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SBS specialise in providing IT Support, Networking and Data Cabling to small businesses and home users in the Northamptonshire region. We take pride in delivering the right IT solution and we are committed to providing on going preventative maintenance so you get the best from your technology. Covering Kettering, Corby, Rothwell, Market Harborough, Northamptonshire, Wellingborough and surrounding areas.

read more › Providing you have a working internet connection we can remotely connect to any PC in minutes. This service can resolve. A remote computer connection may not be the best course of action so it's worth giving us a call on 01536738151 to discuss your PC problem before committing to purchasing a support session. Our remote support sessions are charged at 49.99 inclusive of VAT per hour for home computers and office workstations. Remote IT Support provides you with network support at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time IT professional.

read more › If you want to keep your computer in perfect working order then a three point maintenance service from SBS could be the service you require. A full internal and external clean will ensure your computer it free from dust and in perfect working order. Covering Kettering, Corby, Rothwell, Market Harborough, Northamptonshire, Wellingborough and surrounding areas.

read more › Computers slow down for all sorts of reason, but this is largely due to the software that is installed, unwanted services and inappropriate Windows updates, the worst affected are the computers aged two years or more installed with the latest security software and unused applications. Regular computer software maintenance will speed up your computers and your productivity. Every mechanical and electrical device is subject to failure however, many of us do not implement pre maintenance checks and wait on the inevitable, why?

read more › VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications and it is an integrated development environment (IDE), which is built into the Microsoft Office suite(s). If you have heard of or used Macros, then this is the automated version of VBA. Over the period of several years we have been involved in developing VBA Macros and Add-in solutions for small businesses that are looking to increase productivity and produce standardisation throughout the business. We have found that the majority of Microsoft Office users are unaware of the power of VBA and how it could help with streamlining general office tasks that's why we offer a two hour free consultation that helps us to learn about your business and discuss your use of Microsoft Office.

read more › This is a basic yet powerful configuration that gives the client PC's within the Workgroup the ability to share files and network devices. Typically we advise this set up to be used by home users or small businesses networks with two to three computers as configuration can be manually repetitive and it soon becomes difficult to manage. The main drawback of this configuration is the PC sharing the files is constantly in use which causes file access speed issues and most importantly you are at mercy of the users not to open the PC to vulnerability, one way to avoid problem is introduce a NAS (or Network Storage Adapter) drive for centralised file access.

read more › A single Windows Small Business Server (or SBS) is a tightly integrated server suite capable of delivering a comprehensive infrastructure for 75 users or less. File sharing, email/calendar sharing, group policy deployment, remote access and security are the key features that make this set up a business asset that is easily administrated from a central point. Remote IT Support provides you with network support at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time IT professional. Using remote technology we are able to access your systems from our office providing you with an immediate response to problems.

read more › When it comes to installing structured CAT5e, CAT6 and fibre network data cabling you really only get one chance to get it right before the office furniture, storage and fittings are located into position, that's why we believe our network installations surpass any of our competitors for speed, reliability and quality, why? It's because of our planning and using the right components. It's a simple formula but we are still amazed how many offices fail to be practical not to mention speed efficient and this is largely due to the inexperience and lack of care shown by our competitors when running and terminating data cabling.

read more › There is no doubt that a period of change is upon us, CAT5e data cable will soon be recognised as the standard in residential wiring. This inexpensive, low-density, twisted-pair cabling is the choice of modern-day installers for computer networks, lighting control, telephony, music and HDTV. It provides high bandwidth and high resolution distribution throughout the home, which is vital for real-time multimedia data transfer. Typical commercial and residential CAT5e structured data cabling installations will radiate from a central location which is exactly the same as your mains power distribution from the fuse-box.

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