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Panoptics Panoptics is an innovative IT consultancy focussed on simplifying complexity which was founded with a defining principle to deliver IT services and solutions with a difference. Panoptics began as a collective of Infrastructure, Network and Service Experts who grew frustrated of the way the market was operating, so decided to do something about it.

Our founding principle and new approach to IT has facilitated rapid growth and allowed us to develop an impressive client roster including many SMB's as well as established brands such as The Royal Opera House, Lords Cricket Ground, Clarion Events, The Brewery & London's Olympia Exhibition Centre.

Since our formation, we have built a company of highly skilled network and infrastructure specialists, bringing together an enviable world class team with experience in designing, implementing and supporting enterprise level network and infrastructure deployments to a wide range of industry sectors.We firmly believe partnership is key and where possible we will enable customers to see all of the factors that affect the designs ensuring synergy between operational delivery and IT strategy.

read more › Intelligent network solutions and support services that take organisations to the network edge. Reliable provision of hardware, software and Professional Services to any size business and industry. Flexible, resilient enterprise class solutions which provide businesses with a true competitive advantage. At Panoptics we firmly believe that the more thought and consideration you put into designing a service the greater the impact the solution will have for its end users. With this in mind, we have developed a complete IT ecosystem with a range of services specifically designed to complement and work in unison for our customers benefit.

read more › Panoptics, in partnership VMware, are the UK's leading SD-WAN service provider. With a global footprint, our unique approach to delivering intelligent SD-WAN helps organisations around the world adopt the technology rapidly, in the knowledge that they are fully supported at every stage, from the design of the network and choice of connectivity, right the way through to ongoing technical support. Intelligent Software Defined networking solutions that take ambitious organisations to the network edge.

read more › Transform your network with the world's No.1 SD-WAN technology delivered by the UK's leading SD-WAN solution provider. Panoptics deliver cutting edge Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN in partnership with the global market leader, VMware. Enabling simple, agile and secure branch office wide area networks, VMware SD-WAN dramatically decreases bandwidth costs and deployment timeframes, to deliver a high performing, flexible network over private, broadband Internet and LTE links for today's increasingly distributed enterprises.

read more › With an understanding that the core of every business's IT requires a reliable network and infrastructure, Panoptics designed a unique approach to delivering WAN, network and infrastructure so as to enable clients to consume Hybrid Cloud services where the entire platform is truly integrated and delivers enterprise architecture all at SME pricing. Developed from the ground up utilising enterprise class technology, our datacentre and connectivity solutions are designed to realise the end user benefits necessary to provide businesses with a true competitive advantage.

read more › Why invest in expensive hardware to firewall the internet service when dedicated virtual firewalls are available at a fraction of the cost? Dedicated Cisco firewall security contexts are available to all Panoptics customers which can either be fully managed by us or handed over to the customer to maintain. All virtual firewalls run on clustered physical hardware providing a high level of availability and resilience. All circuits delivered by Panoptics are monitored 24 hours x 365 days in order to identify problems before our customers even realise.

read more › Simple, secure & easily integrated, Panoptics Backup enables the entire business to be confident that not only is the data backed up but it is easy to retrieve when necessary. Industry leading technology enables one single way of providing short-term recovery, long-term retention and Disaster Recovery (DR), in turn eliminating any worries about data loss or interruptions to your business. All data is retained at both of Panoptics Datacentres (DCs). In the event of a disaster, Virtual Machines can be invoked in either of our DCs with redundancy to the other DC, ensuring consistent, secure access.

read more › Innovative, efficient and optimised for performance, Panoptics Co-location service provides your business with the flexibility to grow without constraints. Delivered from two separate Tier III+ datacenters, Panoptics can offer single U all the way through to multiple rack co-location services enabling your business to house any necessary legacy physical equipment to experience a true hybrid cloud service. Our transparent pricing structure calculates charges based simply on space and power requirements.

read more › Scalable, secure & based on industry leading infrastructure, Panoptics Hosted Virtual Machines enable your business to consume new servers without the upfront cost or long lead-times associated with on premise infrastructure. Including backup and automatic DR / HA between Tier III+ datacentres you can be sure that the service will be resilient as well as performant, enabling you to use the resources you need only for as long as you need them. The Virtual Machines are delivered in a single DC for test and development workloads.

read more › Panoptics deliver the world's easiest and most secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution, in partnership with Duo. The Trusted Access platform provides a holistic security solution that protects every application you own, whether on-premise or cloud-based, reducing the risk of a data breach from compromised credentials, known vulnerabilities or device exploits. Enterprise level application security made painless. A security solution designed to address today's enterprise security risks in a world where access to applications is paramount but security threats prevalent.

read more › Panoptics offer simple, cost effective ethernet solutions that are perfect for businesses which need a reliable data connection. Ensure your business is always in control. With a range of options including Ethernet over FTTC, Ethernet First Mile and Ethernet Point to Point, our solutions will guarantee that your business benefits from symmetrical high speeds even at the most critical times. Simple, dedicated, uncomplicated connectivity for businesses of all sizes. Panoptics Ethernet Solutions offer dedicated connections, that enable businesses to connect to the internet or between multiple business sites effortlessly and with confidence that the connection will remain stable, high speed and secure.

read more › We strongly believe that High speed connectivity doesn't need to be complicated. So, Fibre Broadband from Panoptics is a simple, cost effective and reliable connectivity solution for businesses of all sizes. A range of options including superfast, ultrafast and ultrafast+, our Fibre Broadband solutions offer reliable, high bandwidth speeds without complications. Up to 300 Mbps download speed - Select from a range of download speeds to suit your business's requirements. Up to 48 Mbps upload speed - Enjoy high speed upload speeds (speed dependant on solution chosen).

read more › Panoptics deliver IT Managed Services with a difference. We recognise the importance of these services to our customers and the amount of trust placed on us for delivery, so we focus on always deploying a service the right way which evolves and flex's to a customer's changing business requirement throughout the life of the contract. Through real world experience & a determination to solve the problems that the Managed Services market has talked about but never addressed, we deliver our solutions as though we were looking after our own people and services.

read more › Panoptics Service Desk is your primary point of contact for all users of the IT function within your business. Designed, resourced and deployed with real world experience in mind our IT Service Desk utilises ITIL best practices to deliver consistent responses. End users receive friendly, knowledgeable support from experts with the capability to resolve incidents and fulfil requests at the first point of contact or within the shortest timeframe possible - reducing any impact on your business operations.

read more › Panoptics Support Model incorporates deep technical skills with each Support POD enabling rapid response to Incidents, clear and accurate understanding of the existing infrastructure and most importantly the context of the infrastructure and the businesses reliance on it. Systems will be proactively managed keeping them up to date and the entire IT estate stable through a structured patching cycle. The Infrastructure Support (3rd Line) team will be allocated tickets by Panoptics Service Desk to perform both proactive and reactive tasks, ensuring your IT environment is constantly managed and optimised for consistent, reliable performance.

read more › Panoptics incorporates the best practices of ITIL, the recognised industry standard of methodology for IT environment management, in combination with real world experience and practicality to optimise our entire service delivery. Used in conjunction with the Service Desk and System Management teams, ITIL provides the framework that allows us to perform calm, timely delivery of service with predictable outcomes for applications and systems in turn avoiding a constant firefighting approach to maintaining your IT environment.

read more › Panoptics strongly believe that successful service management is borne out of effective monitoring. Early visibility of issues and close scrutiny of degradation is paramount to ensure the consistent availability of infrastructure and the delivery of an end user experience that discerning users expect. Our Remote Monitoring has been designed to deliver just that - utilising industry leading technology, our solution gives your business peace of mind as well as the tool set necessary to continually improve your IT environment and gain competitive advantage.

read more › Panoptics Onsite Support physically extends elements of our Service Desk and Systems Management functions directly into your end user community, so they benefit from the additional confidence and security of having direct access to an IT professional in person. Local physical issues can be dealt with easily, minor training needs can be addressed and clinics or workshops can be run on a whole host of subjects, providing reassurance to the end users that their IT needs are covered whilst maintaining an efficient IT environment for your entire business.

read more › Panoptics deliver a reliable solution for the provision of hardware, software and Professional Services to any size business and industry sector, ensuring the smooth, efficient delivery of any IT project. With an independent approach and long held, competitive relationships with only quality suppliers and top tier vendors, our customers benefit from access to highly skilled and qualified IT professionals combined with real world experience of only sourcing the most appropriate and best in class solution to fulfil the brief.

read more › Panoptics delivers hardware and software supply which precisely matches requirement with purchase, guaranteeing the right solution is implemented every time. Independent advice combined with supply chain expertise & competitive supplier relations ensures best of breed technology is sourced and deployed at the right price to align perfectly with your business objectives. Panoptics helps you make the most of your IT budget by offering the complete solution, from design to management - taking away the headache of IT procurement and ensuring your business maximises value from every investment.

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