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CATalyst Systems have been working with Virtual Technologies for many years and have expertise in:-. Established in the early 90's our core business specialises in the design, supply, installation, configuration, deployment, repair & maintenance of computer networks and all related equipment and are noted for taking a professional yet personal approach to your requirements.

We have authorised partnerships and work with many of the biggest IT companies in the world.

read more › Our support also includes liaising directly with your 3rd party bespoke software or service providers such as your ISP, copier supplier etc. making CATalyst Systems your first port of call for all IT related issues leaving you to focus on what you do best; managing your business. In electing CATalyst Systems to provide your IT maintenance & support not only are you getting a fully equipped and manned IT department at a fraction of the cost of employing one in-house, but also a friendly yet professional partner that will work closely with you and help to develop your business for many years to come.

read more › All of the individual services we offer are encompassed under the generic term known as MIS (Managed Information Systems). Why not leave the worry of managing your entire IT infrastructure to CATalyst Systems. Under the umbrella of a maintenance contract we proactively manage all aspects of the support you require. There is no annual up front fee. All fees are payable monthly by DD and you can adjust the running costs by adding / removing items ad-hoc on a monthly basis.

read more › A key element of any network deployment process starts at the consultancy stage. At CATalyst we carry out a FREE, full investigative analysis and along with a quotation provide the client with a full written report along with a recommendation of the direction the client should take. Note that the client is under no obligation whatsoever. All we ask is to be considered as a supplier when considering future investment in your IT infrastructure.

read more › Along with our own brand of CAT p.c.'s we also supply a number of well known brands such as HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu & IBM. This, coupled with the leading brands in software design such as Microsoft, VMware, Sophos, Adobe, Sage etc, allows CATalyst Systems to provide a robust base upon which a stable IT infrastructure can be built. Unlike other service providers we do not see ourselves as a "Jack of all Trades" when it comes to software. Preferring to "Master" on specific software elements allows us to give a more accurate and thus far better level of support.

read more › Employing a fully equipped service centre with the necessary tools and experienced staff is fundamental to a smooth operation. To that end CATalyst Systems while not only employing field engineers also employs 2 x full time workbench engineers. Based in our large workshop in Denbigh we also benefit from small laboratory we use for research, design & testing purposes. Carrying a large amount of spares that include processors, memory, motherboards, drives, screens etc. CATalyst usually have the components required to initiate a repair without delay.

read more › Very often with a rapidly growing business equipment is bought and added to ad-hoc over a short period of time. 2 Security; Is my site secure.? Site security is broken down into several elements including loss of data, disaster recovery, system abuse, and external threats. Question 1:- Have you got what you paid for.? Question 2:- Are you unknowingly running illegal software.? Questions 1 & 2 above are often bound together. Over the years CATalyst Systems have been involved in performing site audits for a both large and small system users.

read more › With the increasing demand from insurance companies to implement a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) or BCP (Business Continuity Plan) keeping critical data that is fundamental to your business operation "off site" contributes considerably to DRP / BCP compliance. While it is essential to run a "local" backup regime for the day to day recovery of say accidentally deleted items, off-site backups are for catastrophic data loss pehaps due to fire, flood or theft. This backup runs every night backing up nominated essential files e.g.

read more › Can't get a fast ADSL or Fibre broadband connection.? Why not have a look at obtaining broadband via 4G, WISP or satellite. Having installed over 550 + systems on all 3 platforms and with having attained download speeds of up to 180 mb + and upload speeds of 30 mb it is well worth considering. If getting less than 10mb then the Welsh Assembly have a grant to cover the full installation of an alternative system. All you have to pay for is the service itself. CATalyst Systems are authorised installers under the WAG grant scheme.

read more › Due to the tax and cash flow benefits offered by Lease Rental many organisations are leaning towards this as the primary means to finance larger projects. Unlike buying equipment when you only get tax relief on the depreciated value of the equipment so calculated at the end of years 2/3/4 ALL lease rental payments attract FULL tax relief over the full term of the lease. In effect an organisation can often on a 2 or 3 year lease with the benefit of the tax relief get the equivalent of "interest free credit" Circumstances will differ for each company so we advise that upon presentation of a lease quote you contact your accountant to see if this can benefit you.

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