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Pcdebug If you need support we can arrange to collect, repair and return you desktop or laptop usually with 24 - 48 hours. Laptop keyboard, laptop Screen, power jack charging connections or cooling fan repairs can take longer if we need to order replacement parts. Remote Computer Support is available if your Desktop or Laptop can connect to the internet. All sessions are always securely end-to-end encrypted.

We install and configure Wired and Wireless networks for your Home or Office including Homeplug systems, MESH systems and mobile broadband.

read more › PCDEBUG carry out a full range of Laptop PC services, from new system setup, data transfer from an old to a new computer, routine servicing, hardware upgrades, disaster recovery of data, malware and virus removal and protection. If your hard drive is low on space, or has problems we can offer you a few options depending on your computer case. Clone & replace your hard drive with a bigger capacity drive, install a second hard drive to store your data on or if you a looking for a boost in performance we would recommend upgrading your existing hard drive to a solid state hard drive (SSD).

read more › Weak wireless signals around your home or office can be a real problem, especially if your working from home or have teenagers! Hard can install CAT5 or Cat6 networks, or if this is impracticable due to your properties layout, and the rooms you want to cover are all on the same electrical consumer unit, then maybe a Homeplug solution would suit.

read more › You can contact us using the booking form or by telephone, We will confirm the day and time for your remote support session. If you receive a call from a company, usually pretending to be from Microsoft or your Broadband/ Telephone company assume it is a SCAM! Sometimes it's a popup or webpage with dire warning, we call this SCAREWARE as it's intention is to scare you into calling the phone number it displays, DO NO CALL IT, its a scam!

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