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Stroud Computer Training Melissa Briggs has over 25 years experience of using many different types of computers, operating systems (Android, Windows and Mac) and different software suites, I can train you to a basic, intermediate or advanced level of computer knowledge at a pace to suit you, whether you use a desktop, laptop, notebook or tablet. I can also introduce you to all the other related accessories and equipment that you may wish to know more about, for example printers and scanners, to help you make the right choices.

If you are struggling with your smartphone, I can give you a hand with that as well - operating systems including Apple, Android and Google. I specialise in training people who are over 55 and giving advice about online security and protecting yourself and your computer equipment from unwanted attacks! If HDMI and USB and other such acronyms give you a headache, I can give you a simple jargon free explanation.

Notes for the topics covered are supplied as part of the training service. I am DBS (replacement for CRB) checked.

read more › A lot of people saw this article and have contacted me since regarding Anti Virus, making payments online, and having their email accounts hacked. Many of them have had problems with their Hotmail and Yahoo accounts and have since learned how to migrate their accounts to a more secure option. Computer training whizz Melissa Briggs is working with the NHS and others to help older people living in rural areas around Stroud learn online skills. Isolation can lead to depression, especially if you are stuck at home with a physical disability, and unable to use our patchy rural bus services.

read more › I will help you set it up if you need a hand: I can get your email account up and running, obtain your Apple iPad or Google Android ID (identification) so that you can shop online, or just answer your individual queries. You can look at your photos or newly taken family videos and view them on your TV as well when you want. This is a sample of my iPad Beginner's training notes. Do you need help choosing a printer, a new broadband supplier, setting up or connecting your digital camera, sorting out your wireless network or choosing and installing anti virus protection?

read more › Smart phones are as you might guess smart! They are phones but also very powerful hand held computers. Produced by all the big names, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft, HTC, LG etc, they are huge in popularity and enable people to be in touch with each other, socially or for business, with more options available than ever before. All these phones are reviewed in Tech Radar, Which and other magazines. There are a lot of good phones out there - depending on your budget and preferred operating system - Android, Google, Windows or Apple iOS.

read more › If you own a stunning iMac like these, you will have access to all sorts of programmes about which you may not know as much as you would like. For example, word processing using Pages, spread sheets using Numbers, photo editing using iPhoto, iMovie for video editing, Stickies for quick notes, Garageband etc. You will probably not want to travel with this piece of computer kit as it is bulky and quite heavy, so a home session may be the answer. Please call 07788 985764 if you would like to discuss the topics you wish to cover.

read more › New Tablet - So you have a new iPad, a Galaxy from Samsung, a Windows Surface, a Lenovo or another make - what next?. The Apple iPad was the first touch screen tablet to sell in huge volume and for good reason. It is well designed, sleek, lightweight and desirable! There have been several iterations, iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 followed by the iPad Air, Air 2, and the iPad Pro, the newest, thinnest and most advanced yet, alongside its little brother, the iPad Mini and now the larger iPad Pro. Do you own your own a tablet computer eg an iPad, or are you considering buying one, but you're not quite sure why you should?.

read more › Once you feel confident about all the topics covered in the beginner session, you are ready to progress to the next level. Now you know some of the basics, do you want to start using the diary and contacts functions, and are you trying to find out which apps would be suitable for your needs? Millions of apps, to name just a few. Would you like to transfer your photos to your tablet so you can show them within seconds or print them wirelessly?. Would you love to know how to organise all your documents/apps so you can find them quickly?.

read more › Do you work in or run a business and need to manage tasks/prioritise/organise your diary/ and generally work efficiently on the move between offices or while travelling?. You probably own an Android tablet or an iPad, and know the basics. You may not always be at your own desk. Your tablet gives you the freedom to work anywhere you are. Do you know how it can be connected to the internet within seconds either by using 3G via your cellular network, or by using the tethering function in your smartphone and creating your own network?

read more › Do you know someone who is isolated, stuck at home and unable to get around easily, possibly with depression or a condition such as arthritis which makes mobility of the hands very difficult? Around 1 in 7 of the population are affected by these issues, the majority of whom are over 55. Half of all over 75 year olds live on their own. Stroud Computer Training is offering subsidised training in conjunction with local companies and trusts interested in important community care and wellbeing initiatives.

read more › Would you be interested in talking to us about how you could help make this project a real ongoing major success? As well as being in touch with local councils and trusts, we are contacting local companies to see if they would be interested in sponsoring one tablet or more, (Apple or Android) that would be used for training purposes. The plan is that new older clients will be able to borrow one to help them make the decision whether they would like to acquire one. They will be given a taster session concentrating on their areas of interest.

read more › Dorothy: I am now housebound - my iPad is my lifeline and being able to order my medication online has removed a lot of worry from my shoulders. You always come at short notice when I need a helping hand - thank you for all your help. Margaret: My laptop was running slower and slower, my old Android tablet was quite difficult to use. After chatting to Melissa, I purchased an iPad. It is quick and light and I have mastered printing out my photos with no wires. It is a miracle and I am delighted.

read more › These are a few of our recent case histories. If you would like to speak to someone who has learned how to use a tablet with Stroud Computer Training, we can put you in contact with a client who can answer your questions about their experience honestly. Miss G from Stroud was having trouble with her laptop as she has arthritis in her fingers. Having seen an article in the press, Melissa went to see her. Problems with setting up her online banking, her Amazon account, filing emails etc were soon sorted out.

read more › To discuss your training requirements: call 07788 985764, or to call John: 07974 371882. Alternatively, fill in the contact form or email via the email symbol below ( You can also send a message via Facebook (the little f below). Training sessions can be held in my training room (coffee and tea is part of the deal), or within a 15 mile radius of Stroud including the Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cirencester, Nailsworth, Kings Stanley, Bussage and Stonehouse areas. Business support is available within a 20 mile radius.

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