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We are an established and friendly team of IT specialists supporting clients throughout Lancaster, Preston and beyond. We may have advanced technical know-how and experience, but we believe in delivering a proactive, straight-talking approach - without the jargon! That's because IT may play a crucial role in your growing SME, but that doesn't mean you want to spend all your time thinking about it!

That's why we do IT, so you don't have to. Our approach is about understanding how you can best achieve your strategic business objectives, whether we support your IT infrastructure, develop software to help you work smarter, or protect you from the rising dangers of cyber-crime. We have a range of products and services, that we'll tailor to suit you.

Our goal is to provide configurable, professional and straight-talking IT support for SMEs in the North West. So, whether you need advice every now and again, or you're looking for a complete package, we can tailor-fit our IT services to suit you.

Every business has a story, and we're pretty proud of ours. With years of specialist IT experience, we'd grown increasingly frustrated by the lack of plain-speaking, honest and affordable IT services available to small and medium sized organisations. So, we set out to change the way IT support was offered to SMEs. All these years later, we've become

My role is to provide the overall direction and 'eye on the compass' as to where we - as a team - are heading, setting the overarching business strategy and financial budgeting. My primary driver is trust - which I believe is achieved by being honest, consistent and delivering against promises. The team at Q2Q have all been recruited based on these

Techies, by their very nature, are usually highly intelligent, fast-thinking people, but can sometimes speak a totally different language to a non-technical person. At times, it can feel like this hinders conversations - as if you're in a group dance, but hearing a different tempo to everyone else. You might need an instructor to intervene and bring

Q2Q's exceptional customer service, IT support and advice, applies wherever you are and whatever company device* you're using. Working remotely should be as seamless as being in an office, and as more businesses than ever are choosing to adopt this model, you need to be sure that your IT provider is able to step up and help make this a headache-free

For most SMEs, IT is now a crucial part of day to day operations. But that doesn't mean it should stop you from running your business. For that reason, we have developed our managed IT support - a comprehensive service available for a fixed monthly price. By becoming your IT department, our friendly experts will monitor, maintain and report on every

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