music.

read more › 1 in 5 people left a store last year without purchasing anything because the store did not accept cards. Accepting card payments is actually cheaper than processing cash or cheques with your bank. We offer merchant services in association with First Data & Global Payments. We have a choice of solutions including a range of Ingenico terminals, E-commerce and moto solutions.

read more › Coactive are always looking for ways to help businesses, so we've teamed up with one of the UK's largest independent energy brokers, so that we can offer our customers a no obligation, free energy analysis to get the best deals for your business utilities. We are committed to helping you reduce your energy bills, working with you to the find the right solutions that will deliver real energy savings. Our team of specialists understand the energy sector inside and out and have long standing, trusted relationships with more than 20 of the UK's biggest utilities providers, allowing you to keep your focus on more important things in your organisation, whilst knowing that your utility supplies are well taken care of.

read more › Your hard working business needs your technology to support you in overcoming the many challenges you face, and to help you achieve the objectives you set in pursuit of your strategic goals. You very much want IT to be your servant, not your master, and Coactive ICT can play a significant part in achieving that aim with a competitively priced friendly service (it's about people not technology). Your business (and you!) needs the reassurance that goes with knowing that your precious data is protected.

read more › Jo Sellwood-Taylor, Founding Director, Mullwood Associates., International board level executive and non-executive search services and industry leading research. Broadoak Preservation, Local, family run business, with over 20 years' industry experience in converting basements, lofts, timber treatment, and remodelling homes.

read more › By becoming a channel partner of Coactive ICT you could earn a very generous residual income by re-selling our services, We offer some of the most generous commissions in the industry. Does your business have an existing client base that you have a good working relationship with that could benefit from our services? This could apply to IT companies, Office movers, graphic design and marketing companies, accountants, the list goes on.

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