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TechEvolution We can fill your IT consultancy needs for your business in the North West and Cheshire area. The complexity of sourcing quality service providers and the time it takes to go about this can often be daunting. Often it leads to a trial and error solution. To counter this approach Techevolution is here to assist. Techevolution is essentially an IT Support business, but we provide far more than just IT Support.

Working alongside our team of long-standing associates, Techevolution can provide a wealth of knowledge to assist you and your business. Techevolution is a company you can trust, don't just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

read more › We work closely with businesses in this way, mapping out solutions in plain English to ensure a smooth and cost effective transition from the old to the new. We work with 3rd parties in order to bring projects together on time, taking the pressure off you in order for you to maintain the running of the business. At Tech Evolution we combine talent, knowledge, dedication and consulting acumen to deliver you the best project management solution. We provide first-class solutions and continue to be client-focused and results driven.

read more › Your first hour's consultation is free with Techevolution. We like to keep costs under control and we do our best to ensure you get good value for money. We have over 13 years experience in supporting the legal sector and work with several new start-ups in this and other sectors. We are always happy to meet and discuss your requirements. We're genuinely committed to giving your new business the most effective IT support, services and solutions for the IT challenges you face every day.

read more › We understand the pressures involved in running a small business and your time and money is at a premium. Your company's direction can change overnight and as a small business we are also dynamic and flexible and ready to implement change at a realistic timescale. We know how to deliver effective Small Business IT support and services designed for you and your business. We're genuinely committed to helping our small business clients get the most effective IT support, services and solutions for the IT challenges they face every day.

read more › Some assets, such as furniture, are readily replaceable and can be still useful if slightly damaged. But things like customer relationship management (CRM) data which has been built up over many years cannot be replaced in some situations. Techevolution can provide services to streamline the process of relocating your business and its data. We want to help make your plans run as smooth as possible with minimal disruption. There are many packages available to you. After we have learnt about your individual needs, Techevolution will produce a detailed time schedule of the plan and provide a checklist to see how the move is progressing.

read more › Our experience in project management and technology enables us to advise you on sensible decisions to make and you to achieve fantastic results for your business. After 10 years operating in the IT market, Techevolution have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience which has enabled us to offer consultancy services to clients. These can range from one-off meetings to ongoing relationships. Should you feel you need our opinion, we can guide and support your staff with impartial advice, acting as an independent party on whatever situation may arise.

read more › The Dedicated server package offers outstanding performance that can serve even the most demanding of websites and applications. With Techevolution you can experience complete control over your server and run even the most demanding applications seamlessly, all at an affordable price. Our dedicated servers come equipped with the choice of different specifications to suit your needs.

read more › The technology industry can be a confusing minefield of acronyms and similar products, which can be daunting for many people. Don't fear, you are not alone! If you are unsure about the best route to take and need help, we can provide expert advice on the latest software and hardware available to you. Techevolution will identify your individual needs and come up with a clear and precise answer with regards to your software/hardware questions. Alternatives will be presented to you also, in case your needs change.

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