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So, who are we? Well we're a technology services company that covers the whole of the UK. From web, design, to telecoms, to the boxes on your desk, to sound systems, to complex datacentre setups, to accounting systems, to access control, to CCTV, to building management systems, we cover installation, consulting, project management and installation of technology in all its forms end to end.

Our team has over 40 years' experience in managing different projects, from 1 user SMEs up to 8000 user multi sites. And no, that doesn't make us a jack of all trades and a master of none; it makes us truly unique and it means our customers know they only need to turn to us.

We've all been in that situation where each contractor blames another for the fault or mistake, and with Verstech we can isolate you from the nitty gritty of technology (unless you want to know!) and allow you to get on with doing what you do best, safe in the knowledge that it's being taken care of.That means we're a holistic outfit - historically all these things would be in isolation.

Our CONNECT platform brings all of your communications and IT billing into one easy monthly bill. We work with some of the biggest UK carriers to provide a whole host of connectivity services. With our range of cloud hosted services you're bound to have something that will help you and your business. IT Support - Our first class IT support can be setup

Our Internet Access Service holds the unique proposition that it's a "all encompassing" approach. Leased lines, fixed line broadband, mobile and satellite, all on one bill across multiple locations - peeeeerfect. The biggest pain point we see in UK Internet Access is the disparity between different areas and their capabilities. In some places, you can

It allows information to be carried at high speed to your personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV or other web-enabled device. From satellite to mobile, to fixed-line broadband, there's numerous technologies and solutions in getting that high-speed connection to you. For fixed broadband (i.e: down a cable), as an OFCOM Registered Communications

Mobile broadband is a great option for internet access where traditional broadband or fibre broadband options aren't available. With very minimal setup costs, an extremely short set up time and short contract options, mobile broadband can provide a great alternative for temporary or backup internet where required. We work with both the Vodafone and

The internet allows people in the remotest parts of the world communicate with each other. The only problem is, when you live in one of the remotest parts, sometimes dial up seems like it might be a quicker option than broadband. Some people don't even have a landline at all! Sadly, as providers must make a profit, they won't come and install a load

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