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Established in 1984 KV Computer Services Ltd provides Payroll, HR and P11D systems for use on the IBM iSeries systems. The software has been developed by Payroll & HR specialists who are dedicated to provide solutions to suit every type and size of business. KV's innovative quality software solutions are easy to use and encompass a wide area of integrated HRM requirements that allow a flexible range of reporting features for UK legislation and internal procedures.

KV also provide a full range of supporting services, including the implementation of systems, consultancy, technical support, helpdesk support, maintenance, system reviews and onsite support services. With a fully integrated data base for all systems this allows ease of use and simplification for data entry and retrieval of records to provide a comprehensive solution for all your HR, Payroll and P11D requirements.

KVPAY offers a flexible Payroll solution to meet all of your Payroll requirements. Adhering to UK legislation you can operate an unlimited number of Payrolls for an unlimited number of companies. KVPAY is a complete Payroll software solution that is robust and reliable offering extensive functionality that conforms to current legislation and provides

KVPERS is versatile, flexible and a comprehensive solution to HR with a full range of features that are easy to use and parameter driven. It is recognised that no two companies operate in the same way and the system has been designed accordingly, giving the user flexibility and control of the various options available. The requirements of HR departments

With twenty five years experience of providing payroll software and solutions throughout the country, to company's from a wide diversity of industries, we are now introducing our Payroll Bureau Service facility. With our expert knowledge and experience within the payroll industry we are offering companies the facility to out source the processing of

The Grange IBM iSeries Bacstel system is the UK market leader and the system will support any number of applications and all BACS Ltd BACSTEL service functions. The system is a tried and tested solution for the processing of all payments providing a menu selection option, which is an easy to use and maintained system. Sort Code and Account Number validation

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