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Pronetic An onsite advisory resource for your board of directors, translating business direction to technology strategy; producing an 18-month technology roadmap; reviewing service performance. Implementing a regular audit process onsite that compares your I.T. infrastructure for compliance with a set of standards (over 300) ensuring security, reliability and performance.

Input from your Technology Director is fed into our Design Desk to ensure you have the right hardware and software in place and it is installed in compliance with our security, reliability and performance standards. If your staff need assistance with their I.T. they've got it: no more waiting hours for calls to be returned - they can get straight through to skilled engineers, who in almost all cases will be able to start work immediately on their issue.

Most companies in our sector employ lower paid, non-technical staff to field calls. We receive a significant number of requests that can be satisfied within a few minutes, so we find it more effective to deal with them immediately, rather than waste time taking messages and arranging to return calls.

read more › Pronetic provides IT support and IT managed services to businesses within 30 miles of Portsmouth and Chichester. We typically work with businesses with 5 to 75 computer users, providing the type of IT support that larger organisations take for granted. Most things can be tackled remotely, but if you need us on site, we want to be there in minutes not hours. Bio: When not at work Andy enjoys sailing (ideally in warm waters), and walking or cycling in the mountains. He took this a bit far once by cycling across India, Nepal then up through Pakistan into China.

read more › Are you putting off the replacement of ageing computer equipment because of the scary size of the capital outlay? Are you opening a new office which demands new kit and probably some I.T. expertise or consultancy? Ease the financial pain with the soothing balm of a Pronetic lease over three or five years. Turn a large capital cost into a manageable monthly tax-deductable expense. Include I.T. expertise, installation work, configuration and related one-off labour costs. Avoid slow, obsolete equipment - at the end of the lease either take full ownership of equipment for a small charge or renew the lease and receive new, up to date equipment, keeping your systems and staff operating at maximum productivity.

read more › Mobile computing is becoming an increasingly vital component of every businesses operation. As end users access critical business information, communicate with customers, and leverage their mobile device to support their day to day activities, you need to ensure that the same management and security processes you rely on for your desktops and servers are applied to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Enhance Productivity - ensuring devices are properly configured and eliminating unnecessary distractions.

read more › Apart from providing a reliable I.T. infrastructure, there are many other ways we can help to extract value from your I.T. investment. To give you a flavour, here are a few examples of the type of help we have given customers. Opening a new office is generally a very time consuming affair and a major distraction from running a business. If you are also closing one office and transferring to a new one this can take the stress levels up several more notches. We can take away a huge proportion of the burden by planning, organising and implementing the I.T. and telecommunications aspects.

read more › You've made an investment in I.T. so now you need to see a return. Like any tool, there is no point in buying an axe unless you keep it sharp. Who will do that for you? There is no point in having a well-designed I.T. system if, due to lack of maintenance it is running at half its capacity. When something goes wrong with your I.T. systems, everything grinds to a halt. With a standard reactive support contract, you have to wait for something to break before your provider can fix it. That approach seems to make sense - even though it could easily result in hours of downtime.

read more › With our Network Proactive Care service we will liaise with your ISP for internet connection issues, but there may be other specialist suppliers supporting a part of your I.T. systems. For example you may have a support contract with a software supplier, perhaps something which is written specifically for your industry and is at the core of your day to day business. Very often such a contract will cover the vendor's software but not other faults with your servers or PCs. The baton may be passed back to you, whether there is a PC or server fault, or just a suspicion of one.

read more › The safest premise on which to build a backup and disaster recovery policy is one that assumes no business is immune from data loss. It's not a matter of "if", but "when". This ensures that our customers are always able to recover from a temporary loss of data or servers. Our automated, monitored and tested backup solutions ensure your data is backed up both locally and offsite. We can cover every eventually from an accidentally deleted file, corrupted data, loss of a server or a whole office. On engagement with Pronetic, one of our priority tasks is to audit your existing backup solution.

read more › Back in the 17th century John Donne said "no man is an island" but perhaps in your office in the 21st century he is! In other words, does every PC hide a plethora of important files, perhaps different versions of the same file residing on different PCs? Who has the most current version? Are they backed up? This common situation could be resolved by bringing them altogether in one place on a server. The word "server" is banded about quote a lot, but what exactly is meant by a "server" and can one of these machines really make a big difference to your business?

read more › In a similar way that using a file server within a building gives all staff access to the same files using a VPN allows staff in several offices over a wide geographical area to have access to the same file store. It is a means of connecting two or more location over the internet with private links. This can give you the benefit of physical private lines between sites, coupled with the low cost of internet connectivity. Connections between your locations are secure. This feature can be build either using software on the end-user's computer or using a dedicated device at each location.

read more › Imagine taking your business software, files and email to the Cloud, allowing you to access everything securely online, anywhere, anytime from any device: PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Hosted Desktop is the complete alternative to "traditional IT". Instead of investing in servers and software, you connect to the service over the Internet and access your desktop, data, email and apps remotely. IT becomes a utility, just like electricity, you only pay for what you use. What's more, all your business email, software and files are delivered from secure, fully replicated data centres, not from local computer hard drives.

read more › Data protection legislation mandates that companies address cyber risk, while the risk posed by cyber threats continues to increase. FedEx and Maersk are both examples of high-profile companies that have been hit by "ransomware" attacks costing millions of dollars. There is no simple, single security solution to the protection of an organisation. As a strategic partner to our customers, we have a vested interest in your security and therefore have a continually evolving, and multi-faceted approach to security.

read more › There are far more options for internet connection than standard broadband (ADSL). What is right depends on the demands of your business. We will help calculate your needs in terms of download speed, upload speed, redundancy and service guarantees. There is a wide variety of options to consider for connecting a site to the internet or other locations within the same business. These include ADSL (broadband), SDSL, EFM, leased line and satellite. We will happily explain the technology behind these methods, but what is really important to us is to gain a good understand of your business so we can offer the most appropriate for your needs.

read more › The "must-have" device for any "road warrior" has to be the smart phone or tablet. Features range from email only through to everything you would find on a small laptop but with instant access and the convenience of a pocket-size or at least book-size device. Data collected in the field can be made available instantly, through mobile devices to those back in the office and to other mobile staff. Users can pick up urgent email, or catch up on a backlog during what might otherwise be downtime. If the mobile is properly synchronised with a central office mail server, then each email message can be dealt with once.

read more › Andy at Pronetic has a seemingly never ending supply of patience and understanding, which is an important attribute in an IT Support company. I have had to deal with quite a few companies in the past, all of which claim to provide a similar service to Pronetic, yet never manage to deliver, all with an unmatched level of professionalism and courtesy. He is also able to explain anything remotely IT based to even the most Luddite members of Creative Play and Playgrounds (UK) Ltd. Using Pronetic has meant that we have been able to open a new office, shift staff around and enabled people to work from home, all with relative ease.

read more › Founded in 2004, Pronetic provide a wide range of IT support and managed services to companies and businesses across Portsmouth, Chichester and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years combined experience providing IT support solutions to clients and businesses across the South East, Pronetic have grown to become a respected and dependable IT support provider that local companies can really rely on. We operate within a 30 mile radius of Chichester and Portsmouth in Hampshire, but we can offer a wide range of IT managed services to a number of other areas.

read more › If within 90 days you are not delighted with our service then our no-quibble money-back guarantee means we will refund your IT support subscription and cancel your contract. We're not looking for a quick sale and we're pretty sure you would prefer a long-term partner that shows a genuine interest in your business and who invests in that partnership. Your decision to choose us and stay with us will be made up of a multitude of factors and the decision, much like marriage, is harder because of the long-term nature of the relationship and the potential cost of getting it wrong (again like marriage)!

read more › Pronetic provide computer repair in Chichester and the surrounding area. We can fix faults, supply new computers and provide ongoing PC repair support. Make sure you get a return on your I.T. investment by ensuring your PCs are working as they should. Some faults are obvious, like a system that fails to start or keeps crashing, but performance issues often creep in over a long period of time. People are more likely to put up with this as the issue is not obvious unless you can compare performance with a system running at peak performance.

read more › We have been offering PC repair in Portsmouth since our business began in 2005. Many of the businesses we have helped initially by fixing a bad infection or replacing faulty hardware have become regular customers and remain so today. If you have these or any other PC problems impacting the productivity of your staff then call Pronetic now on 02392 009806 so we can make sure your I.T. systems are helping not hindering your business.

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