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Orbiss Installation of guest entertainment systems in 32 rooms of the Lympstone Manor Hotel for new owner Michael Caines. Trebah Garden is a very busy attraction and our IT infrastructure is crucial to keeping it all running smoothly. For more than 35 years, we've helped hotels and businesses make their technology work harder - communicating better, and offering customers more, to gain a vital competitive edge.

During that time, we've learnt a thing or two, like how not to disturb your customers and the importance of always being available when you need us. How any new system needs to fit the way you really work (not the other way around) and why a feature's only valuable if you'll actually use it. Our customers trust us to help with their telephone systems, handsets, guest room and TV entertainment, WiFi and IT support.

read more › Today we work with many hotel and business customers throughout the UK and parts of Europe, using the latest communications technology to help each one achieve their unique business goals. We put technology to work in ways that deliver excellence while saving time and money, raising productivity and increasing your profits. As an Orbiss customer, you'll get comprehensive support from a dedicated account manager, with backup from an in-house team of customer support professionals, product development experts, professional system trainers and of course a UK-wide network of highly experienced engineers.

read more › In an age where technology has become an ever more important part of our hospitality experience, businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and more are having to enhance their technical offering. From providing quick and easy access to WiFi, to hotel TVs that offer all that guests can enjoy at home and more, we can help you meet your customer requirements - improving guest satisfaction whilst saving time, costs and benefitting from improved marketing possibilities. Please take a look through the hospitality services we offer above or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

read more › An effective Hotel TV system will allow your business to grow and deliver an outstanding guest experience that will help your organisation stand out. From useful information such as the latest weather forecast, details of nearby restaurants, hotel services and more, to providing access to interactive entertainment, as well as social networking, catch up TV, news and music streaming apps that can be accessed through your TV just as you would through your own device - we can help you offer a more personalised, in-room experience, fully customised to your branding.

read more › The role of a hotel telephone system has changed dramatically since the rise of smart phone technology - with guests preferring their mobile phones over traditional hotel systems. But don't be fooled - even though it's no longer a direct revenue-earner, choosing the right telephone system is no less critical to your hotel's overall success, whether it's traditional, hosted or a cloud based solution or taking advantage of overhead savings using SIP. Having a flexible and modern phone system is crucial to the growth of your hospitality service.

read more › Deliver outstanding customer experience and improve your hotel IT infrastructure with our managed Hospitality Wifi solutions. With our reliable hotel wifi, you can cope with the demands of business operations and guest expectations - whether it's reliable internet for streaming video or business travellers using their hotel rooms as a virtual office. Our efficient network solutions enable you to provide an excellent service that will help your hotel grow. As a business within the hospitality sector, you might have anywhere between 2 or 2000 devices connected to your network at any one time.

read more › We understand how important it is for any business to get the most from technology - whether that's setting up a new, secure IT network, finding the right telephone system or installing a reliable WiFi solution that you can trust. Orbiss provides dynamic technology solutions to transform your business and set you apart from competitors. At Orbiss, we're proud to offer industry-leading business services that help brands nationwide achieve their full potential. Our stellar business services can support your organisation across a huge scope of services including IT, communication and streamlining business processes.

read more › Orbiss offers a remotely managed IT department for small and medium sized businesses. You'll get your own IT Manager, high-quality support from our help desk, and access to a team of experts - all at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own. Our friendly team of IT professionals provide businesses throughout Cornwall and Devon with fast, responsive IT solutions - delivering effective solutions in an efficient and professional manner. We offer a range of IT services and flexible support packages, so whether you need remote helpdesk support or a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert on site, we'll find a solution that suits your needs - and your pocket.

read more › The communication policies that your business has in place can have a dramatic impact on your growth and success. One of these primary communication channels is telephone calls. The way that your company chooses to handle this communication reflects on your credibility and trust with clients. How quickly did you answer? How smoothly was the call handled? How was your attention to detail? In short - a simple phone call can be the defining factor in how valued a customer feels. As such, it's vital that you ensure your business has a professional business telephone system in place.

read more › Keep your business connected, increase productivity and grow your digital presence with our innovative business WiFi solutions. At Orbiss, we provide effective and trusted WiFi network solutions for organisations of all sizes. Connect your business today! Businesses of all kinds need internet access that's fast, reliable and simple to manage. There are however many factors that will impact which kind of broadband connection is the right solution for your particular business. At Orbiss our flexible solutions include three main kinds: ADSL, leased line and superfast fibre.

read more › It's likely that costs have fallen since you last signed a phone contract and that we could find you a better deal (to find out for sure we just need to see a recent phone bill). The communications market moves quickly and the best deal even a month ago could be well over the odds now. Because we manage so many business and hotel telephone systems, we're in touch with the leading suppliers on a daily basis and therefore see all the best deals on offer at any one time. We are able to offer competitive pricing on all services including Leased Lines, Business Broadband, Fibre, VOIP and SIP Trunks, Analogue Lines and calls.

read more › The Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel combines 'the ultimate in luxury and comfort with a rock edge'. Owned by top music and hospitality guru Mark Fuller, it's a place that boasts 'modern minimalism', 'baroque opulence' and 'totally up to date, in-room electronics'. Trebah Garden is a sub-tropical paradise on the Helford River in Cornwall. Officially rated one of the finest gardens in the world, it was first established by the Fox family nearly 200 years ago. Find out how we're able to help keep their IT infrastructure running smoothly.

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