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No additional work will be carried out without your permission so the price you see is always what you pay with no surprises! In today's world we must particularly pay attention to security, anyone working on your computer must be CompTIA Security+ certified to carry out any work to ensure your system is left completely secure. Please check our services page to find what you need, if you are unsure what service is required, pick up the phone or contact us via email.

Whatever challenges you're facing with technology in the home, we're confident of tailoring an IT support and installation package tailored to you. We provide a wide range of services for home users including network cabling, WiFi installations, servers and UPS mains protection. We highly recommend backing up valuable data, in case your hard drive fails, or worse if your computer is lost or stolen.

read more › Your telephone call or email will be answered by a Microsoft Certified Professional and all work carried out is covered by a no fuss 30 day service guarantee. Although we will do everything in our power to save your data, ultimately it is your responsibility to keep your data safe, Chandler I.T cannot not be held responsible for any data loss under any circumstances.

read more › Ordered broadband and need the router & wireless card installed correctly and more importantly securely? With this service an engineer will visit your home and setup your wireless router with the most advanced security your router supports. We will also connect any number of computers you may have in your home to the wireless router, including games consoles, tablets and iPads. We will setup port forwarding for unrestricted access to any programs you may use together with Windows Firewall configuration.

read more › This service is used when a new computer has been purchased and you need all the information taken from your old PC and transferred to the new. We will also make a DVD of your information which you may keep should anything unforceen happen you have a full working backup. The data we can move consists of emails, photos, music & favorites but if you have anything else you want transferred that's not on the list please contact us.

read more › Hard drives are the most important part of a PC as they hold your critical information but ironically they are also prone to failure as they have moving mechanical parts. Should you find you have important information on a failed or unrecognized hard drive all's not lost. We can utilize specialist recovery programs to recover most if not all of your files on a failed drive, to ascertain whether recovery maybe possible please contact us with details of the problem and any error messages you maybe receiving.

read more › If you have a deadline to meet or simply have to have your computer working, with this service I will try to re-arrange my appointments and do my very best to see you within 2 hours. This can include evenings and weekends however its' not a guaranteed service as obviously sometimes this just may not be possible but I will do my absolute best to accommodate.

read more › Computers are complicated pieces of engineering and will undoubtedly have problems over their life time. This service is for anything that is not covered under our normal services which you would like looking at, maybe your wireless network isn't functioning correctly or your screen goes blank when starting a game, email is receiving mails but not sending just to name a few. Most small things can be done there and then and will be charged at the first hour only.

read more › Chandler I.T will obtain a specification of your system and check you do indeed require a hardware upgrade, if so we will provide a report based on varied budgets to accommodate all pockets. Be it a motherboard, CPU or RAM or if your PC is generally running slow. Maybe a graphics card or new a hard drive if your running out of storage space, A report will be created with low, medium and high spec options with no obligation to buy direct. Once you have chosen, bought and received your new hardware an engineer will visit to uninstall the old component(s) and install the new.

read more › Got a new PC and want it setup correctly? This service will provide a from the box to table setup together with printers and any peripherals purchased. Our engineer will also install any programs with an outline of the main functions. We can setup user accounts for all the family and up to 5 email accounts configured in Outlook or Outlook Express and of course cable management to ensure a safe working environment. This service also includes setting up wireless networking if you have purchased a router and wireless network card.

read more › Usually used for power PC's or gaming rigs. We will source all components from various suppliers and provide a suggested specification report dependent on your requirements. Once all parts have arrived we will construct, then run a 72 hour burn in test to ensure stability before delivering the new machine to your home to install it. Mainly used for gamers or power PC users, this service allows YOU to choose the components and our expertise to build it. Option to overclock processor, RAM and video card (this can invalidate component warranties in some situations).

read more › A general service to ensure the computer is running at is peak, this can be purchased as a single service or part of an annual agreement where an engineer will visit on a bi-monthly basis to ensure you dont run into any problems. A multi point check of your computer from top to bottom, this includes your internal hardware and all software that maybe installed on Windows. We will clean temporary files, remove any unused/unwanted programs and install applications that will continually clean the PC as its used to reduce the build up of unwanted items.

read more › This service provides a re-installation of Windows to bring your computer back to the same speed it was when you first purchased it, It will also ensure any viruses that maybe present are completely destroyed. The service includes a backup of all your music and photographs installed on the PC prior to the re-installation. Our engineer will then transfer the backup back onto your computer in the same place it was taken from. This service is ideal for various problems as a re-install will wipe viruses, spyware or any programs that don't work.

read more › The problems with my computer were resolved quickly and efficiently and I am pleased to say it is now running like new. I was extremely impressed with the service in particular the communication. The service to sort my email problems out was extremely fast, efficient and sensibly priced. When our computer was fryed from an electrical power surge Mr Chandler advised, found and then purchased the components for us and then made a personal visit to put it all together. Mr Chandler is never more phone call away, Prices are very good too.

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