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We hear this so often from our Clients. Everybody works in such a hurry these days to meet important deadlines, and down time is not productive. What are your business plans and goals for today, tomorrow and the next few years? We can help you achieve them by ensuring your IT system is robust to cope in an ever- changing world. We have used the services of The IT Men since 2003, when they installed a new computer system to enable us to run our insurance software.

Some things did not go quite to plan on the day, but this was remedied very quickly. I think it's not how good a company is, it's how good they are in times of a real crisis. I was impressed how this was handled, and as a result, we took out a maintenance agreement with them, so if we have any issues, we can call them and get them fixed quickly.

Over the years, we've developed relationships with our Clients. We know what they like and don't like, where they go on holiday, the names of their children and pets. We've been there for a Client when they lost a valued person of their team to an aggressive cancer, then to lose another one a couple of years later. This Client runs a tight, yet friendly

With a wealth of 30+ years' experience, there isn't much we have not come across. We offer bespoke IT solutions to SME's in a range of different business sectors, e.g, Insurance, Accountancy, Manufacturing, Farming, etc. Things seem to go wrong right when you least need it. Maybe you've got a meeting to attend, or are on a deadline to get something

You have spent a long time building up your business, don't let it fall into the hands of a criminal. You need an up to date system which is currently supported by Microsoft. Unprotected systems are an open invitation to Hackers. You also need to have a robust anti-virus installed onto all devices which you use in your business. This will help to protect

On an average, most computers last about 4 - 5 years, whether they are PC's, laptops or tablets. It's crucial that these are kept in good working order. You need to have PC's cleaned at least once a year, as a build up of dust will slow then down and may even stop them working altogether. Not what you need. Anti-virus is essential on any computers,

You can hire our help for an hour, a day or on whatever basis you need, to help you work things through. Benefit from our many years of working in IT solutions to help get your project underway. We can assist you, or take on the main role: it's your choice. We have undertaken several projects in the past. Putting very large screens into Churches, which

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