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TeamLogic IT TeamLogic IT helps your business stay safe, productive and profitable through the smart use of technology. For more than 15 years, companies of all sizes have relied on our complete spectrum of managed IT services and solutions to address their IT challenges. Put our confidence to work on yours. We provide your business with unmatched IT service: technological expertise, balanced perspective, and flexibility of use-from full service and co-managed IT to consultative capacity for specific projects.

Tap our team for help mapping out a plan that advances your initiatives with minimal disruption to your daily operations. No matter the hour of the day, our Help Desk is here to support you with troubleshooting and technical issues so you can get back to the business at hand. You'll enjoy rapid response, clear and proactive communications, and a technology partner focused on being there for you when you need us the most.

Our Network Operations Center is always running behind the scenes, seamlessly installing the latest software updates and virus patches to best achieve optimal IT performance for your business.

read more › TeamLogic IT is a national provider of technology services and solutions for businesses of all kinds. Unlike many managed service providers (MSPs), we focus on business and technology. We understand that not all organizations are alike and work hard at delivering solutions tailored to your unique business goals and challenges. Our philosophy is simple - we work with you the way we'd want someone to work with us. Our customer service-oriented approach drives the tenets of our business: reliability, expertise and trust, ensuring you have an IT partner for the long haul.

read more › Peace of Mind. The holy grail of business IT is 24/7/365 reliability of your network, predictable operational costs, and peace of mind knowing your business is safe and secure from viruses, hackers and human error. To achieve success in this endeavor requires the right fit. With TeamLogic IT, you will appreciate the distinction of working with an IT provider who understands your industry, delivers expertise across the technology spectrum, and is dependable. People First. Tech Next. Are we tech geeks?

read more › Nimble and responsive. That's what a business has to be in today's fast-paced economy to remain competitive. This often means leveraging current technologies to maximize business performance, streamline costs and safeguard security. We offer IT outsourcing, supplemental IT and consultative services for special projects. Accessibility. Our engineers and certified technicians are at your disposal. Predictability of cost. We manage to an agreed-upon budget. Peace of mind. You know who to call, and we'll be there when you need us.

read more › Communications hinge on it. Collaboration revolves around it. Productivity depends on it. Microsoft Office 365 has become one of the leading email platforms for business due to its robust capabilities. By enhancing productivity while reducing costs, Office 365 enables companies of all sizes to achieve greater efficiencies in a highly competitive marketplace. As an Office 365 provider, TeamLogic IT can help you optimize this powerful platform to deliver the versatility, reliability and security your business demands.

read more › Regrettably, this is today's cyber landscape and no business is exempt from these threats. Sixty percent of companies have experienced cyberattacks such as DDoS attacks, phishing and social engineering attacks*. The cyber threat is constant and ever-evolving, requiring 24/7/365 vigilance. It sounds ominous; however, with the proper cybersecurity solution in place, you can get sleep at night knowing your business is being monitored and protected around the clock by experts-TeamLogic IT. Peace-of-mind is within your grasp with our Cybersecurity Essentials or Cybersecurity Services.

read more › Level up your cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is not a one size fits all solution. Just like people have insurance policies to address their specific health needs, businesses vary and have unique cybersecurity requirements. To ensure appropriate cybersecurity measures are in place for your business, request a TeamLogic IT assessment. Depending on your business type, industry or even organizational size, you may need to "level up" to advanced cybersecurity. TeamLogic IT Cybersecurity Services takes protection to the next level.

read more › Many businesses must adhere to strict compliance and regulatory measures such as HIPAA, PCI and more. TeamLogic IT works with you to ensure your cybersecurity solution meets the stringent standards of your industry. Whether you need email or endpoint protection systems, asset or network management, incident response and more, we outfit your organization with the cybersecurity solution that battens down the hatches while ensuring all compliance and regulations are met. Security risks: assess to address.

read more › The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has become business as usual for health care providers. Although the premise is simple-protect the privacy of individual data that is transmitted electronically - implementing and managing a workflow process that adheres to the Security Rule can be complicated. TeamLogic IT works with you to ensure your organization has the appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards in place to mitigate risk and avoid costly violations.

read more › Such a simple concept, yet it can be deceptively complex to pull off successfully depending on your business. Maybe you work with highly sensitive data, proprietary information, compliance-driven data, or business content that must be accessible from multiple locations around the globe. How do you protect it from day to day, or even minute to minute? TeamLogic IT works with you to identify mission-critical data and to develop a backup system in tune with your company and industry regulations. Local backup may be sufficient, or you may require the support of remote backup, or even a hybrid approach.

read more › The main purpose of business applications is to help professionals work more efficiently and effectively. From front office solutions such as Salesforce, MailChimp or Zoho, to back office software like QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are so integrated into business life, we forget what it's like to work without them. Therefore, when the time comes to consider changes such as: evaluating new business applications, or moving from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, you'll want to consult with your TeamLogic IT expert.

read more › Connectivity is all-important to your company at every level -- from "always on" efficiency to scalability and cost management. It's worth taking a moment to re-assess whether or not your current communication system is up to the challenge of your workplace environment. Are you one location or many? Local, regional, national or global? Have a dispersed workforce or communicate with vendors and/or customers remotely? What about cloud back-up? Do you have a redundancy system? How do you connect all the different channels of Phone, Internet and Networks to work smart for your business?

read more › Phone systems have evolved from basic send/receive call equipment to sophisticated communication platforms that deliver robust capabilities to businesses of all sizes, and TeamLogic IT can apply the latest technologies to work for your organization. To ensure you're taking advantage of today's advanced business phone features to facilitate greater productivity and business performance, we work with you to better understand your work style and operations. Internet connection/bandwidth-speed must be sufficient to support certain products and services.

read more › If you and your team want more effective ways to handle business from any device anywhere, TeamLogic IT can help you explore those opportunities with unified communications. This is where you will find business-class instant messaging and chat, video conferencing, desktop sharing, voice mail, and more. The workplace has transformed from static to kinetic, where work takes place anywhere at any time. This mobility requires greater agility on the part of professionals to respond wherever they may be and on whatever device is at hand.

read more › This common question becomes loaded when applied to your business. How are things going with your network? Cybersecurity and cloud services? Are you meeting all mandatory compliance regulations? Many moving parts play a role in a successful organization, and they do not remain static. Technology advances. Expectations evolve. And, adjustments are needed. A business assessment can keep you on the right track, or ensure you don't go down the wrong one. Your TeamLogic IT technology advisor works with you to ensure your company stays on point in relation to your business goals, industry space and today's current technology environment.

read more › A network assessment is like a physical for your business - it is a periodic evaluation to ensure all vital signs are good, systems are functioning properly, and your network is secure against the latest threats. A TeamLogic IT network assessment evaluates security, mobile devices, regulatory compliance requirements and a host of other elements. Your assessment begins with a meeting where you can share concerns, challenges and goals with our team. An assessment of your company's security assumptions and limitations, identifying risks and providing recommended safeguards.

read more › Our Cloud Services Readiness Assessment will determine if your business has the bandwidth, reliability and security to access cloud services. We review your applications, data and infrastructure and recommend strategies for cloud migration. At TeamLogic IT, we remove the day-to-day complexity of moving your business to the cloud so you can get back to what you're passionate about - your business. As technology moves at the speed of light, our nationwide network stays in front by investing in research necessary to bring innovations and cutting edge skill sets to our offices, and ultimately to yours.

read more › When your business operates in an industry that requires HIPAA compliance, you are beholden to a strict set of operational procedures and security measures. To be vulnerable in any area, whether through unawareness or failure to conduct a HIPAA risk assessment, comes with penalties that can be costly. A HIPAA violation can impact insurance coverage, your business reputation, and potentially the survival of your practice. A HIPAA Assessment from TeamLogic IT is your best line of defense in protecting your business data.

read more › Are you in compliance with your industry? To ensure your organization complies with established standards, we recommend a periodic compliance review since industry standards and regulations change constantly. Even the most well-defended network citadel can be breached by cybercriminals who are constantly inventing new methods of attack. A TeamLogic IT compliance review is an in-depth analysis of your organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. We will evaluate the strength and thoroughness of your compliance preparations, security policies, user access controls, and risk management procedures over the course of a compliance audit.

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