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At Nimoveri we believe IT should enable your business, drive productivity and release your employees to focus on revenue-generating activities. With such a vast array of IT services and solutions available to you, it is hard to know which will be the best fit for your business. This is why our approach to IT support is different, we act as your virtual IT Manager ensuring your business is not only protected and empowered but also that we provide you with the tools you and your team require for your company to thrive.

Our business process-driven approach to information gathering allows us to garner a deep knowledge of your company as only then will we be able to propose the right solution, whether on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two. Each of these four pillars comprise a selection of best of breed IT services and work in conjunction with our deep-seated knowledge of many different businesses and sectors.

As your designated IT support provider, our team of Farnham based professionals will recommend to you the correct and most efficient IT way of doing things.

read more › Nimoveri Cloud and IT Services was created through the amalgamation of two long standing IT organisations, both with more than 15 years' experience in providing customer focussed cloud and IT support services for a wide and varied customer base. Our Farnham based team deliver high quality, customer focussed IT support from 8am to 6pm five days per week with an option out of hours support if required. Our approach to IT Support is one of putting the customer first. We can only differentiate by offering an outstanding customer experience and we continue to do that for all our customers.

read more › The team of IT experts at Nimoveri have a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in providing business IT support services across all sectors and verticals. As standard, we offer four distinct IT service options designed to cater for every aspect of a business's IT setup and maintenance, from multinational companies to small local businesses. Each of our four business IT support pillars can be tailored dependant on a company's requirements, whether this means a standard package or a totally customised, around the clock approach is chosen.

read more › Connecting your business safely and securely to the outside world is essential, no company can or should operate without robust network and connectivity setup. Dealing with telecommunication companies and associated issues can be time consuming and stressful, the team at Nimoveri are here to remove the need for you to do so. Our "Connect Your Business" service is where your business meets the world at large and it is vital data in, and data out is optimised and kept secure. Remote working and working from home are becoming increasingly popular, and our service ensures your business is appropriately connected, configured, and secured to support your users' needs.

read more › Attack vectors are the cybersecurity terms that describe how third parties try to access, manipulate and exploit your valuable business data and information. Whether it is stealing credit card details or spoofing employee information, your defences are constantly under threat. At Nimoveri we take IT security seriously and work tirelessly with our customers to ensure they have the right controls in place in an effort to prevent malicious attacks. Nimoveri provide a full range of IT support services for Rainbow Productions and as well as managing our day to day IT needs their advice and input helps us to shape our longer term IT strategy.

read more › Research has shown the majority of people often struggle to solve issues that arise with technology. Time spent attempting to resolve such issues is often un-productive time taking your team away from their day to day revenue generating activities. Our team of experienced IT support technicians effectively become your own IT helpdesk. With a 15-minute helpdesk response objective, your users will hear back from our IT support team promptly and your request will be handled with maximum efficiency.

read more › Our "Enable" service is about working with you and your team as your own Virtual IT Manager, to identify productivity improvements gained through the adoption of modern IT tools and practices. Most SME organisations do not have the luxury of a dedicated IT Manager leaving it up to individuals within the organisation to suggest IT solutions that may improve productivity. Nimoveri provide a full range of IT support services for Rainbow Productions and as well as managing our day to day IT needs their advice and input helps us to shape our longer term IT strategy.

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