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Outsourcing your business IT could be the smartest move you ever make. Our team brings a pragmatic and responsible approach to IT which lets you focus on running your business, without the IT headaches. Modern business IT has developed at quite a pace over the last few years, and the idea of a "standard" IT set up has become a thing of the past. Businesses want secure, efficient working.

Users expect to be able to connect to their data on any device in almost any location. Threats from cyber criminals have become increasingly frequent and high-profile. Collaborative working with colleagues, customers and suppliers is an everyday occurrence. And business owners and leaders should be looking to manage all of these through a proactive and flexible IT services provider.

This is where Clearwater IT Services aims to add genuine value to your business in a way that considers aims, objectives, users, security, future-proofing and budget as one single entity. Delivering intelligent computing for forward-thinking organisations.

IT support and management services for businesses and organisations in and around Bristol and the South West. We have dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional engineers available to support you and your business, when you need it. From providing a helpdesk service for your users, to working with you on delivering IT projects and upgrades, through

We can supply and manage your IT hardware to ensure cost-effective productivity and security for your business. Servers, NAS drives, PCs, laptops and tablets all have one thing in common - they are the tools your business needs to operate. We understand this and will work closely with you to make sure that you have the right IT kit for your organisation

We can make sure that there are no bottlenecks or barriers to your users being as productive as they can be. Seamlessly passing data around your devices, offices, and workspaces is key to business productivity. Our team has extensive knowledge around planning, installing and managing your internal IT networking. From super-fast cabled networks and switches

We can supply and manage the connectivity and communications channels that will give your business a competitive edge. In the age of cloud computing, collaborative working and mobile connectivity, your business broadband and communications network should enable your business to thrive. We will work with our primary telecommunications and internet supply

Cyber Essentials demonstrates that your business follows best-practice when it comes to IT security. Cyber Essentials is a certified scheme set up by the UK Government, designed to drive best-practice in terms of basic security for IT. Cyber Essentials - where the applicant business answers a set of questions based on their IT, which are then independently

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