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Yoozoom Telecom Our safe and secure cloud management services anticipate your future business needs for growth. This can be anything from the latest product innovations to exclusive deals and future events. Remember, you can always opt out later. Making sure your business gets the right technology with the support to match allows for targeted growth, and we go beyond the initial installation to train and support your business through our leading programs.

As you grow and evolve, we can offer advice at every step with adaptive support and recommendations so that you get the most out of your tailored cloud platform.

read more › Protecting data is a priority for any organisation, making specialist IT support services invaluable. Free GAP Analysis Report comparing your IT performance to where it must be to achieve your business goals. From backup and disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure Cloud services, hardware, software and VoIP. If you need local IT Support, you can rely on the skills of the Yoozoom team. Whether you're at the start of your IT Security journey or want to build IT Security into the core of your IT Service, we're here to help.

read more › Microsoft Dynamics provides everything your business needs to manage clients, grow your brand and keep ahead of your competition. Your sales reps can easily collaborate across teams, geographies, and workgroups with instant visibility into their pipeline from anywhere, on any device. Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales automation process includes lead generation, lead-to-opportunity conversion upon qualification, order management, and invoice tracking. In this digital era, marketers need the ability to plan, execute, and measure campaigns easily from start to finish.

read more › Click the tabs below to learn how the Wildix phone system can increase your website conversions. Relax, with unlimited calls to mainland landlines and mobiles. You have complete freedom to communicate whenever and wherever necessary. Whether you're supporting customers, liaising with employees or making important calls with stakeholders or business partners, we have you covered. Enjoy high-quality, uninterrupted communications with powerful features to enhance video conferencing and all other forms of chat.

read more › Get a full set of powerful cloud calling features with a business number that rings any device. Centralise your communications in one secure, easy-to-use app for calling, meetings, and messaging. Manage all your services and users in one place, eliminating the overhead of a physical phone system. Equip your business with a powerful VoIP phone system that keeps you connected from anywhere. All the phone system essentials you need to keep your business focused on what it does best. Book a demo today and see how the right technology can give you the edge.

read more › Our Customer Engagement Platform enables inbound and outbound interactions through a secure, cloud-based, omnichannel engine. It offers everything from AI, Automation and Social Media to Workforce Optimisation, consolidating the customer journey into one place. Our omnichannel platform is a cloud-based, secure engine that helps manage your customer's journey in just one place. Handle all communications through one simple system that connects telephone, email, live chat, social media, and SMS. Among omnichannel's many advantages are integrated reporting - enhanced by machine learning - to better manage your workforce, pinpoint training opportunities, and gain important insights about your customer base.

read more › Handle interactions across Voice, SMS, Email, Social Media and Live Chat, all in one easy to use place. In a data-driven world, reporting is essential to build strong business practices and processes. We make it easy. One of the most important benefits of using strong software to manage your business's communications is seamless reporting. By taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we offer you insights that translate into better business. Reporting is not only a pillar of business growth, it is also important to keep your business compliant with legal regulations.

read more › AI & automation could be the difference between maximising your workforce's potential, having satisfied customers and reducing overall operating costs. You could revolutionise the way you interact with your customers through speech analytics, sales AI, live chat and more. Athena - our AI - listens, analyses and transcribes every single call. Through our Speech Analysis reports you can find trends and keywords to help create better marketing campaigns; remain compliant with laws and regulations; analyse what your customers say, including their tone and sentiment, to spot trends, buy signals and understand customer pain points.

read more › Extraordinary bandwidth for businesses that rely on their connectivity to get the job done. As businesses have adopted more cloud based software services such as Office365, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, far more are dependent on their internet connections for their day-to-day activities. Guaranteed bandwidth, for many, is now a prerequisite to stay productive and efficient. This means that many businesses are finding their normal broadband connections are no longer fit for purpose and are choosing to invest in a leased line.

read more › The fibre optic cable is in place from the local telephone cabinet and is generally faster than ADSL. The fibre extend all the way to the end-user premises and the equipment is designed and optimised for use in businesses. If you are running a business or working from home, you may be using your home broadband connection to get on the internet. Our business broadband packages are backed by our 24/7 service and can offer more security if internet access is critical to your business. When you switch to Yoozoom, one of our business success managers will search through our extensive range of options to offer you the best business broadband package available.

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