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Ancom offer a full range of IT support services in Poole, Bournemouth Dorset and also support businesses nation wide. Please do phone us to discuss any of our services in more detail. As little as 2 hours professional support per month can significantly improve your business performance and user experience! Ancom offer IT Support in Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas.

We also offer Remote IT support to all areas in the UK. Ancom offer Database design and development in Poole and Bournemouth. We have supplied many local businesses with both IT support and Line of business databases or applications. Ancom - Network Support Dorset, offer network services that are second to none.

Our reputation is built on supplying a customer centric and efficient solution which provides our clients with the time and confidence to concentrate on their mainstream business, whilst we look after their infrastructure and IT support.

read more › The services listed are available to all Ancom customers and can be combined to create the best all round solution for any company. Automated backup is the way most companies go nowadays, the problem is you do not know if the backup is valid until you try to restore form it, if the restore fails it is too late at that point to do much about it, Backup Check will at a pre-arranged interval, or when you request, restore a trial file to test that the backup is retrievable. As little as 2 hours professional support per month can significantly improve your business performance and user experience!

read more › Ancom have been in business for over 20 years and with a customer retention rate of 95% we are confident that we deliver an excellent service! We have been Microsoft certified partners since 2004 although our engineers have qualifications and experience from the days of NT through XP and right up to the latest Windows Server 2016. Ancom specialise in IT support and software development for smaller businesses (1-100 computers) and have done so since the beginning. We pride ourselves on our honesty and proficiency.

read more › We offer an initial contact service to determine IF our expertise will align with your needs and that it makes sense for both parties to take matters further. This usually can be done on the phone or by email stating the nature of your issue or requirement. So it's quite painless and economical on everyone's time because we'll very quickly tell you if we can help. We'll need to meet with you to identify and fully understand the business, operational needs and objectives. We also need to talk budget so that our recommendations are financially feasible and actionable.

read more › It's really a question of what level, kind and at what cost the support is needed to keep things on the right track. We at Ancom pride ourselves on the support side of the business this is our forte, this is what we started out to do. With over 20 years experience in the field, Ancom have taken the simple approach by looking at what would be an essential service for a server based network. This aptly named Essential Service is designed to pre-empt any serious issues and give customers piece of mind knowing there is a qualified engineer only a telephone call away.

read more › Having a custom database / Utility built doesn't need to be expensive but if you are going to invest in a database then you want to be sure that it pays for it's self over time. Ancom have a proven track record in database and application development ranging from small access databases to large VB6 and dot net applications. We have developed efficient bespoke applications for companies of various business backgrounds and sizes. We employ some simple targets for development projects. Primarily we want to achieve the functionality required by the customer, so with your help we identify key business processes.

read more › Is one car the same as another? Is the service from one manufacturer the same as another? We have all experienced the warranty dilemma thinking that we have got a certain type of cover and when the rubber hits the road we find that there are so many get out clauses we have paid for a warranty that only covers floods or something! I know the above example is obscure but you know what I mean! The product needs to be a good solid product fit for purpose. Backup of the product in terms of support needs to be the right type and again fit for purpose.

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