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Norfolk IT Services My name is Jason and I'm happy to offer you a range of easy options to help keep you a happy and healthy PC user. If your home or business PC has got slow, won't look at anything but pill adverts or has just stopped altogether, then I can fix that for you. As a certified PC repair technician, I will make sure your PC or laptop is returned to good health and your valuable data is safe from oblivion.

I can also upgrade an old PC/laptop or install and configure a new one for you. Got a virus screaming at you or those wedding photos you were going to back up have disappeared? Then I can do full virus removal and data recovery, saving you both money and your marriage. Maybe you have an idea for new IT at your business? In that case, I also have several years experience as an IT Consultant and can help you turn that idea into a reality.

No matter what the problem, whether large or small, give me a call and we can discuss it and find the right course of action for you. Remember, I have learnt all this over the past 30 years so you don't have to.

read more › Norfolk IT Services is my Norwich based IT repair and consultancy business. I have been using PCs and laptops since 1983 and have been building, fixing and improving them for the past 15 years. I have also worked as an IT Consultant, IT Trainer, Project Manager and IT Customer Manager. I am very passionate about delivering a friendly, common sense service that is as painless and easy for you the customer as possible. I will not try to baffle you with jargon and I am always happy to explain things in as much or as little detail as you need.

read more › If your PC or laptop has totally failed or you feel it needs an upgrade, feel free to give me a call and I'll happily discuss the most effective course of action that's best for you. SSD (Solid State Drive) is the newer replacement for the old hard drive. It's all chips and no moving parts so many times faster. Usually a direct swap and will transform your machine more than any other hardware upgrade. Trust me, once you go SSD you will not want to go back. Your machine will boot up in seconds not minutes and software will open so fast you won't see the egg timer.

read more › If you have a virus don't waste your time trying to delete it from the actual machine while it's switched on. That won't work. Just shut it down and call me. Don't pay for that pop-up anti-virus software that will get rid of those 700 trojans it's telling you about. They just want your credit card details. A lot of the time these scams are all about getting your credit card details and not fixing your machine. Always think twice before typing the numbers. If in doubt, call me. These have come about in the past couple of years.

read more › I can if required, totally rebuild your PC by wiping off the existing operating system and software and reinstalling it all from scratch. Sometimes this is the best course of action for a very sick machine. It does entail copying back user data and existing software where possible. This will mean your PC or laptop will be as close to new but probably better. Please note that if your software is not properly licensed then I won't be held responsible when it won't install or activate. Also, it will not look exactly like it did when you handed it over.

read more › Do you want a machine for a specific task like video editing or intense high FPS gaming? Then I will hand pick the parts to give you the best experience for the budget. I'll talk through your needs and build you a machine that fits the bill better than any off the shelf machine. I was for many years an IT consultant. I would go over what customers needed and deliver to them a solution that worked. If you feel your business needs some buffing and TLC on the IT side, then by all means contact me to discuss plans to smooth things out.

read more › My laptop was extremely slow and would freeze constantly, I gave it to Jason and it has never worked so fast before! I can't recommend Jason enough, friendly. My computer kept cutting out and after spending 30 + hours online I came to the conclusion that it was the GPU overheating. I rang Jason who was very helpful. The following day he provided prompt and regular updates on how my computer was doing and after carrying out the relevant tests it was my GPU that needed replacing. Jason ordered a new one in for me and fitted it in.

read more › Please note that I work from home and it's always best to call ahead to make sure I'm there when you turn up. It will help a great deal if you can have to hand a few details, such as the type of laptop/make/age and operating system. Also, please be honest. If you dropped it or spilt coffee on it, let me know as it saves time. I'm based in the centre of Norwich on St Faiths Lane (just off Prince of Wales Rd, next to Mercy) so easy to find. I'm happy to answer your questions!

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