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IT has been evolving so quickly over the last few years and there's another turning point happening again with machine learning and automated intelligence being weaved into applications. We strongly believe in partnering with our customers, so we understand their business and can add more value that way, rather than simply being a commodity supplier.

At the core of what we do is helping organisations understand and implement the Microsoft Cloud solutions. We don't stop there though, as we have a dedicated UK helpdesk that supports the customers, and our training solutions help them adopt the technology so they can be more productive with it.

TechQuarters definitely have our finger in the pulse with new technology; we are a recognised leading supplier of Microsoft solutions having won their Global Cloud Partner SMB award, whilst delivering breadth in our solutions from GDPR Consultancy to Business Continuity Planning, Security and Telephony systems.People love working with us, because we have that helpful and personable gene.

read more › Are you worried that your IT Support isn't being managed correctly? Does your current IT setup need better advice or recommendations? Are you concerned that your IT Support isn't proactive enough or maybe just needs a bit of extra help in certain areas?. At TechQuarters, our fixed-price Managed IT Services is the ideal solution to any worries or IT Support needs your business might have. We help maintain, manage, and monitor your entire IT Infrastructure, or provide your current IT Team with help in specific areas they might need expert assistance in.

read more › Are you concerned that your current IT Support Services aren't matching up to your expectations? Are you worried your IT Support Services aren't reliable enough? Do you feel your current IT Services are not meeting the demands of your business?. At TechQuarters, we have developed award-winning IT Support Services that are reliable and provide your business with valuable support. Whether you're in need of Full or Remote Support, or just wanting additional help for your in-house team, we can help.

read more › At TechQuarters, we have developed a Backup from Cloud Solution that promises to effectively and safely backup your important business data on a secure cloud-based server. Our technicians make sure your entire migration has as little downtime as possible, saving you both time and money. We understand that it's no longer a question about whether or not you should be backing up your company data - that is now a given. The question to be asking is whether your backup system is helping you to save money and if it is set up in the best possible way.

read more › Are you worried that your current IT Support doesn't have the necessary Disaster Recovery in place? Are you concerned about not having access to your company infrastructure in case of emergencies? Would your business be safe if you suddenly lost access to your website or platforms?. At TechQuarters, we have created a specialised Disaster Recovery Offering that offers you complete peace of mind in this regard. Our technical engineers create unique, up to date, and complete backups of your entire infrastructure so that you will have access in the event your users aren't able to use your main sites or pages.

read more › Are you worried about your current business telephony service not being up to scratch? Are you concerned you could be losing out on business because your phone systems aren't working well? Are you aware of the different types of telephony services you could be using?. We have developed a trusted Telephony Service Offering that is guaranteed to keep your telephony systems running smoothly. We help to fully set up, manage, and maintain your entire telephonic system ensuring minimal downtime if any issues do occur.

read more › Are you worried that your business isn't taking full advantage of the many digital technologies available to you? Are you concerned that your organisation might not be as innovative as it could be?. Here at TechQuarters, our Digital Transformation Strategy Document, also known as a Cloud Roadmap, was established to create full transparency between our customers and us - and it ensures that we know exactly what you want and what you need when it comes to the latest in technological advancements.

read more › Are you concerned about not having a reliable virtual desktop solution for your users? Is your business looking for a way to host all your applications and documents in the cloud? Does your business need a one-stop cloud-based location to store all your data so that it is easier for your teams to access it?. At TechQuarters, we have developed a powerful Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Solution that provides a reliable and easy to access virtual version of your companies applications and documents whenever needed.

read more › Are you concerned that your users are wasting time due to not using Windows Virtual Desktop correctly? Are you worried about downtime caused by a lack of Windows Virtual Desktop Support and Training?. At TechQuarters, our Windows Virtual Desktop Support has been carefully developed to ensure you experience as little downtime as possible. Our technical support team provide 24-hour helpdesk support, for any issues your users may experience when working with Windows Virtual Desktop. We help get them back on track and working efficiently.

read more › Are you still using the outdated and older Remote Desktop Server from Windows? Do you wish that your teams could access a better Virtual desktop service for your business?. At TechQuarters, we only recommend Windows Virtual Desktop as the answer to these kinds of concerns. If you're looking to move your Remote Desktop Server to a more reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution, Windows Virtual Desktop is your best option. Let us help you make the move. Windows Virtual Desktop is the main remote desktop service provided by Microsoft.

read more › At TechQuarters, we have developed an award-winning Windows Virtual Desktop for Security Solution to combat all your security concerns. Our technicians understand the intricacies of a reliable and secure virtual desktop software and are able to help setup the perfect solution for your business. Data security and compliance can become a point of risk with a remote or hybrid workforce. As a business, you need to be 100% sure that your users aren't taking risks, for example, by using a personal device to access company data - you can never be completely sure that a personal device hasn't somehow contracted a virus, or other malicious software, that could be passed onto the company network.

read more › Is your business struggling to keep up with its current IT demands? Is your IT Support just not up to scratch? Have you been contemplating making the move to an outsourced provider for Full IT Support? Are you worried that your IT Support isn't protecting your business's key assets?. At TechQuarters, we've developed a trusted Full IT Support Offering that is flexible, proactive, and correctly monitored. Our technical teams provide additional resources and expertise needed, and our dedicated approach to providing comprehensive support means your IT Infrastructure is actively being monitored and improved on.

read more › Are you concerned about your employees experiencing downtime without sufficient Remote IT Support? Has your business gone remote, yet you are still paying for an IT service designed for on-premises users?. Here at TechQuarters, we have developed a fixed-price Remote IT Support Service that is more cost-effective because you simply pay for remote support and not call outs. This in turn reduces your overall monthly fee and gives your users the support that they truly need. At TechQuarters, we understand the wealth of benefits going remote can have for a business.

read more › Do you need additional support or extra resources to run your helpdesk services? Perhaps you are looking to free up some time and resources for higher priority tasks or IT projects?. At TechQuarters, we've developed a trusted IT Manager Support Offering that is ideal for different situations. Our technical teams can provide the additional resources and expertise needed when your IT Manager or technical team aren't able to assist. Our IT Manager Support Service is perfect for relieving some of your IT Manager's workload and pass off more intensive IT projects to our specialised technical support teams.

read more › Do your teams need additional support when using Windows Virtual Desktop applications? Is your business struggling to keep up with the demands of remote working? Have you switched to a work-from-home setup and now need help making sure your teams are collaborating and working effectively?. At TechQuarters, we have developed the ideal Windows Virtual Desktop Support for your business. We've helped many customers move to a remote-style of working - our dedicated helpdesk is available at all hours of the day and are able to promptly and effectively solve any kind of Windows Virtual Desktop issues your users might encounter.

read more › At TechQuarters, we have a dedicated 1st Line Helpdesk Support Offering that will suit any business, no matter its size or setup. Our helpdesk is available 24-hours of the day and are well-versed in quickly and efficiently handling any minor IT Support issues your users may be dealing with. If you are currently feeling as though your IT Support isn't providing you with the kind of helpdesk support that you need. At TechQuarters, our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line helpdesk support is top class - we have a team of dedicated, highly qualified, and professional experts who are on hand at all times of the day to help your teams with anything they might need.

read more › Are you struggling to find the right specialized IT Support when its needed? Have you lost money and time due to your current IT Provider not having the right kind of skilled and qualified technicians to assist you with IT problems?. At TechQuarters, we have a dedicated 3rd Line Helpdesk Support Offering that includes the services of our highly skilled technical engineers for those slightly more troublesome IT issues. Our helpdesk is available 24-hours of the day and are well-versed in handling any major IT Support issues that a 1st Line Support service wouldn't be able to assist with.

read more › Are you concerned that your users do not have the right help on hand for any cloud-based issues they might have? Are you worried about downtime your users are experiencing due to not having the right support for your cloud-based applications?. At TechQuarters, we have developed world-class Cloud Support for your business. We ensure that your users have fast access to engineers who can quickly and efficiently help solve any Cloud-based IT problem they may be experiencing - eliminating any unnecessary downtime and saving you money in the long run too.

read more › That's why at TechQuarters, we have developed our Small Business IT Support Offering. Our IT Support is not only reliable and effective; we've also made sure to constantly monitor your systems and provide implementable proactive suggestions to help your business continue to grow and thrive. We help reduce your downtime, keep your processes streamlined, and make sure your IT Infrastructure is healthy and working for you. Here at TechQuarters, we provide our clients with a full-service IT Support package - this means that their entire IT Infrastructure and Setup is managed, monitored, maintained, and improved on by us, each and every day.

read more › Are you struggling to manage your IT Infrastructure within a corporate environment? Could your corporate business do with more focused IT Support? Are you concerned that your IT Infrastructure isn't on par with other corporate businesses?. At TechQuarters, we have developed a unique Corporate Business IT Support Offering to take care of these concerns. Our IT Support will ensure you're staying current by paying particular attention to the IT needs of larger corporations. Through our reliable and dedicated IT Support, we promise to reduce your downtime, keep your processes streamlined, and make sure your IT Infrastructure is healthy and working for you.

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