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Steve Greenbank provides a personal, professional and friendly service to both small businesses and home users in and around Uckfield. Helping you solve all your computer, networking and technology problems cost effectively. I operate largely within 10 miles of Uckfield, the vast majority of my customers are in Buxted, Maresfield, Newick, Nutley, Crowborough, Heathfield, Ringmer and Uckfield itself.

Far and away the biggest source of business is personal recommendation and repeat business.

read more › If everything stored on your computer has absolutely no value and you don't mind setting everything up again you can forgot about backup. For everyone else you MUST do this REGULARLY or possibly one day, without warning (or at least it's likely you won't see it coming) your data (pictures, business accounts, music, CV, Will etc) will be gone. If you are using a conventional hard drive it will probably still be retrievable but it may involve specialist facilities and probably cost more than your computer!

read more › Your broadband connection has probably become an integral part of your life and downtime is a nightmare. This is not helped when most of the support lines are manned by customer support staff who no little or next to nothing about broadband. There main aim seems to be to get you to go away in the hope your connection is magically fixed before you call back! This starts often starts at the beginning of the call when many providers will tell you "they are very busy and you might like to call back later".

read more › If I am out and you wait long enough the landline diverts to the mobile and this may well be cheaper for you. Unfortunately mobile reception isn't great in a few places round here. Please leave a message or just make sure you don't hide your number (on BT if you are using the privacy option dial 1470 before my number eg. 1470 01825 763802 & 1470 079 808 22 505) and I will then see you have called and be able to call you back.

read more › When asked to build a computer I will usually point out that the mass produced items are significantly cheaper than I can build them. Despite this if you have simple requirements an off the shelf computer may well be perfectly adequate and if you wish I can help you to choose one. If your requirements are more unusual I can also help you to choose or find something from a better supplier that is close to your needs. Many retailers will attempt to up-sell you to the most expensive model they can persuade you to buy.

read more › I can economically recover data in most circumstances without resorting to specialist services with clean room facilities (its very expensive if you need it). Dead laptop or desktop computer that won't turn on or comes on but promptly switches off again. Very slow computers due to failing disk drive (usually shows as intermittent complete pauses of 30+ seconds often followed by a period of normal behaiour and then more pausing). No boot device message at start up (if you have disk or usb memory plugged in simply removing and restarting may fix this problem).

read more › For many people a computer health check will fix a slow PC, remove unwanted malware and bring peace of mind. Health checks are more popular with computer repair companies. They bring in customers and an opportunity to up-sell something perhaps anything. Over time a computer may, if not carefully monitored build up junk programs, data and malware. Potential problems may lurk within the hardware (the physical mechanic & electronics) or the software (the programs that run on the hardware). If, like many others, you never shop, bank or enter personal details and don't mind the delay then you may feel you can forgo a health check.

read more › If you have bought the hardware from me this won't be a problem as it's all part of the service. I can help you install a computer, desktop, laptop or all in one which you have purchased elsewhere and just want someone competent to set it up on site and connect it to other existing equipment and transfer your data. You may sadly find that you don't know how to connect it or your new equipment is just refusing to work properly. You've contacted your supplier and have now realised that the help line is anything but helpful and certainly not as described by that ever so nice sales guy.

read more › PC's are highly configurable flexible machines and there in lies the root of many problems. Unlike most other equipment, each time you add software or hardware you change the machine. Although it should, removing the new item does not guarantee a return to the state prior to the item being added. Whereas with your car you can remove the furry dice and no-one will be any the wiser, on a PC any hardware or software nearly always leaves a remnant tucked away somewhere on the hard drive. Unlike most equipment shutting them down and starting them again does not always clear the problem.

read more › Except where a minimum charge applies all charges are in increments of 5 - you will not be charged for a whole extra hour for a few minutes extra beyond the hour. 30 per hour + pro rata time for travelling time beyond 15 minutes in both directions (but only charged once if I need to take it away). Any necessary parking fees of 1 or more (currently very rare in much of East Sussex) are charged to the customer.

read more › The great thing about this is that you can be up and running almost immediately without either of us visiting the other. There is a small risk that things may get worse and I or someone else may need to visit you. This is particulary true if your computer fails to start or loses the internet connection. The software does allow a route into your PC but as long as you only run it when requested by REPAIRaPC is secure. We are not responsible for the software being run at other times. Note you can watch (& learn) what I do to solve your difficulty.

read more › Anything built this century is capable of a reasonable performance. I have a 7 year old laptop that takes around 40 seconds to get to the XP logon screen and about another minute to completely finish starting up. It is no speed demon but it's certainly faster than the many of my customer's PC when I first visit. One quite high spec PC I recently visited was taking 25 minutes to start and was hideously slow even then largely due to the "over-sight" of a well known security software provider! Not enough memory - many older PC's or new Vista PCs are sold with too little memory (often called RAM).

read more › Many people buy from large national retailers, who claim a quality support service. Unfortunately many people spend many frustrating hours hanging on support lines. When you finally get through to speak to someone they often know as little as you and are working off a sheet that gives them set reply sequences to typical problems. For some this will solve your problem, but for many others it gets them nowhere or when you are advised with few checks to reload the initial set-up it may leave the problem apparently gone (along with your data) but the problem can still remain in the computer.

read more › You already have your system but perhaps you'd like a printer, a scanner or a camera. These are relatively easy upgrades, as you don't need to open the system box. Provided you consider whether you have the correct connections available on your system then at least the new device should be reasonably easy to connect and set-up. But it is still possible to buy an inappropriate product so it still pays to use someone who knows how to best fit a product to your circumstances. Internal upgrades are not so easy and with laptops little can easily be achieved internally (usually memory only or bigger faster disk or smaller but way faster SSD).

read more › This web site is very simple, I could make it more impressive but I have chosen not to as my target audience obviously includes many people who are new to computers and quite a few with terrible or even no broadband connection (particularly the long suffering people of Isfield). Pictures are fine if suitably compressed and I can incorporate your prints, 35mm slides, 35mm negatives into your website. Indeed I will take the photographs if required (I am a member of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers).

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