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Reward I.T We're a friendly and experienced IT support company based on the South Coast offering a range of solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We can scale our assistance from software licensing all the way up to a fully fledged outsourced IT department. We offer a full range of IT services for small to medium sized businesses. We are happy to talk you through each of our services, but don't worry if you're not sure what you need.

Feel free to message or call us to for a no obligation audit and quote. Wholly impressed with Reward IT, always a friendly, informative and honest service from Andrew & his team. Would recommend to all those requiring any IT service. Fantastic work guys. I have worked with Reward IT for the last 3 years, the staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

They always respond to any issues quickly and offer great support options to suite your company. I would highly recommend them.

read more › Our team has grown over the years, but our values have stayed consistent since our inception. Reward IT was started because we spotted an opportunity in the market to provide people with excellent service, without the need for complicated terms and long contracts. Our ethos from day one has always been "Look after the customer and they'll stay with us" and so far its worked! Our customer retention rate is phenomenal, and we achieve this by going above and beyond time and time again. I genuinely believe that you won't find a customer who would have anything bad to say about us.

read more › Reliable, flexible, and cost-effective IT support comes as standard from Reward IT. Our support options are fully tailored to you and your business and are designed with maximum flexibility in mind. We do not have complicated terms and conditions, restrictive service level agreements or even contracts. We know that if we do a good job for our customers, they will stick with us, simple! We support businesses of all shapes and sizes, from single staff member owner-operator businesses to large companies who employ hundreds of staff and operate internationally.

read more › We realise that your data is of paramount importance to your day to day work. To protect this, we have a range of systems and products at our disposal to help you. Cybercrime is on the rise year on year and the effects it has on businesses is becoming more severe. The average business loses tens of thousands of pounds through cybercrime; with a few small changes you could reduce the risk of your business becoming a victim. We are a full partner and an approved reseller of ESET, who offer some of the best business security products on the market.

read more › Getting your infrastructure right is key in making everything work harmoniously across your network. A good infrastructure should give you fast connectivity, flexibility to use your equipment anywhere and allow devices to seamlessly communicate with each other. Often bad infrastructure can lead to bottle necks which hamper both speed and efficiency. Very sophisticated technology allows you to control every aspect of IT from the moment a user joins your network or steps foot into your building. Have absolute control over your IT network.

read more › Backup is arguably the most important service to implement for any sized business. With factors such as Cybercrime, staff mistakes, malicious attacks, corruption, or hardware failure you need to keep a copy or fallback of your data. It is essential you do so. All our customers have continuous backups running to ensure nothing it lost, even if something happens to their live data. We offer a range of backup services and types for all sized organisations. We will discuss the options, costs and benefits of each type in order for you to make an informed decision.

read more › VOIP or Voice Over IP in laymen's terms is the ability to have a phone conversation using an internet connection. Having a working phone system in a business is crucial whether your staff are based from home or within the office. Enabling seamless communication saves time and money and improves your businesses image. We have the capability to set up a bespoke system which allows you to choose both your costs and features. Set up anything from call queues, menus, and auto attendants, call routing and even conference rooms.

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