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Oxford Computer Training We have made some updates to our Azure AD Connect training courses, which apply to anyone using version or later. Learn what has changed and see our recommendations about what to do and what not to do. Our TrainingPlus annual packages enable organizations to benefit from training plus ongoing ad-hoc mentoring & support at discounted rates.

Take our small-group, instructor-led MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect training courses via Teams, or online at your own pace. And check out our Azure AD Connect video training. John's acclaimed Identity Masterclass comes live to your desktop via Zoom in Central European Time and US Eastern Time. Can you join him for an epic week of geek?

We offer industry-leading public, private, online and video training courses on identity and security technologies from the Microsoft identity stack including MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect.We have trained more than 7,500 IT professionals in 6 continents over the last 10 years, and we get consistently excellent feedback from students.

read more › Oxford Computer Training is Oxford Computer Group's specialist training company. In the last decade, we have provided training on Microsoft identity technologies to more than 7,500 IT professionals in six continents. Oxford Computer Training (formerly OCG Learning) is Oxford Computer Group's specialist training company. We offer industry-leading courses on Identity and Security technologies from the Microsoft identity stack including MIM and Azure AD. Established in 2003, we have trained more than 7,500 IT professionals in six continents in the last decade.

read more › Call or email Mark Forbes, our Training Sales Manager, in Europe, Middle East, or Asia Pacific call +44 (0)1865 521200, and in the Americas call +1 425-577-6542. Our consulting practices in Europe and North America specialize in creating identity solutions to help you stay in control. When they're not teaching or writing courses, our trainers work in our consulting practices as technical consultants. This is how they get their real-world experience of the products.

read more › Public instructor-led identity training via Teams in Central European Time and North American Eastern Time. Online self-paced, private courses and video training options, too! 96% of recent customers would recommend their training to colleagues. Read the latest 'fantastic!' reviews. If you're already familiar with the fundamental concepts and capabilities of MIM, this Advanced course will greatly enhance your skills. Dive deeply into MIM! Learn the concepts, advanced configuration, coding and other specialist skills expected of a MIM expert.

read more › Try before you buy! Get a taste of what you'll learn - watch free video excerpts from some of the courses now! To understand the intricacies of Azure AD Connect, it's important to grasp some essential foundational topics: Active Directory, Azure Active Directory (and its relationship with Office 365), the role of Azure AD Connect, pre-requisites for installation, data clean-up, and express installation. Includes presentations, demonstrations, and a quiz. Azure AD Connect is primarily about synchronization.

read more › Study online, self-paced. You get access to online learning videos that cover the same content as classroom course, tutor support, access to a real Azure cloud and on-premises environment for up to 3 weeks, a soft copy of our course manual, plus notifications of any significant Azure AD/Azure AD Connect updates. Find out what you get if you take this course online, self-paced. View it, then do it! Our Azure AD Connect video training series covers the same content as our Azure AD Connect Masterclass in seven individual courses.

read more › This and our other MIM courses are suitable for those using FIM - the differences are highlighted throughout our courses. Find out more. All students taking our MIM Foundation Training Course course should have a sound understanding of the purpose, and some experience of the workings of, Active Directory (AD), Exchange and SQL Server. The training comprises presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and a lot of hands-on exercises to introduce and explain the many powerful features of MIM. Understand the issues involved in loading data (initial load, backup, and disaster recovery).

read more › Have already attended the MIM Foundation (or FIM Foundation) course - or have already gained a similar level of knowledge. This and our other MIM courses are suitable for those using FIM - the differences are highlighted throughout our courses. This MIM Advanced Training Course comprises presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and a lot of hands-on exercises. Configure the portal to manage additional resource types, including look and feel, modified forms, and navigation. Handle more complex workflows and Management Policy Rules (MPRs), including temporal MPRs and third-party custom workflows.

read more › Have already attended the MIM Advanced course or be at that level, for example, you will already have significant practical MIM (or FIM) experience and knowledge. Wish to dive deeply into the features covered in the advanced course, to learn further concepts and specialist configuration options that a MIM expert needs to know!. Students must be prepared to read some code. Where code is used, the emphasis is on the need for the code and how it fits into the overall architecture - and we provide the code, rather than expecting you to write it.

read more › This course is for technical staff - engineers, developers and technical architects - who want to maximise security by implementing MIM's Privileged Access Management (PAM). No MIM experience? No problem! Relevant concepts will be covered. However, to implement PAM successfully, we recommend that you also take our MIM Foundation course (available as a live classroom course and as an online course). Introduction to Privileged Access Management: What Privileged Access is, how to recognise it, threats and consequences of identity theft and possible countermeasures.

read more › John Craddock's "awesome" Microsoft Identity Masterclass is a high-energy, action-packed deep dive into Microsoft Azure AD, crammed with solid information and tips. John will help build your knowledge and consolidate your new skills with 37 hands-on labs. To attend the Masterclass, you need to be a confident IT administrator with a thirst for knowledge. The Masterclass doesn't teach basic Azure AD administration, but because of the hands-on nature of the training, you can come to this class with no prior knowledge of Azure AD.

read more › With an online VM Extension you can continue your learning, even after your course has finished. For 175 / $250 / 220 we'll keep your VMs running for one month so that you can continue to explore the product in the lab environment, and go over the material again to really embed the knowledge you have acquired. With an online VM Extension for a month you can continue your learning, even after your course has finished.

read more › There are many ways to study our identity training courses: live, instructor-led remotely via Teams, online self-paced, privately, or video training. What's best for you? Learn online, in your own time, and at your own pace, with the support of an experienced tutor. Our on-demand Azure AD Connect training videos teach you what you need to know at the time you need to know it. We offer a regular schedule of live instructor-led courses which take place remotely via Teams. Learn exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, with our new Azure AD Connect Video Training.

read more › Packed with demonstrations of live environments, courses in our Azure AD Connect Video Training Series provide the practical guidance you need on key topics, just when you need it. Our Azure AD Connect Video Training Series provides you with the knowledge you need to install, modify and upgrade your Azure AD Connect environment, and to troubleshoot problems. Are you performing a custom Azure AD Connect installation? Are you making changes to the synchronization rules, or configuring high availability?

read more › Over 97% of recent students who attended a live, online course would recommend their training. Wherever you are in the world you can attend a live, online, small-group, instructor-led training course on MIM, Azure AD, Azure AD Connect or PAM. Our instructors have taught our courses live online for many years. Learning via Teams is very popular with our students. You get direct interaction with the tutor and your classmates, and can raise questions as you go along. Attending in real time compels you to be disciplined - your instructor expects you to focus and to participate fully - but it also offers you the convenience of training from wherever is best for you.

read more › Online training - learn MIM and Azure AD Connect from anywhere, in your own time, at your own pace. Get expert training on these complex technologies from wherever you are in the world, with the support of an experienced personal tutor. More than 1,000 IT professionals have taken our industry-leading online, self-paced Azure AD Connect and MIM training courses - and 95% of recent students said they would recommend them. Our online courses are packed with easy-to-follow, hands-on labs, and the real lab environments we provide enable you to practice what you learn.

read more › We get great feedback for our private MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect training courses, and 98% of recent students said they would recommend private training. All our MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect courses are available as private training courses (currently via Teams), and feedback from students is consistently excellent. Your team can be trained together remotely via Teams - particularly useful for geographically dispersed teams. Our expert instructors - who offer lots of real-world experience - can discuss organization-specific infrastructure and implementations with students in greater detail than is possible on a public course.

read more › Compare the benefits of the different ways you can study our MIM and Azure AD training courses. A choice of training options, each with benefits depending on your requirements, circumstances, and where you are on Planet Earth. Online training at your own pace. Start a MIM Foundation, a MIM Advanced course, or a Azure AD Connect Masterclass at any time.

read more › Get discounts on identity training courses, plus a range of mentoring and support services, with our flexible and cost-effective TrainingPlus packages. TrainingPlus - get MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect training courses plus ongoing ad-hoc help and support at discounted rates. Over the last decade, we have gained an international reputation as the go-to company for training courses and tools focusing on Microsoft hybrid identity technologies that underpin security and governance. Many customers who have completed our training courses go on to implement their own identity solutions (using MIM, Azure AD Connect and Azure AD) - but nearly all of them hit a bump in the road at some point, or simply need some advice or help with particular features or overall system design.

read more › Our tools for MIM identity management projects simplify processes, reduce development time, enhance out-of-the-box functionality, and save you money. And our FREE Azure AD Connect Rule Tool makes understanding - and even editing - sync rules a breeze! Automate and simplify complex and repetitive processes, reduce the risk of human error, and save time and money with our tools for your identity project. Building complex identity solutions involves many highly detailed repetitive tasks - especially in the MIM portal.

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