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Our top priority is honesty. We will always be 100% honest with you and never try to sell your something you don't need. We will always be reliable, you can always trust us to complete your repair or supply your services in a reasonable time fame. In the event of delays or problems we will keep you informed so you don't worry. We don't see our clients as a pay packet or an invoice number.

We treat all our customers as friends and business partners, even during those stressful times. We are a Sheffield based business with many years of experience in this sector. We have helped thousands of people all over South Yorkshire to overcome their PC and laptop problems. We started many years ago to provide an honest and reliable service to the general public at competitive rates.

Many of our competitors were cashing in on extortionate so called call out fees and as we found over the years relied on talking computer jargon to people who didn't have a clue what they were talking about. In some cases we found some clients were sold parts or services they simply didn't need.

read more › Why have the hassle of disconnecting your PC and driving around looking for PC repair shops. Then waiting a week or two for the repair to be completed. We offer a full mobile IT support service and can visit you in your home. We will attend your premises and try to repair your PC in your home. In many cases they is no need to take away your PC or laptop for repair and repairs can be completed quickly and at a reasonable cost. In some circumstances it may be cheaper to take away your PC or laptop for repair for instance if its a time consuming repair or the repair type may require a controlled environment.

read more › Using our own in house software we can provide remote assistance with just a few clicks. The remote connection is temporary and once the session has ended no software is left behind so you have full control and privacy. You can watch us as we take control of your PC or laptop and try and resolve your software issues. Once completed we will disconnect the connection and all software is removed from your PC or laptop automatically. Charged in per half hour blocks to keep costs down or a set fee depending on the nature of the issue.

read more › IT is a part of most businesses these days but can also be the biggest stress of any business. While IT has undoubtedly helped to make your business easier to manage it has also created a lot of problems along the way. When those IT issues arise it can be the biggest stress of the week and can mean staff are not making you money but trying to fix the problem with limited to no knowledge. In some cases making the problem worse. For most small businesses this is a problem as they can't warrant taking on a full time IT engineer but they need a professional IT engineer now and again when things go wrong.

read more › When your business grows and your IT requirements increase our pay as you go service may no longer fit in with your needs. You may just want to pay a set fee for IT support so you know what your Monthly IT support fees will be. Alternatively you may just want to have the ability for your staff to call us for help when they need it without worrying about the costs. We will visit you at your business premises and we can discuss your requirements and future IT plans. Once we know what level of support you will need we will create you a tailor made maintenance agreement that suits your business requirements, without paying for any services you will never use or need.

read more › PC Repairs in Sheffield and the surrounding area is one of the main services we offer. Over the years we have diagnosed and repaired thousands of PC related problems and have vast experience in this area. One thing we guarantee to all our clients unlike others is an honest diagnosis of the fault and a competitive upfront quote for repair. No matter what the issues are we are here to help. We have vast experience with PC related issues and have diagnosed and repaired thousands of PC related issues.

read more › Replacing cracked or faulty Laptop & Notebook screens is one of the most common repairs we are asked to do. Laptop screens are very fragile and easy to crack if handled incorrectly. If you have a new laptop still under warranty then the chances are you have already called the manufacturer or supplier and they have given you an absolutely ridiculous price for repair and in many cases valued at nearly the value of the laptop itself. Don't worry at CTS PC Solutions we have access to just about every type and make of laptop screens available and can replace just about any make or model screen.

read more › Every week we are asked to check laptops and PC's for possible virus infections. Virus issues are very wide spread these days and so easy to get. The majority of virus infections were preventable but in most cases the client didn't have any adequate or up-to date virus protection. In many cases we also found that children's laptops or PC's were left unmonitored and unfortunately children are easy targets for virus infections. Installing a reliable anti virus is one of the most important thing to do with any laptop or PC and as they say "prevention is cheaper than the cure".

read more › They may be a new version of windows you may want to upgrade to or you may not like the latest version of windows and prefer an older version. We can help with either options. Installing an upgrade is not always as straight forward as it's advertised to be as not all your hardware may be compatible. Same as downgrading your version of windows to an older version. You will need to perform several checks first to ensure your laptop or PC will be able to run your new windows software. This is where we can help.

read more › Your data is one of the most important things on your laptop or pc yet very few people make any regular backups. Some don't even think about it while others simply forget. Unfortunately technology does go wrong even on new laptops or PC, this could be a faulty hard drive or normal wear and tear. You may have even dropped your device by accident. Some virus infections can make your system un-bootable and as such make it impossible to take a backup. In cases like this we have special hardware and some very clever software that can in many cases recover all your data.

read more › Over time plugging and unplugging your laptop charger in your laptop can loosen the DC jack inside the laptop. Eventually the DC jack becomes so loose it can no longer charge the battery and your laptop will no longer turn on. This type of issue can also be caused by accidents such as tripping over the charger cable while its plugged in. Sometimes you find you have to move the charger a certain way to get the laptop to charge. You may find you have to pull the charger a certain way and hold it to get the laptop to charge.

read more › These days data is valued more important that the PC or Laptop it's saved on. Those old replaceable baby photo's, wedding day pictures, personal data or even business accounts data. Its all something we have but something not many people seem to backup. Some people think ahead and buy an external hard drive to backup to however these backups are done manually and in many cases not kept up with. Our backup system is fully automated and can backup all your important data automatically for you to our cloud servers.

read more › In today's changing world working from home is becoming a lot more popular and in many cases benefits both the business and the employees. Some businesses have employees on the road such as sales reps who can work more efficient if they have their office data to use away from the office. No need to call the office for that document you need and wait for delivery by email, when they can just turn on their laptop and access it normally like they are at the office. Better still you can see the changes straight away in the office.

read more › For small businesses you can benefit from other features such as calendar sharing between your staff or even external contacts. Access your email anywhere in the world even through our Outlook Web App when you don't have access to your devices. Use the built in out of office attendant when you aware or on holiday to let your contacts know your unavailable. No need to worry about setting up this service, we configure your account setup for you so you don't have to worry. Once completed we will send you your login details and you can then start using your new account straight away.

read more › Due to high requests we have created several how to guides to help with using our Email services and Microsoft Exchange mailbox services. More guides will be created as and when needed so please check back regularly. Should you need any assistance with our services not covered by our guides or still need help after following a guide please dont hesitate to contact us.

read more › Its impossible to give a price for repair or any idea of a price without knowing the exact fault. They are many factors which could influence the price such as labour fees, parts required and so on. Your best bet is to contact us and explain the issue and we may be able to give you an idea of the costs involved. But don't worry our prices are competitive and if we feel the device is uneconomical to repair we will just tell you even if we lose the repair job. Don't worry on rare occasions this may happen.

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