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C3 Computers Effective IT underpins business success - it boosts productivity and cuts out unnecessary downtime. We focus on providing you with effective IT every day, and offer levels of support to suit all types of business. Transform your use of digital with C3. Whether your needs are great or small, we optimise your IT effectiveness to simplify your processes and enhance your communication, bringing you right up to date.

Are you looking to increase your use of cloud-based IT? We help to implement and manage change, giving you easy access wherever you are, combined with enhanced security. It's the future of IT! Connectivity; voice; video. Methods of communication integrate seamlessly within good IT setups in today's fast-paced world. Let us help you to achieve faster communications and improved business performance.

We help businesses save time and money by identifying problem areas and unnecessary expenditure, ensuring that your IT systems are more efficient, secure and increase productivity, supporting your business success.

read more › Pay one straightforward subscription cost per month for complete IT peace of mind, and boost your business success. From the simplest printer issues to complex security setups, we keep things running smoothly. From average office IT requirements through to proactive management of critical IT infrastructure, 24/7/365, we provide total cover to keep you running smoothly. We carry out swift and effective remote support, but when an issue requires more than that, we come straight out and address it on site.

read more › Opt for pay-as-you-go support for your IT operations, if you know that your daily requirements are minimal. We're there when you need us with the expertise required. We offer the full scope of our service to ad-hoc clients, meeting one-off requirements, providing extra manpower for a project, or resolving emergency situations. We are also able to provide cover for internal IT staff absences, to ensure that your IT facilities keep functioning smoothly until their return. We can provide support remotely or on-location, depending on the nature of the requirement.

read more › Talk to us about tailored IT support for your unique business requirements. We cover a wide variety of situations that can arise in complex business life, helping to keep IT functioning as it needs to, and as it should be! We provide specialist support for requirements such as a fully outsourced IT Team, cover for internal staff, or in-depth input into a critical business project. The options are not prescribed as we readily apply our expertise to any business need where it is beneficial, tailoring the service agreement to your needs.

read more › Discuss your next IT project with us to get the best outcome and maximise the return on your investment. We ensure that your IT infrastructure is optimised for growth and ultimate reliability. Our approach is fully tailored to your requirements so whether you are looking to fully outsource, or just supplement your own IT team capabilities, C3 can help - from straightforward upgrades to a completely new system installation. Our knowledge and processes enable you to confidently equip your business with the software, hardware and services you'll need to succeed.

read more › Make your next installation or upgrade a complete success without the stress. Our specialist support is flexible to your needs but follows a proven process, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment. Whether you are starting from scratch or your current systems are not quite achieving what you want, we'll work with you to identify the IT equipment and services that will truly yield results. We can act as your contracted IT department in overseeing a complete installation, or simply fill gaps in your own team's operation.

read more › Take advantage of our expertise in both IT and communications to achieve effective network setup, from straightforward cable installations through to implementation of structured wide area networks. We cover all networking challenges, from micro to macro. We know how to optimise networking within buildings with cabled and wireless connectivity, and we provide secure and reliable site-to-site shared broadband services. We provide support with networking both inside and outside your building, and in establishing or enhancing your internet connectivity.

read more › We work with some of the world's leading Wi-Fi providers, such as Fortinet, Ubiquiti and Ruckus. But crucially, we are independent, which means that our recommendations are objective and tailored to your business. We offer an installation service and provide ongoing support as needed. We look at everything, from your user numbers, device types and the density of applications, to fully evaluate your Wi-Fi requirements. As a result of this thorough assessment, we are then able to achieve fast and secure Wi-Fi and internet connectivity.

read more › ICT infrastructure often forms the spine of business operations. We know how important it is to keep your servers, networks, phones and PCs in operation throughout a move. Our approach minimises disruption in all areas. Our services include surveying your IT systems, creating interim arrangements, and providing re-installation at the other end. C3 has extensive experience of moving companies. By engaging us to manage the IT aspect of your move, you minimise the risk of service breakdown or data-loss.

read more › Get the technology that is exactly right for your business requirements and budget with our procurement support service. C3 provides support throughout the hardware procurement process, helping to ensure that the equipment purchased will meet the needs of your business. We maintain strong relationships with suppliers and vendors but always remain impartial, giving you objective advice about what will work, and what delivers the best value. Alongside our partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers, we hold up to date certificates and industry accreditations with leading ICT brands.

read more › C3 is an Authorised Microsoft Surface Alliance partner and we provide a full suite of Microsoft Surface devices, accessories and configuration services to our clients right across the whole of Northern Ireland and further afield. From the ultra-sleek Microsoft Surface Pro through to the stunning Microsoft Surface studio, C3's in-depth knowledge of the range means that we'll match you with the right devices for your business needs. We also offer a wide range of accessories, warranty services and implementation solutions.

read more › Choose to lease your IT equipment, rather than purchase, in order to maintain the latest technology without tying up capital. A growing number of businesses are now building leasing into their operating models to escape depreciation of IT equipment. The right service is key to a high-quality lease offering. We provide you with an initial technology audit, if required, to establish your equipment needs and lease requirements. Once your package has been ordered, our lease model offers a comprehensive life cycle service plan.

read more › Put yourself in control and arm your company with automated and premier threat protection. C3's cutting-edge firewall appliances are a potent solution to your security worries. We understand that the business environment is often a complicated sprawl of technology that includes all forms of mobility, BYOD and cloud computing. It feels like an uphill struggle to keep all devices and data protected from new and formidable attacks. C3 partners with world-leading firewall experts, Fortinet, to combat the increasing dangers of cyber-crime across all platforms.

read more › Even with the best threat protection, there's always a chance of an attack getting through or a disaster occurring. Protect your business from the devastating consequences with C3's Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. In a landscape of ever-more sophisticated attacks, coupled with the threat of a hardware failure or natural disaster occurring, your business needs protection against financial and data loss. C3 fortifies systems to protect your trading continuity should the worst happen. Our first-class suite of solutions is built with you in mind.

read more › Protect yourself with C3's world-leading encryption solution, from archives to databases and spreadsheets. Your ability to function is tied up in your digital data - it's worth taking care of. C3 works with world-leading encryption experts, Becrypt, to provide our clients with the very best data protection available. Disk Protect streamlines data protection making it easy for small and medium sized companies to stay in line with industry and government regulation. The software ensures that your business benefits from full encryption to protect the data that you hold on your servers, laptops and tablets.

read more › At C3 we have partnered with cybersecurity firm KnowBe4 to offer businesses across Northern Ireland cybersecurity awareness training. KnowBe4 is the world's largest integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. Today your employees are frequently exposed to cyber attacks, this training has been proven to better equip employees and reduce the chance of an attack. KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Awareness Training is specifically designed to help protect your business against potential cyber attacks and meet compliance regulations.

read more › Resolve your IT challenges at a surprisingly low price with Microsoft Azure, maximising the potential for cloud computing, storage, sharing and security. Microsoft Azure's ever evolving set of cloud services enable you to downsize your hardware and maintain your infrastructure while potentially halving your IT costs. Mobilise your workforce, secure your business from data loss and improve your working practices, all on a manageable pay-as-you-go basis. Cloud technology enables you to simplify your IT infrastructure while boosting productivity.

read more › Our clients choose C3 because we add value to their business. We are more than just a regular IT Company - we care about your success and identify the ways that IT can actively support your growth. By visiting you, we get to understand your business. This means we can implement meaningful digital transformation - from new systems and robust security solutions, through to migration of key systems to the cloud. With your IT properly established, we provide ongoing support. When problems arise, we fix them fast.

read more › We develop close and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We're both proud and very grateful that since we started in 2008 we have retained all our clients. Our clients are our success story, thank you to every one of them. We help businesses save time and money by identifying problem areas and unnecessary expenditure, ensuring that your IT systems are more efficient, secure and increase productivity, supporting your business success.

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