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Gopher I.T. Support Our experienced team possess the expertise to help your business thrive when it comes to productivity, because we can implement industry-leading software and hardware solutions that are proven to work across an entire IT infrastructure. Your employees will have the scope to provide a streamlined service because we can equip them with the latest in IT solutions and advances.

Investing in your IT infrastructure and turning to us will enable you to save money and drive your costs down. Setting the standard is about ensuring you streamline processes and tasks. We can implement strategies and remote monitoring systems support that makes this possible. What sets us apart from other IT providers is the way we focus on the issue, your business.

We ensure that every client feels as though they have our support, regardless of their needs or the decisions they make. Gopher has worked hard to create a range of managed services that become the very core of your business and the decisions you make. If you want to connect with clients, engage with employees and stand above your competitors then you have to make strides in the modern world and invest in your IT solutions.

read more › Give your staff a helping hand. Everyone runs into IT problems, and having a team behind you that can solve them quickly and proffesionally keeps morale high. In todays world, cyber threats are everywhere. That's why we take cyber security into consideration when we design your network and provide you with support. As we're not affiliated with any particular product, we're able to provide you with unbiased information. We are not your average IT service provider. We create a complete environment for you to thrive in, by employing top-tier services that focus on the individual needs of our clients and their employees.

read more › When it comes to finding the right support for your business, Gopher aims to provide a simple yet effective service that encompasses all of your needs. We understand that things move at a million miles an hour and resources mean that you cannot increase or even employ your own IT team and this is where can come in. As experts in all aspects of Managed IT services, we are committed to providing a range of tailored services that are based on your specific business needs. We understand that business can take many shapes and sizes which means you need support that first around your requirements.

read more › Your internet needs to provide you with a reliable, high-speed connection to help your business remain productive. Business internet is different from your standard internet service. A standard internet service means you're sharing your connection to you local exchange with other businesses, or if you're in a residential area, then potentially other households. It means your internet is at the mercy of others in your area. At Gopher, we understand this. We'll look to see what your current and future needs are and make sure your business internet connection is right for you and that you're always able to service your clients.

read more › For businesses, VoIP is a far better solution than your standard landline. Because VoIP uses the internet to make and receive calls, there's no need to install a dedicated phone line per phone in your business. It's simple and hassle free. You can use a VoIP phone anywhere, not just in the office. So if you need to work from home for an extended period of time, then it's as simple as taking the phone home with you! Businesses that use VoIP are often given the ability to make domestic and domestic long distance calls for free.

read more › Companies need to be able to adapt in an instant. Most of the time, that means needing to work from home or another location. Let Gopher help you set up remote systems so your business can keep working no matter what. Access is gained by creating a secure link from the device to the companies network, so that employees can continue to access corporate data and systems. Businesses want to allow allow their employees to work from home, but sometimes the lead times, complex management of multiple systems and devices make a process that should be simple, complicated.

read more › Ability to configure APs/switches and manage policies remotely though a centralised platform for reduced time to value. Identity-based, stateful firewall network access and intrusion prevention ensure rogue AP containment while monitoring all data traffic. Intelligently steers clients to best performing wifi access point and no client side software is required. Protects internal assets, isolates sensitive traffic from the rest of the network, includes secure guest access, and performs real-time remediation.

read more › Using the Cloud gives you a responsive platform to innovate and develop your customer offerings. The Cloud can be quite confusing, there are many different types of Cloud computing services, what they represent and what they offer. Let Gopher IT Support help you decide on the best solution for your business. With technical experts on hand, we're ready to support you. Our approach to the Cloud will make sure you're not over spending, or missing out on key features that can help grow or protect your business.

read more › Office 365 is now Microsoft 365, so whether your business simply requires licencing and support or wants advice on how best to utilise Microsoft 365 along with best security practices, Gopher is here to help. We provide our customers with a fully managed Microsoft 365 experience which allows us to modernise your operational IT environment, which in turn allows you focus on your business. Microsoft 365 was designed as a productivity suite to improve collaboration across your business and as a Microsoft partner, we can ensure you receive the maximum benefits of Microsoft 365 by supporting the platform for you.

read more › We automate the backups to run every night so you have peace of mind knowing your business critical data is secure. Our Online Backup and data protection solution offers broad support functioning with most operating environments and file systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. Online backup works by sending the data from your servers and computers in the office to a secure data centre through an encrypted connection. We're also able to backup any Office 365 data you have to make sure that in any event, your data is protected and always available.

read more › It is vital to manage the risk of cyber threats and prevent revenue loss and reputational damage. Secure your business with Gopher IT. Never worry about cyber attacks again. With our 3 step guidance we'll make sure your network is secure as possible, and in the unliklely event something does happen, rest assured that we'll have your backups ready-to-go. We make sure that your staff computers are locked down so that they can only do what they need to do. This prevents them from accidently installing potentially unwanted software.

read more › Cyber Essentials is a UK Government information assurance scheme that is operated by the National Cyber Security Centre. As cyber crime has grown in the UK, the Government has created a framework that companies can adhere to in order to remain secure against most threats. This in turn helps UK businesses remain compliant with various data security policies and keeps customer data secure. As of 2014, the Government have required any supplier who wishes to work with them to have this accreditation for any contracts that involve the data of individuals.

read more › As more and more employees start to work from home, you need a way to make sure their devices are secure. Reduce the time and resources needed to perform critical business processes and adapt to disruptions to close the resilience gap and ensure business continuity. There is so much rubish on the internet, making it so easy to infect your company's computers with nasty malware. It's no joke these days either; some bad people are developing programs like ransomware (which holds your computer hostage until you pay hackers in crypto-currency), keystroke tracking, and computer-camera hijacking, to name a few.

read more › Our managed service monitors your network 24/7 and alerts us within seconds if something isn't right. We monitor user devices, servers, network equipment, printers and more. The data is consolidated and analysed. Our team provide security operations and report on anything that has happened. Security log monitoring, detection, analysis and alert management is simplified allowing for the detection of dormant threats and vulnerabilities in your network. Network monitoring provides the information that network administrators need to determine, in real time, whether a network is running optimally.

read more › We come to you and provide training sessions to your employees to help them understand the basics of cyber security and what to look out for. We send out monthly training to users and record their scores. This helps us determine which areas we need to focus on, to keep your data secure and improve employee awareness. We explain to your employees what to do when they suspect they've received a suspicious emails or if they suspect they have been compromised. Cyber security awareness training is becoming increasingly important, especially with regular advancements in the digital nature of how we work.

read more › Businesses across Watford, Hertfordshire and London are trusting Gopher IT Support as their IT helpdesk provider because of our proven track record with customer support. We manage all helpdesk requests through our ticket management system, so it's easy for your users to log and keep track of tickets. Through our managed IT services, you can have access to our helpdesk through a phone call and email. We're able to them connect to your computer remotely and assist you on the spot. IT support is wider than that (regular maintenance and improving of something that's not necessarily "broken").

read more › Building upon our years of experience providing CTO & IT Manager services to SMEs, we offer a virtual IT Director and CTO services to help your business excel. Outsource your IT management to a company who partners with you, who wants you to succeed and who want's to see you grow. Take back control of your infrastructure by letting an expert take care of all your backup, network and phone needs plus more. Sit back and relax, your network is in expert hands with a partner who cares about your company.

read more › At Gopher, we provide a digital transformation service that is designed to help give your business the ability to prepare for the future. If you want to make sure that your business is ready then we are here for you. As industry leaders and experts in all things digital transformation, we can help you get your business back on track by bringing together your people with the right data and process, helping to streamline your business and set it up the right way. With the right applications and tools, we can help to shape your business and future-proof it in the right way.

read more › Businesses in the financial services market need to expand and transform their business and operations to remain competitive and relevant to the customer in today's world. At Gopher, we provide first class solutions to increase the revenue of our clients. Partnering with Gopher means going beyond solution implementation - we can help visualise, plan and drive business forward using technology. We provide a host of services and products such as Secure Email Messaging, backups, support and more to take the strain away from monitoring your own IT solution.

read more › We know how important it is for you to both help your clients and hopefully save money in the process. That's how we feel about you. We know it's competitive out there, so how do you keep up in an industry adopting new technology every day? With more and more tasks being automated, can your business keep up with consumer demand for urgency at every step? Gopher IT Support has handled our IT needs for around two years now. As we have grown and our needs have got more complex, Gopher have responded fantastically.

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