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Thistle Phones Thistle Phones provides a wide variety of repair services for your gadgets and various devices. Thistle Phones provides smartphone repair services that include solutions even for the most complex issues. We have years experience a wide range of PC & Mac repair services as well as free diagnostics. We are also ready to help you get Tablet & smartwatches of any brand and model working again.

From screen repair, camera, speaker to battery replacement, We are experienced repair technicians can find a suitable solution for any device that our customers want us to fix. Computers are created to increase productivity - personal or business use. Automation is possible through the use of computers and the internet which make everyday operations and transactions more efficient and more accurate.

However, there are threats to the.

We are Mobile phone repairing business 15 years now, We will try our best to give you professional, Friendly and affordable service in Peterhead and surronded areas. Your gadgets play a major role in your professional, personal and school is something we need every day, almost every time. When there are some issues and mobile phone repair

The most common repair we carry out at our workshop is the repair of cracked iPad glass digitisers (screens). We have repaired hundreds of iPads over the course of the last few years, and we are experts in restoring your beloved tablet back to original glory. We know how important your personal information is and we have a strict data protection policy

There are a number of options for unlocking phones. The most common over the years has been "direct unlocking" which involves plugging your phone into one of our specialist kits and it doing the work. Alot of newer handsets require server based solutions which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 10 working days. Prices vary alot so please contact us

Please note that when REPAIRING or UNLOCKING your phone, Some of the programs we use may erase items from your phones memory. Please ensure you have backed up any important data. As Thistle Phones we do NOT make any backups and will not be HELD Responsible for LOSS of data from your phone. If your phone shows NO SIGNAL with O2 or Vodafone network or

CCTV Installation services at Thistle Phones is an independent camera installation service for your business and Home. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with solutions to meet their security needs and concerns. In essence, this gives our customers the best of both worlds - custom-designed, bespoke systems to suit your requirements. Furthermore

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