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Sound Networks Sound Networks provide support packages to suit businesses from start-up to enterprise. Each package is focused to match the different stages of growth of your venture. Bottom line, you need your IT to work with you, not against you - leaving you free to focus your attention on what is required to meet your own specific goals. Let us function as your own outsourced IT department - so you don't have to!

For businesses heavily reliant on IT. Parallel support for your growing enterprise to provide a cost effective and consistent level of IT management. Full remote systems management plus onsite visits when you need them. We believe that being scared of your IT will hold you back. Don't be afraid of it, let us face your IT demons for you, so that your network works as a useful tool, rather than a scary monster not to be talked about.

Providing a friendly and approachable service is of paramount importance to Sound Networks and we encourage you to call and speak with us in person. Of course, if you prefer we can stick to emails - but sometimes, it's just easier to talk and get it all out in the open.

read more › With an Essentials contract, we agree in advance the fees you pay for ad-hoc support cases, whether that is remote or onsite service required. This means that when you need help, those formalities are already dealt with and we can get on with fixing your issue. Our monitoring agents installed on your hardware give us quick remote access to your machine which simplifies the remote support process further. It also means that if a system is under-performing or showing signs of impending failure, we will let you know about it before it becomes an obstacle to your workflow.

read more › As well as all of the benefits offered by the Essentials package, we go that bit further with our Small business package. Here we start doing a few more jobs in the background, functioning as your Managed Service Provider and keeping an even closer eye on things, particularly where backups and patching are concerned. As your business grows further, it is essential to keep on top of regular maintenance tasks. We have an established structure to enable us to do this on your behalf and make sure that things don't get out of hand.

read more › Designed for expanding enterprises who need a higher level of support. Including all of the benefits of the Small Business package, occasionally there is still no substitute for a physical presence on site. Be that to physically just do a job for you, or maybe you would just prefer face to face time with one of our engineers. We believe that direct person to person contact helps our relationship to grow and benefits both parties. You and your staff will be more likely to call for help once they have been able to put a name to a face and know who they are dealing with.

read more › All modern businesses rely on a solid internet connection in order to function. Without this you are cut off from the world, unable to interact with your customers and incapable of taking advantage of all the systems that may be available to you. Because of this, at Sound Networks we believe that one of the principal foundations of a robust IT setup is a solid and fast internet connection. We work with partners who provide dedicated business focused connectivity options to give you the best chance of staying connected.

read more › Backing up your critical business data is essential to protect you from many unexpected problems. System crashes - these always happen when you least expect it and can cause the loss or corruption of data. Hard disk failure - often resulting in a total loss of data, only recoverable by expensive and long winded specialist restoration techniques. Ransomware and Virus infections - viruses can corrupt files and render them unusable. If you are unlucky enough to be caught by ransomware, your files will be inaccessible, but a backup can always be restored after disinfection.

read more › What's the difference between disaster recovery and backup? Backups provide copies of your data alone; for restoration in case of damage, loss or corruption. This is just one element of disaster recovery. Having a full system image backup of your servers and client computers means that should you be unfortunate enough to experience a total loss, your systems setup, configuration and data can be restored to similar hardware, exactly as it was when last backed up. Do you remember how long it took to setup your servers and PC's in the first place?

read more › Email is a vital part of any business, large or small, and the efficiency of whatever system you choose is of paramount importance. As a Microsoft Silver Small and Mid-market Cloud Solutions partner, Sound Networks recommend Office 365 for your email solution. With the demise of Microsoft SBS (Small Business Server) many businesses which used to run their own on premise exchange mail servers are now migrating email services (many already have) to office 365. This system provides the same levels of control and functionality and due to being cloud based, is far more robust and accessible from almost any device.

read more › Restrictions placed upon you by membership of any trade bodies or other compliance issues. Armed with some answers to the above, we are able to use our broad supplier network, which we have built up over the years we have been in business. We are not tied to any specific manufacturer so can choose the product that is right for your needs.

read more › The way your business currently operates and the way you expect it to grow will dictate the design of your network. Even with the growth of cloud solutions, the machines in your office will still invariably rely on an Ethernet network. It's important to get this right from the start; all too often have we found an office which has started with two or three users and trailing cables, grow to a dozen or more users with a horrible unmanageable mass of cables with no structure, labeling or method of tracing what is plugged in to what.

read more › Sound Networks can provide Voice Over IP telephone systems for your business. Not only can Voice Over IP telephone systems provide a significant monthly cost saving over a conventional analogue or ISDN version, they can also provide the facility for remote working. Coupled with our remote access options for IT and fast broadband services, remote working is becoming more and more viable for many people. We are able to provide VOIP telephone systems as either a cloud based or locally sited PBX version.

read more › Phishing emails are fraudulent attempts to steal information or infect the computer you are using with malware. An important way to protect yourself is to learn how to recognise a phishing email attempt. Those easiest to spot pretend to come from sites, services or companies that you don't recognise nor have accounts with. Harder to identify emails appear to come from well-known organisations that you may have an account with. The most sophisticated attempts will utilise personal information, lending them much more credibility.

read more › The complexities surrounding today's computers and networks require regular "vulnerability" scanning and remediation to detect and defend against the evolving threats from hackers who use holes in these systems to create a potentially devastating effect on your business. Constant changes to devices, configurations, applications and even new patches can leave you susceptible to an attack, even if you are keeping your security controls up to date. Exploiting vulnerabilities is still the root cause of most data breaches, is the threat real?

read more › Our team handles the entire development cycle, from conception and UI/UX design to developing a fully responsive platform. We have experienced programmers to handle any complicated or custom requirements you may have outside the normal website development area. Responsive websites are a must for every business. Responsive websites adapt to whatever sized screen they are viewed on - so whether it is a PC, Mobile or Tablet, the site will always be easy to read and easy to use. No website elements are dropped or hidden, just re-arranged to best fit the device.

read more › If you run any kind of production environment, we can write custom software to help you keep track of day to day tasks, right from point of order to invoicing. Practically anything that's a repetitive task can be implemented into a digital system, saving you time and money. Our automated processing can even optimise your processes so that you require less staff to do the same job. We can develop your software to run in the cloud so you can access it without the need of a remote desktop session.

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