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Advoco Solutions With Advoco, peace of mind comes as standard. Our pro-active, round-the-clock IT support plans are designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Investing in CRM software? Make it Maximizer. As one of the UK's leading Maximizer CRM partners, we will make sure the platform performs for you. Through our in-house Synergy technology, we are making Maximizer customisations more affordable than ever.

Add the functionality you need to your CRM. From simple ADSL connections to super-fast private leased lines, Advoco provides the ultra-reliable internet connection your business needs to thrive. Boost your productivity with Microsoft Office 365 - the cloud-based solution that lets your people access files, emails, calendars and contacts on the go.

Delivering IT Support and IT Services in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, London and beyond, Advoco Solutions provide the technical solutions, expert advice, and assistance you need to keep your business running smoothly. From the latest Cloud Technologies to class-leading Network Security, we have decades of experience in specifying and deploying IT solutions for business' of all sizes, and all budgets.

read more › Advoco Solutions are an IT support and solutions provider based in Newbury, Berkshire. Since 2007, we have been helping small and medium-sized companies improve their business through sophisticated network solutions, pro-active support and class-leading CRM technology. The ethos here is one of first-class service and customer satisfaction. That means offering our advice and expertise on the solutions you really need, not just the ones you ask us for - even if it means you paying less. Indeed, we prefer you to think of us as a partner rather than a supplier - an extension of your own team, out to achieve the best results for your business.

read more › With your IT network so integral to the way you do business, having round-the-clock IT support in place is absolutely essential. At Advoco, we have the experience and expertise to provide it, offering a range of pro-active IT support plans that promise complete peace of mind. We provide these IT support services in Berkshire, Wiltshire and beyond, with plans specifically designed to serve the needs of small and growing businesses. Thank you for signing up for an Advoco Support Package. Your details have been sent to one of our consultants who will be in contact within the next 24 hours (Mon-Fri) to progress your request further.

read more › Our Starter IT Support Plan is ideal for one-man bands and start-up businesses, using fewer than five machines. For just a small monthly fee, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with email support, security management and remote IT help that means we can fix issues without interrupting your day. If your small business is running a server connected to up to five computers, then our SOHO package is ideal for your needs. Enjoy all the benefits of our starter package, plus remote support for your server, pro-active monitoring of your network and the additional advantage of telephone support.

read more › Alongside our contract IT support plans, we also offer the benefit of our IT expertise in the form of pay as you go or ad-hoc support. Our Pay as you Go IT support services are either for business who need support for their IT issues but don't wish to commit to a monthly contract, or IT departments who need specialist skills that they don't already have within their team of professionals, or just need extra resources and expertise. If you have a problem with your business IT infrastructure, regardless of who installed or supplied the technology, our technicians will endeavor to help you.

read more › Your IT network underpins all your business operations - but having the right people available in-house to design, deploy and maintain your IT infrastructure is a real challenge. Indeed, the range of IT solutions available today is so vast, it is virtually impossible to employ full-time staff who are experts in every technology you are likely to use. Outsourced IT is the answer, giving you the ability to call on a pool of trusted experts as and when you need to supplement your existing in-house skills.

read more › At Advoco, we provide SMEs with the kind of cutting-edge IT services usually reserved for much larger companies. We help you design, build, improve and protect your IT infrastructure, providing a wide range of expert IT support, outsourcing, procurement and consultancy services. With more than 20 years experience, we know what works for businesses; the servers, the software, the security you need to run your office at its most productive. Thank you for signing up for an Advoco Support Package. Your details have been sent to one of our consultants who will be in contact within the next 24 hours (Mon-Fri) to progress your request further.

read more › At Advoco, we don't just provide the building blocks for your business IT network, we will help you put the puzzle together from start to finish. From servers to switches, storage to security, we design and deploy networks optimised to suit the way you work - then provide ongoing IT support to help you manage the solution. Thank you for signing up for an Advoco Support Package. Your details have been sent to one of our consultants who will be in contact within the next 24 hours (Mon-Fri) to progress your request further.

read more › Data lies right at the heart of the modern business, and at Advoco we help you keep it safe - bringing you exceptional data storage solutions from industry leaders Netgear. Netgear's smart solutions include disk-to-disk backup and disaster recovery, designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium businesses (including multi-office environments). Store, manage and protect your company's critical information, and do more with your data than you ever thought possible. From the ReadyNAS family to the ReadyDATA series, we can help choose the right data storage solution for you thanks to our 10 years' experience working with Netgear products.

read more › Connecting multiple devices on your business network, switches are integral to the smooth running of your office. By offering a range of innovative switching solutions from Ubiquiti Networks, we can help give you greater control over these connections - seamlessly connecting users and boosting your productivity. UniFi is rapidly expanding to a full Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution with seamless intergration of its UniFi Switches to create a highly scalable, end-to-end system of network devices across multiple locations - all controlled from a single interface.

read more › Of course, you could buy HP hardware from any computer store - but with Advoco Solutions, you get money can't buy advice along with the reassurance of ongoing expert support. From desktops to laptops, printers to servers, HP is one of the world's leading developers of business IT hardware. As a HP Preferred Partner, we understand the vast array of HP technologies on the market - and can help specify the ideal hardware for your office, whatever your requirements. Such is the huge amount of choice in the marketplace, choosing computer hardware can be a real challenge, so we are here to offer our advice and ensure you select hardware that slots perfectly into your wider network solution.

read more › Keeping your wireless network running smoothly is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. Yet when your connection suffers, it is often the case that nobody knows why. Managed cloud Wi-Fi solutions put an end to that, allowing every access point to be remotely monitored and managed for optimum performance. With Enterprise Wireless from Ubiquiti, every access point we install talks constantly to our cloud management server. If one should fail, we receive an instant alert - enabling us to reconfigure its neighbours pro-actively before you even notice a dip in service.

read more › Providing free Wi-Fi access for guests or customers can give your business a great edge, and at Advoco, we specify a solution with an additional bonus. Social Guest Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi solution that allows users to log-on through Social Media - enabling you to capture insightful personal data from every customer who accesses your network. In capturing this data, you will be able to tailor special deals, messages or incentives to send to your customers, encouraging repeat visits in the future. It all takes place through a dedicated dashboard - intuitive, easy to use and available on the go via remote devices.

read more › Playing a key supporting role in the performance of any business network, reliable & high quality data cabling is fundamental to getting the best out of your hardware. Indeed, even the most high-spec, state-of-the-art hardware requires well-designed, expertly installed cabling to deliver its full potential. At Advoco, we have over a decade of experience delivering high-quality network cabling services to all kinds of offices, and we ensure that the cabling solutions we design meet both your current and future needs.

read more › Server virtualisation enables one single server to be partitioned into multiple virtual servers - helping you maximise your server resources and cut costs on hardware. It can also conserve physical space on your business premises, with several machines able to be consolidated into one server running multiple environments. Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system, meaning it can be independently rebooted. Server virtualisation is achieved through a software application, which masks the resources of the physical server from end users.

read more › With the threat of online attacks ever increasing, no business, big or small, can afford complacency when it comes to network security. That is why we recommend, install and manage a range of class-leading network security solutions that provide absolute peace of mind. From Next-Gen Firewalls to Endpoint Protection which includes the latest Anti-Ransomware, Email & Web Scanning to Full Disk Encryption, trust us to find the security set-up that meets your unique needs. Find out more by choosing from the options below - or give us a call for advice from our consultants.

read more › Network security is a modern business essential, and a resilient firewall is one of your first lines of defence. We specify, provide and install a range of business-class firewall solutions - and we will help you find the right product to meet your business' unique security needs. Sophos XG Firewall delivers the ultimate firewall performance, security, and control. Their all-new Sophos Firewall OS integrates all the advanced networking, protection, user, and app controls you need to stay secure and compliant.

read more › Standing for Unified Threat Management, Sophos UTM is a next-generation firewall capable of nullifying even the most nuanced online threats. Sophos UTM is easy to use, thanks to the configurable real-time dashboard, flexible modular licensing, and intuitive reusable network object definitions. Check out the web protection deployment options, policy settings, filter action wizard, policy test tool, and convenient built-in web reports. Easily control web applications proactively or in real-time using the popular flow-monitor where you can block, shape, or throttle web application traffic on the fly.

read more › The only integrated security solution for Windows, Mac and mobile devices, Sophos Endpoint Protection protects both your corporate IT infrastructure and all your employees' devices. It is the security solution we recommend to all our clients, and as a Sophos Silver Partner, we are able to offer full support for added peace of mind. Choose the cloud version, and thanks to the web-based management console, we can remotely monitor your security status on an ongoing basis - allowing us to provide a pro-active service to keep your business safe.

read more › Ransomware is the number one malware attack affecting organizations today. It encrypts your files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid, causing massive disruption to business productivity. Sophos Intercept X features CryptoGuard, which prevents the malicious spontaneous encryption of data by ransomware-even trusted files or processes that have been hijacked. And once ransomware gets intercepted, CryptoGuard reverts your files back to their safe states. You've been hit! How did it get in, where did it go, what else did it touch and-most importantly-what should you do now?

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