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Redtree ICT Our team of experts will become your In-House IT department; rapidly and efficiently responding to issues, often before you even know they exist. We specialise in real, lasting solutions - not quick patches that only come back later. We cover everything from your Servers and Network Infrastructure, to your Computers, Workstations and Mobile Devices.

Vendor Management is a big part of what we do - because our clients don't have the time to be stuck in the middle when their supplier is blaming another and vice versa - we'll manage everyone in the chain to ensure the problem is resolved quickly and permanently. Because business continuity is at the heart of what we do, all of our clients enjoy comprehensive back-up and disaster recovery solutions as part of their Managed IT Support.

We're continually impressed by Redtree with the service they offer and the expertise of their staff. Redtree are keen to ensure problems are resolved fast and that we're satisfied with the service. They really do 'tick the boxes' for the IT support we need as an SME.

Your own IT department would cost a fortune to run. You'd need space, training and plenty of expensive kit. But working with Redtree is just as good, if not better. We don't take up space or take time off. If you're in South Wales or the West of England, you can call us 24/7 on a fixed-cost basis with no hidden charges. FREE, unlimited solutions-based

Unlimited We've listened to our clients and the feedback was clear - our clients don't want to have to think "is this problem bad enough to call in the IT Support" worrying what it will cost this time. They want a fixed price, no surprises product. No need for a single point of contact another thing our clients asked for - No single point of contact

A big part of the ethos behind RedTree is our unlimited offering - we're constantly looking to improve our service so we often ask new clients why they decided to join us, they usually say it's because their former IT Support company charged them a few hundred pounds whenever they turned up. A major server failure or malicious viral attack could mean

We believe the best way to fix IT problems, is to avoid the problems happening in the first place. Often, we don't hear from our clients for months at a time. That's a good thing. It means that the systems we've put in place are doing their jobs, guarding against dramas and quietly monitoring your equipment. So all of our agreements come with the latest

When a Hard Drive fails, recovering data can take weeks and cost thousands of pounds - worst still sometimes it's impossible and the data is lost forever. This can have a seriously detrimental effect on a business - months of bookkeeping, confidential client data, outstanding orders and payments, payroll information all lost. The downtime can be just

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