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Rooks Move Based on the Wiltshire & Gloucestershire border providing Business IT Support to many local companies and SOHO users in Malmesbury & Cirencester areas, Rooks Move offers a unique service that many owners trust and rely upon for their Technology & Business IT Support. After solving their IT issues, most owners continue to call on the experience Rooks Move has in developing business using all aspects of Information Technology.

If you require Business IT Support or you are currently considering an IT project of any nature, please call on 01666 575242 and ask me to help. We rely on Ian completely to resolve day to day technical issues, advising us on the best hardware to use, as well as providing assistance in the choice and development of our software. Ian of Rooks Move is thoroughly reliable and provides a very professional service at reasonable cost.

We regard him as part of our team and we are very happy to recommend him to new customers. Rooks Move has provided me with IT support for the past few years.

Rooks Move is a specialist IT Support Service providing a comprehensive IT Support, Software & Security Auditing service for the Micro Business market. I specialise in the business sectors of Accountancy, Legal and Engineering & Manufacturing. Before starting the business in 2004, I held a number of key positions for blue-chip companies and I have had

Drawing upon extensive experience in the corporate commercial world, Rooks Move has specialised in working closely with certain sectors of business. In particular the Professional Sectors of Accountants, Solicitors, Vets, Consultants, Engineering, Manufacturing & Agriculture. Since the outset in 2004, drawing upon extensive experience in the corporate

Supplying directly from Microsoft, I can provide all levels of Office 365 services from Hosted Exchange Plan E1 to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Office 365 by Microsoft allows Small Businesses to work anywhere, whenever they want on whatever device they choose. Built on the powerful Office Desktop software applications, Office 365 provides always

The Workplace PC and its supporting services & network are the most heavily used tools a professional services worker utilises on a day-to-day basis. For many smaller firms, staff performing data processing & recording can be using PCs for over 6 hours a day 5 Days a week. When a company bills by the minute, every moment of downtime is costing the business

This video gives a clear explanation of the potential cyber security issues that Small Businesses face today. The growth of Internet based crime, more commonly called Cyber Crime, can no longer be underestimated or ignored. The UK Government considers Cyber Crime as one of four tier-one threats to national security over the past 4 years. According to

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