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Infiniti Computer Repair Infiniti Computer Repair are a Dumfries based computer repair shop offering solutions across a wide range of IT problems. Our computer shop is located at 65 English Street, Dumfries and has excellent parking facilities across the road. It has a wheelchair accessible entrance. We can supply both new and refurbished computers and laptops. Our refurbished computers are inspected to a very high standard and only the best get offered for sale.

That way we can offer the best guarantees on refurbished computers in the area. We sell a wide range of computer hardware and have laptop chargers in stock for most models. We can provide computer support by remote support as long as you have a working broadband connection. We can perform virus removal by this method as well as general computer servicing.

Infiniti Computer Repair can supply and install all sorts of networking hardware such as router, switches, WiFi access points etc. We can provide one to one computer training. These sessions are ideal for people who may not be entirely comfortable working their computer.

read more › Quality is paramount with us. We believe that customer service and a high standard of quality is crucial and with every laptop or computer repair project we work on, we aim to provide a fast, reliable and affordable service. With computer repairs, a methodical approach is the best way to resolve any issue that may arise and our team are fully trained in resolving a wide range of issues. We provide a guarantee that every repair job we carry out will provide you with complete customer satisfaction and we are always happy to provide feedback or advice on how to get the best from your machine.

read more › We build computers according to customer specifications. Whether it's a basic machine for business or a top end gaming machine, we can configure it for your needs. So if you're looking for a new computer, whatever your budget, visit Infiniti Computer Repairs & Networks at 65 English Street, Dumfries and ask about their In-store PC Builder.

read more › Have you ever wished your computer could just get fixed immediately? Don't have the time to take to the computer shop or too busy to schedule a visit by a technician? We have the solution. Book us for an online remote support session. If you have a working broadband connection we can repair most faults with your computer or laptop. It is fast, affordable and 100% secure. We can remove viruses, tune up slow computers, fix application errors and even give you online tuition! You can choose to leave us to get on with it or you van watch us perform repairs by watching your screen.

read more › Infiniti Computer Repair are laptop repair experts. We can repair all makes of laptops. We supply and fix screens, repair broken dc jacks and motherboard repairs. We have a well equipped workshop coupled with experienced technicians to repair most faults. Laptop repairs can be complex and it is easy for the novice to break something. At Infiniti Computer Repair we have the experience and knowledge to get your laptop back up and running as soon as possible. All laptops that we get for recycling have their hard drives removed and a secure format is done on the drive to ensure no data is left.

read more › Virus and malware threats are always there and no-one can fully protect themselves against them. We can help when your computer becomes infected. We have all the necessary software and skills to remove any infections from your machine and restore it back to it's former glory. We have years of experience in virus removal. If your computer dispays a picture like above, don't panic, it's a hoax. It's trying to entice you into paying money to remove itself!. Dont be conned into this, phone us immediatly and we can remove it and thousands of infections that are similar.

read more › If your hard drive has failed you might be thinking all your precious photos etc may be lost forever. However, we can recover lost files in most cases and transfer it onto a portable media like a usb memory stick. Data recovery has a better chance if we get your computer asap. It can be a lengthy process depending on how many files you have on your hard drive. Music files in particular can exceed several hundred Gigabytes in size and can take a very long time. Sometimes we can apply filters so we can search for your most important documents.

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