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BMS Technology BMS technology is your resource for IT Servers, PC's, Business IT Solutions, Software Licensing Services, Managed Engineering Services, Storage, and Communications Products. We provide the Products, Solutions & Engineering Services for all your business computing & communications needs, and we're keen to demonstrate a strong performance in sourcing, delivering and the supporting of IT solutions.

We can also provide businesses with commodity IT products such as printers, USB peripherals, consumables, audio visual, software, phones, hard drives, networking, memory, power protection, accessories and many other IT items. We make commodity sourcing and general IT procurement as simple and as cost effective as possible. The sourcing of IT as a commodity to drive down cost is not a new phenomenon but it does require an IT partner able to offer product breadth and delivering on the best savings.

Our ability to source common and indeed the unusual "add-hoc" products on the market, with an experience built up over 25+ years, is hard to beat.

read more › We are one of Ireland's IT resellers with knowledge of the local IT market for 25+ years. Unlike some businesses in Ireland's IT channel, we're absolutely sure of our W5 (Who, Where, When, Why, & What we are), and keen to demonstrate a strong performance in IT sourcing, delivering and supporting, from the smallest to the most complex of IT solutions. We provide valued IT solutions into corporate and public sector organisations in Ireland, trading with longstanding customers, Tier 1 branded IT vendors, technology service partners, and product logistics from strong relationships within the IT distribution whole-sellers based in the UK & Ireland.

read more › Whatever your business, at BMS technology we can to run through the challenges you face and draw up appropriate and cost-efficient solutions that will help you to get on with getting your business done. We want to eliminate that "IT headache" that systems can produce and at the same time introduce you to better ways of doing IT. At BMS technology our aim is to provide a wide range of engineering and support services. We can provide services from Datacentre to Desktop, supporting servers, routers, firewalls and all active network equipment with skills and certifications on HP, Dell, Cisco and Zyxel equipment while having up to date knowledge on Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

read more › Our professional services range from IT Infrastructure Architects, Software Licencing Solutions, Software Asset Management, Outsourced Engineering & Administrator Services, Vendor Management, Managed Print Services and more. We can flexibly assist in meeting your IT requirements should it be for a systems audit, an upgrade, systems analysis, or a set of recommendations on an ad-hoc basis in the form of your virtual IT Manager. We can assist you in achieving your business IT vision by providing professional services on a proactive and flexible basis giving you confidence that your IT Infrastructure components, including your crucial business data, are always available to you when you need them.

read more › At BMS technology we believe in building long term business partnerships with our clients. Our aim is to deliver the highest level of business computing solutions and services to businesses. We work to provide IT Solutions that are scalable and will improve the efficiency of your current IT environment while keeping an ongoing focus on what is needed to meet your future IT requirement. Our range of IT Solutions is available to all businesses regardless of size, and our model is designed to utilise the economies of scale to help provide enterprise-class IT available to all.

read more › For businesses unsure of their exact IT requirements or with limited IT budget the flexibility of having support available 'on demand' is often the best way of ensuring their IT has a safety net to rely on should something go wrong without having to commit to a regular spend. Our IT Support offering is delivered via a Token based system. This 'On Demand Token' based support provides for either remote or on-site services charged at a simple hourly rate which is then deducted from a Token pool purchased from us in advance.

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