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Express I.T Solutions N W Our managed IT service is all-inclusive, why buy all the ingredients when you can just buy the cake? We make sure the hardware, software or product is rights for the job, not just to make a quick buck. We're an enthusiastic bunch! All our employees take personal ownership of your IT issues, ensuring they're resolved to your satisfaction.

With 24/7 alerts, we'll have started work to remedy any defects before you're even aware there's a problem, and whenever you need us you'll be able to get in touch directly with your own named contact.We know how frustrating it can be when a workstation is out of use for a reason as straightforward as a broken cable or keyboard. All of our 360 Managed IT Support clients receive a First Aid Kit with essentials included to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

Your dedicated engineer will be on hand to guide you over the phone. Our fully-managed, integrated and supported IT solution delivers a complete package of IT support for one overall monthly cost.

read more › Since 2012, Express IT has offered a unique IT support service to clients in the local Leigh, Wigan and Greater Manchester area. Whether we're repairing equipment or carrying out full network installations, it's the way we do things that makes us different. Managed IT Support packages allow us to proactively identify and deal with any IT issues you may be experiencing, often before you even realise they're happening. Lack of any business interruption means you can be sure that your own customers continue to receive a seamless service.

read more › Our specialist team has worked across a huge range of sectors locally in Leigh, Wigan and Greater Manchester since we started out in [2012]. From single-user companies to enterprises with 60+ users, our skills are utilised for the resolution of simple break/fix issues through to complex IT professional services, managing business change and integration to help our clients keep pace with the latest technology. We work with clients who value good IT and understand how it can help them to progress.

read more › Express IT chooses only to work with a specialist network of partners; those we trust to deliver services our clients can rely on. We work hard to build strong and lasting relationships, ensuring our clients receive the most suitable service for their needs for good value, and with worry-free IT continuity. Our managed IT service is all-inclusive, why buy all the ingredients when you can just buy the cake? We make sure the hardware, software or product is rights for the job, not just to make a quick buck.

read more › Our managed IT services allow you to take an entirely hands-off approach to maintenance of your IT systems. For one monthly cost, you will receive a complete support package with all the services you need delivered by our professional team. Early identification of issues and proactive management keep your IT systems up-to-date; our investment in infrastructure means that we can constantly monitor your network, handling issues in-house so your business is unaffected. From straightforward software updates to helpdesk support and managed backup of business data, reliable managed IT services from Express IT keep your business running.

read more › Fully-managed online backup ensures that all the files, documents and data you need to run your business are safely stored and accessible when you need them. Express IT's sophisticated managed IT systems mean that client online backup is closely monitored, with failures quickly identified and proactively corrected to maintain a fully-encrypted and secure cloud-based backup, stored safely in UK datacentres. Do you know when your last successful backup ran? Low-cost managed online backup from Express IT is a 'peace of mind' solution; we'll set your backup to run, check it's performed fully and correct any failures immediately, allowing you to get on with running your business.

read more › In addition to our fully-managed IT support services, Express IT also assists a number of small businesses and charitable organisations with ad-hoc IT issues. Our break/fix solution offers telephone helpdesk IT support, with onsite attendance where necessary and subject to engineer availability. Break/fix IT support from Express IT will always ensure you receive the best standards of customer service delivered by a team of accredited and experienced IT professionals. We work quickly to identify and remedy issues remotely, advising you as to steps you may need to take to avoid problems in future.

read more › Professional IT consultancy services from Express IT provide an expert solution for the efficient and effective management of one-off projects. Thorough consultancy, carried out in close partnership with our clients' key personnel, ensures smooth integration and migration following a planning period during which we take great care to understand the needs of our clients and, in particular, those of their customers. Our professional IT consultancy is supported by our team's knowledge and specialist skill sets, delivering project know-how and tailored products you can rely on.

read more › Express IT works closely with clients to develop, implement and maintain robust IT systems which are perfectly matched to their growing organisations. Strong relationships are central to all of the work we do. Clients rely on us to deliver an exceptional service, whether that's for a simple PC repair or the management of ongoing, complex change. At the highest level, we work with boards of directors to provide a fully-outsourced but completely tailored IT director service which is sufficiently flexible to be called upon ad-hoc but can be scaled up according to need.

read more › As your business grows, so your IT systems will need to change and adapt. You may need new services, new software or updated configurations, or even integration of a new team following a move. For small and medium-sized businesses, management of these important projects is essential. Whether a one-off project, regular consultancy or implementation of systems, Express IT works with you to plan, design and implement systems that will transform your organisation. Our experienced team partners with you to create a truly bespoke solution, delivering advice you can rely on.

read more › Express IT is independent with a trusted network of suppliers, partnering with leading manufacturers and developers to deliver high-quality hardware and software tailored to your business. All of our solutions are fit for purpose. We consult with our clients to ensure that the equipment we supply is right for your business and for its intended purpose; we recognise that IT is an investment and it's important to us that your hardware and software helps you to move forward. Our team follows our own strict standards when recommending solutions for clients, and we don't just sell a piece of equipment.

read more › Cloud services from Express IT offer great value for money, with top-specification products supported by our accredited and trained team of engineers. Email services, servers, backup and even your desktop can now be hosted and operated remotely through the cloud. Data is stored offsite in a secure and certified datacentre, with fantastic levels of operational up-time and the highest levels of safety ensured. By operating your essential business services through the cloud, you'll no longer need to house physical servers in your office, freeing up space, reducing risk of data loss and making internal IT issues less likely to arise.

read more › The implications of a data disaster for a business, however small, can be far-reaching. Whether it's a natural disaster, such as flooding, or a technical failure, Express IT delivers an online backup solution which ensures that your files, documents and data are stored securely for those times you can't predict. Our Hosted Backup cloud services protect your data in UK-based datacentres which are manned 24/7 and amongst the safest, most reliable data storage centres in the world. You don't need to house servers or manage any of your backup in-house; we'll help you to program your backup to run automatically, making copies of your files, documents and business-critical software in the cloud that can be recovered whenever you need them.

read more › Entrusting your business to the cloud is a big step for many businesses to take; how can you ensure that your data is safe on a cloud-hosted server? For a business to house and maintain its own servers requires space, IT expertise and considerable risk. If your property suffers a burglary, power failure or disaster such as flooding or fire, can you adequately protect your server? If your equipment breaks down, how quickly can it be up and running again? Hosted Servers take your data storage offsite and into UK-based, specially-equipped cloud service datacentres.

read more › Whether you need one email mailbox or hundreds, Hosted Exchange is the industry-leading cloud-hosted email service for business. Its flexibility and fantastic scalability makes it a great choice for any organisation, keeping your people connected whilst on the move. Hosted Exchange allows you to run up-to-date systems, with our cloud services constantly refreshed to incorporate even bigger mailbox sizes, greater mobile flexibility and solutions tailored to the cloud. We ensure that our clients receive the most reliable Exchange systems on the market, and we'll support you during migration and set-up so your team is mobile-ready from day one.

read more › As workplaces become ever more flexible, so organisations need to ensure that their people can work any time, any place. Remote working is increasing in popularity and growing businesses recognise the importance of technology in keeping connections going. Hosted Desktop cloud services by Express IT allow your people full access to your business' data and software via a simple web connection. One click connects to everything they need to allow them to work, whether on tablet, mobile, laptop or even in the office.

read more › Developed for the cloud to suit the increasingly mobile global workforce, Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service which includes access to Office applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel. Users are able to access programmes and services across a number of different devices, with functionality designed to integrate not only with desk-based PCs but laptops, tablets and mobile. Office 365 is delivered by Microsoft to the user via a web download; Express IT's bespoke, hands-on service ensures that your move to the cloud, including your email service, is managed seamlessly from start to finish.

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