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Do you need UNBIASED advice from someone who doesn't just want to sell you a new computer or an upgrade that they just happen to have available? If your PC or laptop isn't behaving as it should be, or it needs to be upgraded, to have more memory, a faster and larger disk drive or you just want someone to talk to about your PC problem then talk to me.

I offer a comprehensive, competitively priced, computer, laptop or home network diagnosis and repair service. I deal with all aspects of hardware AND software for Windows based computer systems and any networks to which they are connected, be that wired, wireless or just a broadband connected system. I DON'T sell new PCs, so rest assured unless your computer really can't be fixed I won't recommend that you buy a new one.

If I do, then you can be sure that I won't profit from you buying a new computer- as I don't sell them! What have you got to lose?.NOTHING! So call me now for a friendly, no obligation discussion to resolve your computer system problems for your home computer or your small business computer systems.

read more › UPGRADES All Aspects of computer repairs are catered for. This could be something as simple as adding new RAM to a PC or laptop or the installation of a new hard Disc to replace one that is full including the restore of the operating system and ALL the data and applications that were on the original disc. REPAIRS At some stage your PC or network will go faulty. It could be a hardware fault or a software fault. In either case the chances are very good that it can be repaired if it can be repaired then I can repair it.

read more › Q. Do you really mean that you will come to my house to repair my PC and if you can't fix it you won't charge me a penny? When you come to my house how I trust you? A. Yes. I hold a current Enhanced Criminal Records Disclosure for my work as an instructor at a local club which caters for young children. In addition I can provide references. If you wish to see either before I start work please just ask. If you have to take my broken PC or broken Laptop away to work on will you charge me extra? If you need a new component to replace a broken one in my current computer will you charge me more than the item cost to repair my PC?

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