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I T Engine IT Services that provide you with Technical Power, Knowledge and Support for your Business and People, so you can focus on what you do best. Expect Innovative Automation and Outstanding Service like we were your own onsite IT team. All your systems, services, suppliers, security and people looked after so you can focus on your business. The majority of our IT Services clients have between 5 and 250 people, each needing a service that exactly suits their needs.

Our local IT Support services have a range of options from Pay-as-you-go IT Support to Managed IT Services and Outsourced IT which includes a weekly on-site visit. Our approach to providing local IT Support is to ensure you get to know us like we were your own on-site IT people. That we have solved any issues you regularly face, as part of our onboarding service, as well as a service you would describe as outstanding.

Our objective is to provide a local IT Support service that is so good, that we have either fixed an issue, or called you before an issue has even interrupted you.

IT Solutions for Small to Medium sized business in Sussex, Surrey and London is our focus. We established with the principle of Innovative Automation and Outstanding Customer Service. Our objective is to ensure your business has the fewest IT issues as possible. When an employee needs to phone for help, or raise a support ticket, we see that as your

IT Support is a responsive service, called when something goes wrong, whereas Managed IT Services does include a helpdesk but monitors, maintains and prevents issues arising before they slow your business or people productivity down. Secondly, the business case stacks up too, especially when compared to the costs of in-house technical support people

IT Support delivered with innovative autofix technology, to keep your equipment up and running, as well as your network secure. Outstanding service to your people. All whilst ensuring your technology meets your business strategy. Furthermore, guidance, insight and training to ensure your staff get the most out of their systems. Because you deserve better

We're experienced in setting up straight forward VoIP Phone Systems to complex configurations with specialist equipment and devices. With our own enterprise carrier class infrastructure you can enjoy both quality and savings from day 1. In addition to all the VoIP Phone Systems features you need, you'll also enjoy free calls and your IT Engine team

Simply put, a cloud solution is just accessing data and applications over the internet. Many companies already have their CRM, Accounts package and even their Microsoft office systems already in the cloud. Sometimes it's a few client server applications that hold up a total move to the cloud. Some key considerations could be how would service be delivered

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