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Christchurch Computer Centre Dedicated IT support for business CCC IT Solutions has been providing 'best of breed' technology solutions for business since 1983 and we pride ourselves in giving an informed and personal service to every customer no matter whether their requirements where large or small. Fast and Robust IT InfrastructureCCC IT Solutions have a range of IT services that include consultancy, hardware and software procurement, network design, installation, IT support technicians and IT desktop support.

Making IT for business easierCCC IT Solutions offer a wide range of cloud services from Hosted Exchange to full Cloud Desktop Solutions allowing today's evolving business to remain ahead of the curve by adopting flexible working practices from a trusted supplier. At CCC IT Solutions we have been providing bespoke IT hardware, installations and IT solutions to businesses all over the south coast for well.

The choice of hardware on the market has increased significantly over the last few years, with advent of flexible and hybrid devices becoming more.

read more › CCC IT Solutions has been providing 'best of breed' technology solutions for business since 1983 and we pride ourselves in giving an informed and personal service to every customer no matter whether their requirements where large or small. Providing a high quality of service is very important to CCC IT Solutions, as a result we as a business are ISO9001/2008 accredited. CCC IT Solutions is able to offer specialised skills that include consultation, design and implementation of network infrastructures; audio visual systems, video conferencing; wireless networks; VOIP telephone systems; and a broad range of both hardware and software specifically suited to business.

read more › A secure and scalable network is key for any business. CCC IT Solutions offer a Network Infrastructure Design service that incorporates industry standard schematics, security, redundancy and scalability, whilst ensuring usability, accessibility and speed across your network. Before we begin a network infrastructure design project, we discuss and outline your companies important goals. We then integrate these into your IT network and infrastructure. What features do you want from your network? Do you want your employees to have secure remote access to the company applications?

read more › The days of unreliable slow WiFi are thankfully now behind us. Businesses can benefit from near "wire-speed" WiFi communication without the need for cables. The true Wireless Workplace is now a reality. Ruckus Networks and BeamFlex+ allows the access points to be quickly and easily installed into a business wireless LAN. This also makes a MyWyFy wireless network very scalable as expansion of the network will not require future reconfiguration; simply decide where the access point needs to go and plug it in to your business wireless LAN network.

read more › Ensuring your organisation is compliant with licensing is an important part of your IT requirements. CCC IT Solutions can help you to manage your licensing needs, whether you simply need a single Microsoft Office licence, or a full suite of licences to cover a brand new server installation. On request a full software audit can be undertaken and upon analysis an audit document can be produced for your business, which contains any necessary recommendations to ensure you remain compliant with current licencing regulations for software you use in your organisation.

read more › Protecting your business from the threat of malicious software and the potential loss of revenue that a security breach can cause is a key consideration of managing any IT network. Deploying a managed Anti-malware solution can help to reduce the immediate threat to the day to day operations of your business. Ensuring all devices on your network are covered by an Anti-virus solution can be made easier by the deployment of a managed solution. CCC IT Solutions will work with your business to ensure the software is deployed across your network and updates are deployed in a timely fashion to ensure all clients have the latest virus signature database.

read more › Digital signage system is a software solution that allows organisations, whether large or small, to present information to customers, employees or visitors, in an eye-catching way. Digital signage can be used in retail environments to hotels and leisure. It can be scaled to suit any business or organisation. From a single display through to multiple screens across more than one premise. Digital signage is an impressive way to promote products, services or simply impart information. The delivery system is designed to be easy to use and provide dynamic, real time updating so that the presentation is up-to-date and relevant to the moment.

read more › The choice of hardware on the market has increased significantly over the last few years, with advent of flexible and hybrid devices becoming more popular solutions for end users in a business environment. CCC IT Solutions have partnered with major vendors such as Dell, HP and Lenovo in order to provide customers with a wide range of hardware options encompassing tablets, laptops, and desktops. Hardware provision also includes print and copy solutions which we are happy to advise on. We are able to provide preferential pricing for larger opportunities by working with our preferred vendor bid request schemes, to ensure that your business benefits from sourcing the best value equipment suitable for your business.

read more › Interactive Displays are an all-in-one digital display system using touch technology. The touch technology allows for fast, accurate and user friendly performance; ideal for meeting rooms or the boardroom. Whether the display is active periodically, or throughout an 8 hour working day, it has been designed for intensive use and for consistent high quality images. The system also allows the presenter to switch between Interactive Images, and the Internet to create and present an eye-catching, informative presentation, Q&A data acquisition, administration pages or training session.

read more › CCC IT Solutions have been providing IT technical support since 1983. We are proud to have tailored support services to fulfil our customers needs. As part of our ongoing commitment to best value we have spent a great deal of time working with our customer base to established what you need from an IT Support Engineer. From basic IT telephone support services, to regular IT Support Engineer visits and computer network management, we are proud to offer IT technical support for business through our ProFlex Support Packages.

read more › A robust and reliable network infrastructure is a key investment for any modern evolving business. Business IT consultancy is our speciality and we can ensure that your project meets every expectation; from the deployment of a new software platform to a complete overhaul of existing ICT Systems and Services. Working closely with you to determine your business needs and requirements, CCC IT Solutions will advise on the best hardware, software and communications solutions, to help your business thrive.

read more › Your IT and telecoms equipment is the lifeblood of your business. We understand you need your IT network as available as possible, during an office move, to ensure business continuity which is why we offer professional IT Relocation Services. Our IT Relocation Services are designed to minimise the downtime of your business, by planning business continuity at every stage of the move. Whether we are moving a handful of workstations or a complete ICT infrastructure, our IT Relocation Services can manage everything for you.

read more › Storing your business data centrally on a server, instead of locally on individual machines, is an efficient means of working whether your business is large or small. Whether you use tapes or cartridges, someone needs to ensure that the daily backup is done properly and that the storage media is taken somewhere safe away from your place of business. Taking media offsite, although an essential part of a company's backup routine, can also in itself be a potential security risk. Whoever has this role in your business will also have to be ensuring that the data backups are working properly and that the media is replaced when necessary.

read more › CCC IT Solutions are leading specialists in configuring and supplying bespoke broadband for business. Rapid, reliable and cost conscious broadband is no longer a pipe dream for your company. Whether you need a cost effective line in for your business to successfully function day to day, or a dedicated high speed connection for premium connectivity and tech heavy applications, CCC IT Solutions can provide you with competitive, bespoke packages based on your requirements. Our connectivity services are carefully sourced from UK service providers and associated products are located within our own data centre facilities in the UK.

read more › The right business telephone system can make a big difference to the way you do business. Therefore today business IT and business communications have converged. The lines between IT Support and Communications companies have blurred and the boundaries of responsibility are becoming harder to define. This is due to the advent of Voice over IP phone systems. As well as traditional voice services (such as PSTN and ISDN), CCC offer a complete portfolio of managed Voice Services. This includes our hosted 3CX Voice Platform.

read more › IT Equipment Disposal must comply with The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (2006 No. 3289) (WEEE). WEEE is a UK legislation designed to address the environmental impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The regulations on IT equipment disposal have been put in place to ensure that electrical and electronic products are recycled using best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques. This is to ensure human health and high environmental protection. Both CCC IT Solutions and our customers must assist in recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment and ensure that the legislation is properly adhered to.

read more › Managing access to your premises for employees, visitors and managers can be a headache. Access to sensitive areas, such as stock rooms, reprographic suites and management offices often requires control to monitor usage trends within your workplace. In the event of a site evacuation, being able to provide an accurate list of who is on the premises can be vital to emergency services. At CCC IT Solutions, we have partnered with Paxton and InVentry to provide best of breed access control systems for businesses looking to have a reliable, easily managed access control system.

read more › Whether your business is looking for smart and functional office furniture or multipurpose desks CCC IT Solutions can provide office furniture for your business. CCC IT Solutions offer a room layout design service and will produce 3D plans to help you visualise your new office space. CCC IT Solutions offer seating, desks, storage and workstation in bespoke sizes, a variety of finishes and colours, and are comprehensive in both design and quality, incorporating features such as integrated modesty panels and cable management solutions, as well as optional extras such as security devices, monitor arms and CPU enclosures.

read more › 4. Once you have entered your pin you will be prompted to download a file called "Support-LogMeInRescue". Doing this will display a pop up support window with the name "CCC & SchoolCare". 6. Please wait while the remote session attempts to connect you to our technician. 7. Once the session is connected our support engineer will gain access to your computer and be able to assist you. Unless you have specifically requested or agreed to us having unattended access to your computer then once the remote session has been terminated we will no longer have access to your computer.

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