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Sunderland Computer Repairs Loved by our customers because we are honest, hard working and we care! We will tell you if a repair is not worth doing. We have NEVER 'had to wipe' customer data off a hard disc and unexpectedly reinstall Windows. If you need a new machine we will discuss your requirements and then find one or build one. We specialise in upgrading laptops with more RAM, bigger hard discs or replacing hard discs with solid state drives.

This gives you a faster, more responsive laptop without the expense of a new one! Our data recovery machine can extract data from drives that have crashed, been formatted or re-partitioned. Saving precious photos and docs you thought were lost forever! We can recover data from mechanically failed hard drives. My son wanted a gaming PC for his birthday.

I didn't know where to start. I found Sunderland computer repairs and emailed for some advice. Mike asked a few questions and said he could build something suitable for my budget. We had a zoom meeting and he asked about games my son played.

read more › We are a specialist in the supply and service of computers- we do not supply or repair printers, consoles, tablets or phones. We are just very, very good at laptops, PCs and Apples! Please check facebook for the latest information. We are not entering your premises during the pandemic. We collect repairs from your front door and redeliver for a 45 non-refundable fee of which 25 goes twoards any final invoice. Specifically designed to meet your needs- lots of storage for your business or lots of graphic power for a gamer!

read more › Our expertise has developed over the years and we now even have a specialist technician who loves Apple as much as you do. We can repair. We can upgrade. We can reinstall. We can repair faulty components on logic boards when the Apple Genius Bar tell you that your only option is a 2,000 replacement. Absolutely fab service from Mike at Sunderland Computer Repairs! Took my MacBook in there after being quoted almost 250 by Apple for a repair. Mike knew straight away what was wrong with it and quoted me 114.

read more › We service all brands, both major such as HP, Samsung, Apple and Lenovo and some of the lesser-know brands such as Gateway, RM and Medion. We will service, upgrade and repair your laptop. We are very aware of the value decision that you have to make and will advise you when a repair is simply not economic to do.

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