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Probrand IT Support & Services In Manchester Join 50,000 members saving time and money on the UK's first IT marketplace for products and services. Get choice, transparency and personalised discounts direct from distributors & vendors. Discover a market leading portfolio of IT solutions, Cloud and managed IT services backed by our own technical engineering team.

read more › Probrand is a leading technology services provider. We deliver IT products, managed services and solutions to over 3,500 clients across small to medium sized businesses and all areas of the public sector. We help customers procure IT more efficiently through our ground breaking marketplace, and deliver IT solutions, Cloud and managed IT services that run, manage and transform business operations. Unlike traditional service providers that are sales people heavy or simple e-shops, we look to engage customers and suppliers using disruptive marketplace technology and people in tandem to deliver a customer obsessed, cost effective service.

read more › Invest in state of the art Computing solutions today and experience the industry grade performance levels you need. From business start ups to large scale operations across multiple business locations, upgrade your hardware to future proof against growing demands on performance and output. Browse high performance desktop workstations and tower servers, and stay connected on the go with our expert choice of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Improve your day to day workflow and benefit from our price checked discount scheme.

read more › Get the fast print times you need with double sided colour Printing in a range of sizes - including large format. Connect multiple workstations to inkjet printers and laser printers via wifi, bluetooth, or USB 3.0 and keep on top of your mission critical printing tasks even during periods of increased workflow demand. Browse our complete stock of high performance toners, ink cartridges, and 3D printer consumables for incredible value to help maintain optimum printing throughput. Shop now for huge sector specific discounts.

read more › Discover how you could enhance your day to day office productivity and protect your network against malicious online threats with advanced Software upgrades. Increase task completion rates and experience a smoother web interactions with our intuitive and easy to navigate office software and networking software options. Browse our subscriptions and support packages for cost effective access to professional guidance and advice both online and in person. Shop now and take advantage of price checked discounts in your sector.

read more › Browse our market leading choice of Networking solutions and discover how you could increase workflow and boost your workday productivity. Get the high capacity network management resources you need with scalable wireless options in Network and Enterprise Management. See our expert choice of Remote Access Software and IP Telephony for ultimate flexible control over in-house and guest access with easy to configure intuitive design and at a glance monitoring statistics. Shop now for price checked discounts in your sector.

read more › Equip your modern office and meeting spaces with advanced Sound and Vision solutions. Present engaging content with our market leading selection of short throw projectors and interactive touchscreen displays. Upgrade to ultra clear indoor and outdoor LCD TVs and capture high definition movie quality footage with our superb range of digital cameras and camcorders. Stay connected to your mission critical projects on the go with our huge selection of market leading Mobile Phones. Shop now for huge price checked discounts.

read more › Browse our huge range of Storage and Memory solutions for upgrade options to meet the growing demands of your memory hungry applications. Get the advanced data access performance you need with our top selection of industry grade solid state drives and server hard drives. Protect your network against online threats and reduce the impact of downtime with the instant professional support you need from our huge choice of service packs. Shop now and take advantage of our price checked discounts.

read more › Significantly increase your system performance and boost your day to day productivity with our wide range of pro grade Peripherals. Browse everything you need to modernise your office workstations and streamline output, from PC components including advanced motherboards, processors, and soundcards, to multi stroke detection wireless keyboards and high quality network cabling solutions. With our sector specific price comparison scheme you're guaranteed to find the industry standard peripherals you need at discounted rates.

read more › Boost your office productivity with smart workflow assistance from our high quality range of Office Supplies. Organise your busy desktops and workstations with professional accessories including staplers, mousepads, and cutting tools. Shop today and take advantage of our specially selected price checked discounts on products specific to your sector. Discover how we could help you to declutter your day to day operations and maximise your available workspace to make cost effective use of your time.

read more › Probrand has served all corners of the public sector as a trusted and governed advisor for two decades, and is known for its excellent customer service, innovation and technical service excellence. The business prides itself on helping public sector organisations save time and money procuring IT via its CIPS and ICAEW accredited IT marketplace, coupled with sector specialist account managers. Our technology automatically provides exclusive sector pricing and bundles, and importantly, delivers compliance by instantly generating 3 supplier quotes.

read more › We understand running and deploying IT isn't easy, you're trying to deliver strategy as well as keep the lights on. Working as an extension of your team, our engineers and helpdesk deliver proactive and break-fix IT Support packages plus complimentary services, that remove the burden of end user issues. That isn't where our story ends, let our team enhance your current technical capabilities and manpower on projects too. Our market leading 1st, 2nd and 3rd line IT support gives you qualified professionals to solve end user issues before they impact business; give us a list of assets for break-fix or use our proactive service.

read more › When the successful running of your business hinges on the efficient operation of certain items of hardware or individual software programs, their unexpected failure can be disastrous. It therefore makes sense to have technical experts on call that can help you immediately in the event of any issues. And that's exactly what you get from our software and hardware support - give us a list of your business-critical kit, and then simply book a call with one of our fully certified engineers when there's an issue.

read more › Probrand provides a portfolio of IT support services price matched to your needs, and dedicated to supporting those with or without an IT team. Our quick guide below will help you select the right service for you. You have no IT team and simply want proactive IT support to fix issues before they impact business operations.

read more › With decades of award-winning technical experience, Probrand is one of the top Manchester IT support providers. Client satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, which is why we offer fully managed IT services that are tailored to your needs. Thanks to our technical expertise, we proactively react to IT issues before they have the chance to affect your daily operations. Our expansive portfolio includes cyber security, backup and recovery, IT support and much more. We've catered to more than 1,000 clients, providing everything from IT maintenance and upgrades to data protection and advanced infrastructure solutions.

read more › When it comes to IT, we know how to help you run, manage and transform your business, and we've been doing just that for over 15 years. IT solutions and application services, cover a wide remit and include professional services to design, configure and install key projects. Probrand delivers on demand for systems, enterprise mobility and data security for this expanding charitable organisation. Learn how to clear away the complexity of your sprawling infrastructure with a modern and progressive alternative to regular hardware stacks.

read more › Cloud computing and managed services turn technology into a service, offering small and medium sized organisations an easy way to offload otherwise distracting tasks. Probrand operates its own datacentres, handling core technology services for hundreds of clients. We make technology affordable and understandable, taking complex tasks such as data backup, cybersecurity and managed infrastructure off your hands with a best-of-breed portfolio and leaving you to focus on building your business, and all for a manageable monthly or annual operational cost.

read more › Get an understanding of any vulnerabilities within your IT systems with a free Cyber Security Capability assessment*. Our assessment will identify and analyse issues, give tailored guidance on improvements that need making and provide a written board-level report. By understanding your business and identifying where your vulnerabilities are, whether that's human or technology, we can help build, update and deploy your IT security strategy to ensure business-critical data is protected. We focus on tailoring a multi-layered security solution fit for your needs that can adapt as your business grows, and as the cyber threat landscape changes.

read more › You wouldn't waste time or money buying, installing and maintaining IT equipment you don't need. And you don't have to. By making the switch to cloud computing with Probrand you'll only pay for the services or infrastructure you need. Our consultative approach will you help choose the best solution for your business, and support you with implementation and migration. You'll see a game-changing shift in cost savings, efficiency, agility, scalability and reach that's too awesome to miss. While usually represented by a cloud symbol, cloud computing is simply the name for remotely-hosted services delivered over the internet.

read more › Take a long, hard look at your business computing. Is it supporting your business as it grows? Companies are facing unprecedented pressures to grow and change along with their customers. Many of them find that on-premise computer systems can't keep up. Workloads may fluctuate in line with temporary business pressures. Stock and inventory systems may slow down when sales hit peak volumes at the holidays, but sit idle the rest of the time. It's inefficient to invest in lots of computing power and then not use it all the time.

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